First Trimester

Trying to get pregnant is an exciting time in a woman's life, but it isn't always easy. From counting menstrual cycles to buying countless pregnancy tests, getting pregnant is often an experience in and of itself. We want to hear about all of your experiences, from your first pregnancy test right up to your first pregnancy symptoms. And feel free to share your conception secrets with other hopeful couples!

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2 weeks

i am 2 weeks pregant i am 17 years old im still in high school i am a junior my ex bf is the father of my baby but he has a girlfriend but he says he will be by my side he goes to the same school as i do on the bus he sits beside me and holds my hand and puts his arms around me and tries to lay on me which is so funny my mom isnt happy with me he havent talk for a awhile my aunt has bought me a crib and my cuz has bought me winnie the pooh blankets i am kinda happy but i wish he was with me and not her cause i feel akward but he says he still loves me so yeah my aunt says its going to be a girl my cuz ricky says its going to be a boy and my oher cuz says its going to be twins my cuz josh says he can hear heartbeat and then the other nite he says heartbeats so i dont know maybe twins maybe not i hope i lost him or her or twins!!! but its still hard though but wish me luck and i amsaving up for a car and a apartment to buy supermommy l!! lata.


abit of a shock

im 26 at the moment i have a 8 yr old son a 6 yr daughter twin 18 month old boys (identical) and ive just found out im pregnant again but i had implanon as a contrception,my other half is 100% against another baby,but i know i couldnt go through with a soooo confused,i went for an ultrasound and it confirmed theres only 1 in there i dont know what to do im soooo up in arms,is 5 children tooo many?what would you do if it was you.


Comment on a story

I'm not sure if I am pregnant. But, i'm having symptoms of headaches, backaches, gas(sorry), Urinating frequently. But, If I am.. I will be terrible scared. But, to *what a ride, Sam* Girl don't worry about your boyfriend. Take care of yourself and your baby. Forget him.. tell him grow up and get a life. You already having a baby to take care of.. You don't need 2. haha. I hope that helped. An girls I'm waiting a bit to see if its a pregnancy or something else. FINGERSCROSSED!


frist trimester - exciting nd annoyin =)

I used to be preg in past 5 year with raymond ( who wass ex) and lost the baby, was miscarriage by depressing and stressin during school and peeps from school who may be immature, brainless, young, or deformed but no offened.. Its effected me, my life and hurt me real bad way..

Until now Im preg again with same guy who I love for long time and he take care of me, and he is kinda complaining about my homoroes was given to his body to feel what's preg symtoms I have been through, since I have morning sick, neause, dizzies, headaches, food craving, frequent urientes..
Nippes sentivies, homoroes is nut ( horny )

At frist my boyfriend and I wasn't sure if im definitely pregnancy from home pregnancy test, and decided wait until 3 week later, I went to doctor today and asked doctor about it and done with all tests, and I burst into tear, it shown positive, im really happy and can't to believe it happening right now, I started to believe my fate

=) its worth


what a ride

So i am currently 2 months pregnant. it has been the hardest time of my life. my boyfriend and i were trying and not it seems that im finally pregnant he doesnt really want it. these mood swings are terrible and im having trouble eating. i love my baby dont get me wrong. but i have no support and i feel alone. and this is a very hard time and i just want the support from my boyfriend. sometimes i feel like im asking for to much. right now im not exactly enjoying pregnancy or life. i dont regret getting pregnant. i just feel very alone and very scared.


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