First Trimester

Trying to get pregnant is an exciting time in a woman's life, but it isn't always easy. From counting menstrual cycles to buying countless pregnancy tests, getting pregnant is often an experience in and of itself. We want to hear about all of your experiences, from your first pregnancy test right up to your first pregnancy symptoms. And feel free to share your conception secrets with other hopeful couples!

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Pregger and scared

Hello, I am a mother of 3 pregnant with my 4th. I found out I am pregnant about 3 weeks ago, I'm 5 weeks pregnant. I woke up on wednesday with bright red blood in my unders but no pain. I went to the er where they did blood and urine tests and also an internal ultrasound. Well, the tests show i'm still pregnant, and they found the baby sac on the ultrasound but no heartbeat. They said this isn't necessarily bad because i'm not that far along. However, I've never had any problems carrying a baby before and now I'm scared to death that I'm going to lose this one. I feel like I've done something wrong. So now I'm on bed rest and I stopped bleeding wednesday at noon, had no bleeding on thursday. Friday I had a little spotting and today just a little brown dischargy looking stuff. But I won't know until monday what the story is. The dr. wasn't very nice about it, she basically said on monday if my hcg has gone down then I lost the baby, but at least I've had 3 healthy ones. I mean, I know what she's getting at, but I took it badly... So, keep your fingers crossed for me. If my HCG's have gone up on monday then they are going to do another ultrasound and try to find a heartbeat, I pray they do..... God Bless


Happy mom and wife

Hi everyone, The best thing ever to happen to me was my marriage with my husband who is seven years younger than me and a very kind man. I always wanted a baby from a good man. I am really pleased with my life today as I am married and perfectly ready to have a baby, I'd love to have son but having daughter would be great too.

I am eight and half weeks pregnant and have not told my in laws yet as I am afraid the more I read about the miscarriages. Life is beautiful, I have all the symptoms cramping, nausea, headache, tender breast, fatigue and everything is fine with me for now. I will check in the scann whether it is ok when I am twelve weeks. I wish I could do it now.

When I was single I was afraid that I will die alone but today I am so surprised that I am married and going to have my own family. Its just a miracle to find the right person and to have the right baby in the womb. I love it.


Very anxious and tired

My first trimester was very tiring. I suffered from fatigue, and pain in my body and abdomen. It felt like it was so difficult and there was constant stress of loosing the baby even though I never had a misscarriage. The symptoms were scary; I have pain in the night it felt like my bloodvessels were strectched. It was impossible to go to work, I could not even think about working. So I stayed home, wondering about my baby in my womb. I had lots of financial stress and stress of not knowing the health of my baby in the womb.

Thank god my first trimester is over now. I am in to my second trimester.

bina walters

my story

i am 19 years old and i found out 3 days ago i was pregnant for sure. i just recently moved away from my family to be with my fiance, who was also my high school sweetheart, and i'm 6 hours away from my childhood home. i have not been to the doctor yet but after 5 pregnancy tests i know it is true.

i am so excited and cannot wait to have this baby with the love of my life. don't get me wrong, i do have bad morning sickness and crave fried dill pickles at all hours of the day, but i'm having fun. since my fiance is a doctor he is able to help me out a lot. i have a doctor appointment in 2 weeks and i can't wait to go and experience it with the love of my life. its something we've always talked about. the only problem is i'm not sure how to tell my family.


unsupportive husband

It's amazing how you don't really know someone until the time you need them most. I'm 34 years old and am 13 weeks into my first pregnancy. My husband and I have been married almost 2 years. Although a bit surprised, I was so excited to learn of this pregnancy. When I told my husband, his first response was, "Am I the father?" I've never given him any reason to mistrust me, and I work in the medical field and spend 60-70 hrs. a week at work while he works maybe 5 hours a day, and sleeps the rest of the day. This past Sunday as I was preparing for church, I began to bleed and have cramping. My husband was visiting his mother at the time. My mom (whom I was visiting) called him to tell him she was taking me to the hospital, and his response was, "Let me know how it turns out." He had no intention of meeting me at the hospital, but my mom told him he needed to be there, so he came. He made me feel guilty that I'd made him miss church with his mother. He says that his mom will always come first until she dies!!! Anyway, he was upset that a male examined me in the ER, and showed no emotion when I had an ultrasound and found out it was a boy. Me and the baby are fine, but I was told not to have sex. The minute we got home, he tried to force himself on me, saying that he had needs too. I was put on bedrest for two days, but he kept yelling at me to do things for him while he rested. I had a follow up appt. for another ultrasound yesterday to make sure everything was still ok, but he had no intention of going with me, and made plans for dinner with a client instead. He finally agreed to go after I got so hysterical and upset. I don't even know this man anymore. I'm so stressed out about it. When I mention to him how I feel, he says that I'm just too sensitive and need to be medicated. I think he just can't handle growing up and taking responsiblity. He's also such a momma's boy, and will always choose mom over me or this baby. HELP!!!


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