First Trimester

Trying to get pregnant is an exciting time in a woman's life, but it isn't always easy. From counting menstrual cycles to buying countless pregnancy tests, getting pregnant is often an experience in and of itself. We want to hear about all of your experiences, from your first pregnancy test right up to your first pregnancy symptoms. And feel free to share your conception secrets with other hopeful couples!

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new start

im 17 and pregnant im about 2 months now. when my boyfriend and i first found out we were pregnant it was scary but we were excited. i took a home pregnancy test first and it was positive but we desided to go to a clinic to make sure. we waited about 2 weeks after that to tell our parents. my boyfriends parents we upset at first but his mom took me right into her arms. my mom on the other hand was mad she didnt really have anything to say to me. after awhile she came aroind and now she is helping me to get a job and im looking to get my GED high school would be too hard for me right now. also i will be moving in with my boyfriend/hubby in the next couple weeks. ive been through a ruff time these past 8 months and this pregnancy is going to be a new start for me. i cant wait.


15 and pregnant

hello my names megan and i am now 16 i fell pregnant at 15 and if im honest i kept thinking if i didnt tell anyone it would go away and i just carried on as normal hanging around with friends going out just so nobody ever knew but then when i was four months pregnant i finaly got the courage to tell my boyfirend who i was so in love with and at first he was a little freaked and scared but who wouldnt be so then we told are parents and they were horrifyd by the thought of us being parents but noware very suportive and i gave birth to a beautiful baby girl called eylicha-may and would not change the worlds so to all you haters who think just because of age you carnt do it well im here to prove you wrong !


pregnant and sixtenn[: happy though<3

My name is Amber and im sixteen years old, im just finishing up my first trimester, i was 9.5 weeks when i found out i was pregnant, and now im loving knowing that im raising a beautiful little baby. My baby will be half black and half white, and im so excited about that too, i think mixed babies are the most beautiful of them all, i was so scared that i wasnt going to have support, or that i wasnt going to have the faith i needed, but i did and still do, i want to think everyone thats stood by my side now. [: i love you all


Sickness and irritability

I am having my second child and i'm finding it really tough. i'm 10 weeks at the mo. I'm snapping at my husband, i'm feeling sick all day long and i'm so irritable and picky. I'm hating it. My husband is supportive in his own way but i think with no physical symptoms he finds it hard to understand. I just feel a bit lost?? Want to be excited about being pregnant but i'm just so tired out. I work 20 hours a week. Not sure what to do to be honest??


Me and My wishing baby

Im almost 20 years old and me and my fiance want a baby. We have unpretected sex almost every other day. My last normal period was March 2nd. And i spotted both times in April and May. Ive taken tests and they just come back negitive. But i know im pregnant all of my signs are pointing to yes. Im starting to get a lil buldge and can wear my tight jeans anymore. And my boobs are bigger and im having so much excess saliva right now. Im peeing way more than usual especialy at night im so tired and yet i wake up like 3-5 times to pee. And ive also been having dreams that im going to have twins. Who knows. I just want to know when it will show up on a test. But me and my fiance are gunna wait and find out. I want to find out for sure if i am before he goes to the Navy. So please pray for us.

Candy Dixon

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