First Trimester

Trying to get pregnant is an exciting time in a woman's life, but it isn't always easy. From counting menstrual cycles to buying countless pregnancy tests, getting pregnant is often an experience in and of itself. We want to hear about all of your experiences, from your first pregnancy test right up to your first pregnancy symptoms. And feel free to share your conception secrets with other hopeful couples!

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ptyalism...yuck! and not again!

Ok, I just found out on valentine's day 2006...this is going to be my 2nd. And even though my 1st had me nauseated and throwing up 4 weeks into my pregnancy, I could stand that more than the excessive salivation that happens every 30 seconds...maybe 1 minute if I'm lucky!

Here it is...just February 26, 2006...and the spitting has begun! I'm only 6 weeks pregnant! Does anyone know how to stop this! I have 34 more weeks to go!


The Perfect Pregnancy

As a mother of three, I consider myself to be pretty familiar with the ins and outs of pregnancy by now. I’ve dealt with all the symptoms, all the discomfort and even a complication or two with my first. So, when I suddenly woke up one morning feeling not so great, it didn’t take long for me to think that maybe my nausea was in fact morning sickness! However, I like to think of myself as a sane, rational woman and assuming I was pregnant from one bout of nausea was simply not enough to convince me. I went about my day as usual (although perhaps a bit slower) and pushed the thoughts of pregnancy out of my mind.
When my husband got home from work that evening, he took one look around the house and then gave me a look. My usual calm demeanor took a turn for the worse when I saw that raised eyebrow. I sharply pointed out that I can’t always get everything done around the house when I have a two-year-old home all day and a four-year-old home for half the day with a seven-year-old that gets home from school at 3:30pm and brings his friends with him. (However, in his version of these events, I yelled at him and threw my laundry basket at him. I can’t seem to recall such events taking place…) My dear husband, he came over to me and hugged me, whispering in my ear “You’re pregnant, aren’t you?” Guess I wasn’t the only one to think so.
The next morning I woke up feeling just as nauseous but now also couldn’t help but notice my stomach and breasts, which seemed to have gotten three times bigger over night. As soon as I dropped Ryan and Kelsie off at school, I stopped by the pharmacy to pick up a HPT. While Adrian was done for his nap, I did the test. Waiting for the results, I checked back over my calendar and saw that yes, my period was late. How did I miss that?! I was beginning to feel as though I had wasted my money on this HPT. I had the symptoms, just like with the other three, my period was late (always a dead give away), and even my husband thought I was pregnant. Even though we hadn’t planned on having more children, we hadn’t exactly been careful lately. I guess subconsciously we did want to add to our family?
When the time was up, I picked up the test and couldn’t believe my eyes – it was negative! No, that just wasn’t right. It was double pack, so I took the test again. Again, it was negative! Obviously, these tests were defective. I know my body and I know what it’s like to be pregnant, so I called my GP and made an appointment to have a blood test done. But when I woke up the next morning, the nausea was still there, as was a sore throat and a stuffy nose. My nausea had just been a cold. And my period? That came a few days later, likely thrown off because of the cold.
However, this “fake pregnancy” got my husband and I to talking and we realized that having another child may not be so bad, so we started trying. When I did get pregnant for real a few months later, I had no idea. I didn’t have any morning sickness, my breasts stayed their normal small self and my bloated stomach was barely noticeable. It wasn’t until it had been almost a month and a half since my last period that I finally clued in. I went to my doctor and sure enough, I was pregnant.
My husband and I were so excited. But I also couldn’t help but be apprehensive. With each pregnancy, my morning sickness had gotten increasingly worse. When I was pregnant with Adrian, I could barely move without throwing up. And I always got a horrible case of acne in my first trimester, not to mention the intense mood swings that my husband suffered the brunt of. Yet, by the time of my first ultrasound, none of this had happened. My breasts had started growing as had my stomach, but the usual pregnancy discomfort? Nada. I was beginning to worry that maybe something was wrong with the pregnancy.
At the ultrasound, though, the technician said not to worry, everything looked fine. But what about not having morning sickness? What about feeling horrible and yelling at my husband all the time for being such a useless person who couldn’t carry another being around in his stomach? Normal and healthy to not always feel awful when you’re pregnant was the answer. Really?! I couldn’t believe this. I had endured three other pregnancies and three times I had sworn up and down that never again would I get pregnant because they had just been such a horrible nine months, physically. And now I was having the pregnancy of my dreams. Maybe having such awful pregnancies before was a good thing – I’m pretty sure we would have had five times as many children if every pregnancy could be like this one.
Well, I’m now in my 20th week and the mood swings have begun to kick in, but I think my husband would agree that these are barely a blip on the radar compared to the doozies I had before. Overall, this has been a great pregnancy and I hope it continues to stay this easy. We’re expecting another little girl, and then I think we’re done. I’d like to go out on a high note with my pregnancies and this one is the perfect way.

Cassandra Beechwood

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