First Trimester

Trying to get pregnant is an exciting time in a woman's life, but it isn't always easy. From counting menstrual cycles to buying countless pregnancy tests, getting pregnant is often an experience in and of itself. We want to hear about all of your experiences, from your first pregnancy test right up to your first pregnancy symptoms. And feel free to share your conception secrets with other hopeful couples!

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I jus found out I was pregnant.I'm 5 weeks.prior to this pregnancy I had a d±c.before that I was at risk of a miscarriage so I got an abortion,before that I was pregnant 4 times I got an abortion with all 4 I'm wondering if I'm gonna go full term?I'm currently pregnant with my 7th pregnancy.I go back to the doctors in 4weeks, so I hope God blesses me


first baby at 19

hi all,
i am so glad that i found a site like this, i have been dying to tell people. my boyfriend doesn't want to tell people untill 12 weeks, but i just wana shout it from the roof tops.
it all started last year, i fell pregnant just in october and we decided that it wasnt the right time to have a baby as i was still in college and we were in the middle of moveing. so i had an abortion, which i totaly regret as it was very difficult. then i had the coil fitted and desided to start uni and buy our own house. but i did a test last sunday and i am pregnant. i went to the doctors as they thought i could be having a eptopic pregnancy because of the coil, but it turns out everything is fine. and now i am very exited and can't wait ti have a new baby in my life. i know people say that they don't mind the sex of the baby as long as its healthly and of course i feel that to but i would really like e alittle girl becuse i want to have the amazing relationship that me and my mum have. she is very exited to be a nanny. it hasnt quite sunk into my boyfriend yet and he is very worried, which it why we cant tell anybody else untill i am 12 weeks. so i only got 9 weeks 2 waiit untill i can tell his parents and all my friends. at least i can talk to my mum as she knows. i think all mothers are amazing and im very exited to become one. i know its gona be hard work not alot of sleep and very painful, but never mind, whe you get something that is so amazing at the end. good luck to all th mum's to be out there.


Pregnancy Rhinitis - Chronic Nasal Congestion

My name is Kem Turner and I'm 8 weeks pregnant. I've been suffering from a runny nose and nasal congestion for 8 weeks. Last night the symptoms became severe and I couldn't sleep. Non of the nasal sprays were working and Aerosol wasn't helping, and the doctor and my fiance decided that the severe symptoms were unrelated to the pregnancy. So, today I discovered the Prgnancy info website which helped me to understand that I have pregnancy rhinitis. So, I've been drinking more water as recommended, which has relieved the symptoms alot. Now I don't feel as though my head is going to take off into outer space...

Kem Turner

Pregnant and Hopeful

Hi! I wanted to share my story because I hope to be able to help someone in a similar situation or give them the idea that it is okay to take control of their own body. Doctors don't know everything. They try the best they can, but my hematologist even told me that they don't know enough about some blood disorders to know how it affects pregnancy. Well, then my two cents should be enough to encourage someone.

Okay. Here's my story: I am a 36 year old mom to an 8-year old happy, healthy, smart sassy boy! I could not ask for more, except I would like to have another child. I've been trying for six years. My husband and I decided our son should have a brother or sister many, many years ago, but so far it's just not been meant to be.

I did have pre-eclampsia with my son, but all in all, my pregnancy was fairly uneventful aside from that. It included high blood pressure and excessive weight gain and I was sicker after I had him than while I was pregnant with him. I gained more than 57 pounds with that pregnancy and he was a small 6.6 pound baby. The cord was around his neck but he turned out fine. Thanks goodness!

My problem does not stem from not being able to get pregnant. I have no problem getting pregnant; it is staying pregnant that is the problem. I get pregnant on the first try everytime. I've read that infertility is not only the inability to get pregnant, but also the inability to carry to term. I've had five miscarriages and am currently pregnant and hopeful once again. Every one of the pregnancies, other than my first, which resulted in my son's birth, have ended in the first trimester at or before nine explanation. My last miscarriage was particularly heartbreaking because I had been in for several ultrasounds and on the last one the fetus was fully developed to nine weeks (it looked like a little turtle with arm and leg buds, spine, etc...) but it died at nine weeks and one day. We don't know why.

I'll run down a list of items that I believe have contributed to my inability to carry to term. It could just be coincidental that I have this long list of items that could be affecting my pregnancy outcome, or it could be that each item contributed slightly to the final outcome. I do not know. You tell me what you think! I look forward to comments if you've been through this or something similar before.

I had an 8 pound cyst removed from my right ovary when I was 17 years old; actually 1/2 of my right ovary and a portion of my left ovary have been removed due to patches of cysts that were found at the time of surgery. (I asked my doctor if my eggs could be affected by the surgery I had at 17, and she told me there is evidence that eggs can be prematurely aged due to trauma or surgery.)

I've been lactose intolerant since 17 years of age.

I have been diagnosed as having heterozygous factor v leiden gene mutation (which is a blood clotting disorder that seems to only be affected during pregnancy, possibly).

I have had minor stomach problems which have only gotten worse and worse with age.

So, here is what I have done about these issues above:

I saw my hematologist prior to prenancy. He is still not 100% convinced that my problems even stem from the blood clotting disorder. He had prescribed Lovenox to me once before, but I already had a hematoma forming (pool of blood) when I started the medicine, so it did no good to prevent a miscarriage. I've decided this time, not to use Lovenox, but to try a baby aspirin instead, as I hope this will be enough to keep my blood flowing smoothly, especially since he doesn't believe that is a factor in the miscarriages).

He basically told me I did something right when I had my son and to do it again. Obviously if I knew what that was, I would do it. So, he told me he thought I had too many doctors telling me what to do and I do too much reading on the internet where people are filling my head with ideas about diet change, etc...and that in my case, less is more. Of course I was irritated with him and thought him to be insensitive, but after giving what he said some thought I decided to take my own health care into my own hands. He's right. I can tell my doctor what I want to do here. I'm not having any luck doing what they want me to do, so I am going to do what I want to do. This was the real turning point for me.

With that thought in mind, I saw a nutritionist for a couple of months prior to pregnancy, since I have been on a gluten, dairy and casein free diet for so long and was concerned about getting enough nutrients for a healthy pregnancy. She put me on a calcium supplement with vitamin D and a prenatal vitamin (gluten free) about 1 month before I got pregnant. The hematologist recommended I take an 81 mg aspirin pill daily, and my pregnancy doctor put me on a folic acid tablet daily (gluten free).

I mentioned I had completely switched my diet. This was due to something my aunt said to me about fertility being impacted by diet. (There is all sorts of information on the internet in this regard. I truly believe diet has a HUGE factor.) She suggested to me that I try a yeast free, gluten free diet. Gluten intolerance would be an intolerance to wheat and other grains that are in most breads, pastas and just darn near everything. I didn't switch to a yeast free diet, although most of what I eat is free of yeast anyway, but I did switch to a gluten free, dairy free and casein free (casein is in dairy products and some soy products. It is a milk protein that I have found I do not tolerate at all. Unbelievably, casein can be present in some dairy free products, so you really have to read your labels). I've been committed to this diet since December 29, 2007. I read that it can take our bodies nearly two years to recover from small intestine damage, which is what gluten and dairy intolerance can cause. So, I committed to waiting for 1.5 years to try conceiving again. This diet, even though I occasionally cheat slightly, which is okay to do in VERY small doses from time to time, as long as you are not allergic to gluten or dairy, has really proven to help me a lot, I think. It can be expensive and difficult to eat out, as well as frustrating at times, but once you've trained yourself not to eat things like ice cream, cheese, white or wheat bread, pizza, etc...and become accustomed to the things you can eat (all fresh fruits, vegetables, meat of pretty much any kind without sauces or gravies on them, special corn or rice pastas, special dairy free cookies and ice cream, etc...there is a whole world out there that more and more stores are carrying products for!

Okay, so now that you know pretty much all there is to know about me. I am pregnant at this current time, but have only told my husband and a few select others. No parents, friends or siblings (except for my sister, my friend from high school, one gal at work and my sister in law, no one else knows...except for all of you!)

I told my doctor at a "pre-pregnancy," appointment what my plan was for a healthy pregnancy. The first thing I told her was that I didn't want any ultrasounds done until at least the third or fourth month. (Prior to this pregnancy, the only other pregnancy that I have had where I only had one ultrasound was the birth of my son. All the others I've had numerous internal ultrasounds and it's ended badly). This was step one in my plan with my doctor. I told her I've been through miscarriages before and I pretty much know when to contact her in that regard. She was fine with that.

I told her I was concerned about watching my hormone levels, which is something they NEVER checked in the past. NEVER!!! By the time they realized I had low progesterone, it was too late. I told her I wanted to keep an eye on those levels for the first trimester for sure. She was fine with that, too.

So, I confirmed I was pregnant with one home pregnancy test in early July. I called the doctor and told the nurse I wanted to have my hcg level and progesterone level checked. I went in at five weeks (3 weeks in utero) and had them checked. They were 391 and 23.7 respectively. Sounded pretty good I thought. So, when I got the results I asked when we would check them again. The nurse didn't know anything about checking them again and had to consult with the doctor. Unbelievable! This is another example of me taking control of my care! The old me would have said "Okay, I'll see you next week." Not the new, in-control me!

They ordered the test to be done the next week, which was this past Wednesday. I would be about six weeks (four weeks in utero). So, they called me Friday morning and told me some good and not so good news. Here we go again. My hcg level was over 7,000. Very encouraging, I thought! However my progesterone had dropped to 18.7. (A 22% drop from the week before). I was very upset to hear this. The nurse told me to keep my chin up. That's it? Keep my chin up? You're kidding right? So, I called the doctor's office back and asked if I could supplement with progesterone. I had been on it once before, but it was all in vain because my progesterone had dipped down to 13.7 or something like that and it was too late when I started taking it; I was already miscarrying. I took two doses of it and it was over. I didn't want to risk that again, especially since the drop in my progesterone level had never been explained. If I had waited another week to have lab results like they suggested, my levels may drop another 22% and then I would be below 15, which is when they start supplementing for progesterone loss. She told me they don't supplement at this point, but if I wanted to I could. She also told me that progesterone levels fluctuate up and down during pregnancy and that I may be perfectly fine. Well, that's not the chance I want to take. My body, my decision, right?

So, very long story short, the doctor told me I could take 200 mg of Prometrium at bedtime for the next 14 days, but the nurse also went onto tell me that it probably won't do much of anything for me. I don't feel like she's been the most supportive she could be. It almost sounded like she was trying to talk me out of it, but I didn't let her. I told her I would be taking the medicine could she please call it into the pharmacy for me. She did and I've been taking it for two days, with no problems at this point.

The most important thing I want to point out here is that I've been the guinea pig, lab rat, ant marching in time to everyone else, model patient for too long. I make the decisions from here on out and I hope if you have similar issues, you will too. They don't know all.

I am not necessarily a religious person, but I am a spiritual person and I do believe in the power of prayer and the power and glory of God or the higher power, whatever or whomever it is in which you believe. I have prayed constantly and am hopeful for a healthy, happy full term pregnancy this time around. I am hopeful for you too!

I take one day at a time. Every day may not be good, but there is something good about every day! I hope I can inspire some of you in your dealings with your doctors. I'll keep you posted! Please let me know what your thoughts are or if you have any questions in regard to my situation. I look forward to your comments!

Amy Bretta

2months pregnant and bleeding

today july 13 2009 and goin to the doctor for o check up because am 8 weeks pregnant and bleeding am waiting on my boyfriend to come to take me to the doctor i don't want anything to happen to my little bundle of joy hope to be because he will going to be the best thing ever happen in my whole life OMG am also going to do a ultra sound and listen to the heart beat.

cris kelly

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