First Trimester

Trying to get pregnant is an exciting time in a woman's life, but it isn't always easy. From counting menstrual cycles to buying countless pregnancy tests, getting pregnant is often an experience in and of itself. We want to hear about all of your experiences, from your first pregnancy test right up to your first pregnancy symptoms. And feel free to share your conception secrets with other hopeful couples!

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Well, I just learned this week that I'm 5 weeks pregnant. This is my husband and mine 1st child. I'm scared about having a miscarriage so, I've only told the potential grandmothers. I've been having slight pain on both sides of my uterus, so I'm praying this is not the beganing of a miscarriage. We're just waiting and praying that everything is ok. Our first pre-natal visit is June 15, 2006, so I'm waiting.


Too gassed up

My husband and i found out that we were having a baby a week ago. I am now six weeks pregnant. I knew I had to be pregnant before I found out because my face all of a sudden started breaking out. But that is not the worst part.

I became so bloated that I looked six months pregnant and i only weigh 124.. I have never been in so much pain. as i type to you I am alll gassed up. I called my my mom in the Bahamas and she told me to boil some dill seed/ dill weed in water, then sweeten like tea. I have to tell you that it is such a relief when I drink it because it takes care of the problem ASAP. I drink it ali the time and it tastes really good too.

I am also constipated and that is the worst kind i am not one to become constipated so now I find myself eating prunes or whatever it takes to relieve it. I can't wait to pass my first trimester, because I go through tons of mood swings and even the little noise that my five year old or my dog make rings in my head and give me a headache...

Other than what I am going through this trimester, I am happy that God has blessed me with another child.



My boyfriend and I were not "trying." Indeed, we were trying to avoid, but we were handicapped by my inability to tolerate the PIll and the chafing of all the other devices: condoms, spermicide, etc.. My body is extremely sensitive to chemicals and very allergic. So after a while, when we both knew we were STD free, we tried what we call "The Excel Spread Sheet Method." We called it this to avoid calling it The Rhythm Method, thereby lying to ourselves and also demonstrating our total ignorance - we did not know (and have since learned) that even if woman has the same length cycle every month, that doesn't mean ovulation time doesn't vary every month. Nor did we have any idea how wide the buffer around the mythical "Day 14 guarantee" needed to be. After six months, maybe we were also being careless, in part I suspect to an anxiety on my partner's part that we were not fertile, since "an accident" should have happened by then. I think he was tempting fate. Still, I had started to suspect I was infertile, so with sadness I eased up on minding the spreadsheet.
A week before I was due for my period, I noticed with anxiety that my behavior was becoming "manic." Somewhere on the order of alphabetizing the furniture. I was also unusually hungry. I was writing lengthy essays in my e-mails to friends, all the while panicking because I have a (non-blood) relative who is manic-depressive, and my surges of creative energy and verbiage reminded me of her in her manic phases.

Also, I have a bladder condition called "I.C." which results in frequent urination and is often accompanied by vaginal soreness (vulvodynia) and urethral spasm. It had been in remission for over a year. I was sleeping through the night, I no longer needed any muscle relaxants or physical therapy. I could even drink coffee and I could usually get through a movie without a restroom run. Suddenly, it seemed to be back. I was peeing constantly, my vagina was irritated. I rushed to my loving urologist for a UTI test, praying it was positive because the alternative would mean the I.C. was back. It was negative. She prescribed a few Valium, to be taken in tiny doses before bed to break the cycle of spasm and halt the return of the I.C. The valium didn't work.

After I was officially late for my period (by a week) I had noticed that I was extremely tearful without exactly being sad- that was the most unusual feeling! I seemed to feel highly energized and independent one minute, and sleepy or tearful the next. Often all at the same time. I thought, this is one doozy of a PMS. Finally we dragged ourselves fearfully to the drugstore. The bright purple plus sign sprang up INSTANTLY. I had felt falsely reassured by minor cramping, which suggested the onset of PMS. But unlike with PMS, my breasts DID NOT ENLARGE OR BECOME SORE. Every month I had that symptom very emphatically. Also, normally my cramping is severe and begins about half an hour after the blood flow on day one of my period. This was more like an old man grunting and mildly whining in my uterus. The cramping was painful in a different way, an annoying, hard to walk up the stairs without bringing them on way, but not the usual agony that requires heavy doses of Advil and a heating pad that I get every month.

For reasons we don't yet know (but hope to uncover) I miscarried. The O.B. predicted it, based on falling progesterone. He later used the term "chemical pregnancy" to describe what had happened, but subsequent reading (in "Taking Charge of Your Fertility") seems to indicate that there is no such thing. The HCG that causes the positive test only is produced after implantation. Hence I am certain that it was a blighted ovum, or some other problem subsequent to at least the fragile beginning of implantation.

I am writing this because my experience with an early pregnancy produced symptoms I had not known could be indicators: Mania, increased mental organization, clarity of thought, raising of ability to speak extemporaneously with ease, etc... And I was not at all nauseated. Oh, and my vagina became itchy, and I was given Diflucan without a yeast test being taken. The itching took many days to subside, and was unresponsive to Monostat. It passed after about a week, but was a quite distinct feeling.
Have any others felt these symptoms?


An Army Mom

I was 18 when I found out that I was pregnant. I was married for about a month before I found out. My husband and I were very happy.
Here's my story:
It was a Monday morning and I felt really sick doing a check on a military vehicle. I told my sgt. that I was sick and she told me that I could go home. A buddy of mine took me home and then I got a phone call from my husband telling me that he told a friend of mine that I was pregnant, even though I had taken a home test and it came back negative. Well low and behold my friend went and told everybody I work with that I was the new preggo.
Well my sgt. sent someone to pick me up from my home and buy a test so that it could be confirmed that I was. So at that point I called my husband and said " Good job. Now they are taking me to go get a test done. I HOPE this comes back positive." He told me not to worry. He had a feeling that I was pregant. When we got to my work building, they had me take the test. While waiting for the results, I was praying to God that it would come back positive and it did. I was so happy. I then called my husband and he started to cry and scream.
When I informed my parents they were less then supportive. Now I am 28 weeks along and I could not be happier. We are having a girl and we have decided to name her Jade Kye.


I Need Strength

Wow! I am pregnant again, for the 3rd. time, and I am 11 weeks. I am sorry to say, that it has been horrible. My husband and I have 2 beautiful angels, Ashley-4 yrs. and Matthew-11 months old. We weren't planning another baby, but God thought differently.

All of my pregnancies have been hard, a lot of vomiting and nausea, but this pregnancy has been the hardest of all, and I need strength. When I turned 7 wks. pregnant, I was hospitalized with severe stomach pain on my right side. Three days later and no food at all, just intravenous fluids, I found out that I needed an operation.

Yes, it had to be the most scariest moment of my life. I was taken into the operating room, and my appendix was removed, and a 10cm. ovarian cyst on my left side. As you can imagine, the recovery process has been very difficult.

I am now home and I can finally carry my baby Matthew. The day after I left the hospital, my vomiting and nausea resumed and I am everyday struggling with it. Also, the fact that I have excessive saliva is not helping me at all.

I know that in a few months, this will be over and I can finally feel like myself, but if anyone reading this is Christian, I beg you to keep me in your prayers and my health.

I recently went to my follow up, and my doctor says that I have lost a lot of weight. I am also worried because I have a husband and two other children that depend on me and right now, I feel that I am not giving my home and family, the time and energy that they need, especially my kids.

I am due on Thanksgiving Day 2006, and I know once I have my third child in my arms, all of this will have been like a really bad dream.


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