First Trimester

Trying to get pregnant is an exciting time in a woman's life, but it isn't always easy. From counting menstrual cycles to buying countless pregnancy tests, getting pregnant is often an experience in and of itself. We want to hear about all of your experiences, from your first pregnancy test right up to your first pregnancy symptoms. And feel free to share your conception secrets with other hopeful couples!

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Second time pregnant in two months...

Here I am writing on the first trimester board. Never thought I would be so soon after my miscarriage. My husband and I miscarried June 7 and of yesterday I still did not get my AF. I dropped my husband off at the airport and went and got a pregnancy test. A faint positive!!!!
I was shaking- still am! I had heard stories of women getting pregnant directly after a miscarriage but really never expected myself to ge so lucky.
I'm trying to read my body to see if I'm feeling the same way I did when I miscarried. I'm absolutely petrified that it will happen again. I don't know how to relax. I want this baby sooo bad it hurts.
I know stress is not a good thing to have when pregnant. My husband and I already discussed me going to work while pregnant. I'm a flight attendant so it's a different environment. We decided that the next time we got pregnant I would stop flying immediately and begin modified duties in the office. I'm actually looking forward to that.
That's it for now.... please wish me luck. I wish all of you reading this happy healthy pregnancies!


worried and confused

i have been with my boyfriend for 4 years going on five..just turned 18 hes 21... we have never used protection, and we have never gotten pregnant... until now. I always thought i would never concieve a child, i thought i couldnt have kids. After missing my period three months in a row, I finally went to the doctor, he asked me when my last period was, i told him, the next thing i knew i was laying on the table listening to a lil heartbeat inside of me. I was scared... i wanted to cry... i havent gone for my ultrasound yet, its scheduled for next thursday. Im scared somethings going to be wrong... the baby wont be ok.. I dont know why i have these feelings.. i hope everythings allright... My boyfriend thinks it might not be his because weve been having sex for four years and I have never been prgnant... that just adds something else for me to worry about and stress over.. I try to tell myself everything will be ok but i just cant stop wondering.. what if he denies our baby and leaves? I dont want to be one of those girls on maury! what if somethings wrong with the baby? i can only wait and see. ..


You can never be too sure

I missed my first period in April, so of course my first instinct was to go out and buy a pregnancy test. Negative. So I waited, and May passes and still no period. Naturally, my fiance and I started to get worried. We pick up another test, this one's inconclusive... yet another and it again shows negative. By this time it's July, no period and no symptoms at all.
Now, having never been pregnant before, I didn't know what to expect. I called my doctors, and was told that it may just be stress, but I should come in anyway. Lo and Behold the night before I'm set to go into the doctor, I start feeling flutters.
Even the doctor is stumped on this one... not only am I pregnant, but I'm at 20 WEEKS! Just this week did I start gaining weight, but no other symptoms at all. It's amazing to think that I just went through close to half a pregnancy without even feeling it.
Of course, now I'm scared to death. I went so long without prenatal care, and still having a beer here or there, and being around smoke and working in the heat... I'm worried that I've done damage. My doctor says the babys fine and I feel plenty of movement, but I won't be satisfied till I know for sure. This caught me so off guard that, though I'm really excited, I can't help but feeling that I've let our child down.
My Fiance's worse... he's only 20 and has no idea what to do. He wants me to be healthy and happy, and istrying so hard to be strong, but I can tell that he's scared to be a dad.

My tip is to go to the doctor as soon as you have the slightest thought that somethings not right.



Reading these has made me SO happy. I am 18, engaged and me and my love are TTC and I'm about 5 days late with all the symptoms (first hpt was neg but I'm pretty sure I'm preg so I'm gonna test again tomorrow). Our families and friends think we are crazy for wanting to get married so young (we have been together HAPPILY for 2 years), so it made me happy to read about so many of you 19ish year old that are married. Maybe we're not so nuts. And as far as the ttc goes, our friends and family don't know. I know they will be upset at first, but I also know they will come around when they have a new baby to love. Me and my fiance are really happy with our decisions. This feels right to us, but I can't help doubt things when everyone else seems to think were nuts. It just is really nice to know there are a lot of young couples that are just as "nuts" as us. Thanx all made todays crazy mood swing positive!! god bless!


Encouragement for Sonia

Sonia, your story made me want to write to have a lot going on right now, and being newly pregnant with all the hormones that come along with that, you're in a very emotional state and that can make things seem bleaker than they are. Sometimes I wonder if pregnancies last so long to give people time to accept them, and eventually to love them.

Give your parents some time to get past the intial shock, and they might surprise you. Remember, grandchildren are fantistically fun!!! They might not seem very supportive now, but maybe once they see and hold that precious baby, their hearts will just melt - and so will your's. Don't buy problems worring about the "what if's", or at least try to keep them to a minimum. (easier said than done, huh?) :-)

Keep your chin up and remember, even if your life takes a different turn now, it doesn't mean it's a wrong turn. You can do anything!

Buffi R.

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