First Trimester

Trying to get pregnant is an exciting time in a woman's life, but it isn't always easy. From counting menstrual cycles to buying countless pregnancy tests, getting pregnant is often an experience in and of itself. We want to hear about all of your experiences, from your first pregnancy test right up to your first pregnancy symptoms. And feel free to share your conception secrets with other hopeful couples!

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Me, My husband r Pregnant

On May 4,2011 Me,My Husband confirmed over pregnancy, We felt amazing to listen to such great news, Our world seems to be entirely different to think about being wit kids surrounded, i had morning sickness from may10, 2011 onwards, i had nausea, vomit, had dislike for food except the cereals, i informed about pregnancy to my inlaws who were waiting for this special news, they felt relaxed, happy, i informed my parents who said we were counting days and we know that this time we are gonna have special news, all were excited to listen to the special news, me, my husband got married on 23 aug, 2009, after 13/4 years we confirmed our pregnancy, we have hopes to bring up child in a way that our kid need to be independent, situation adjustable, understandable & acceptable.
Hope we have so,

Congrats for Mothers to be & mothers

Pavithra Ram Varma

Big mess

Hi my mane is Beamer well my nick name is anyhow. I'm 19 and I'm about 6 weeks pregnant. I was with my ex boyfriend for 5 year befor this happened. He left me 2weeks befor I found out. I'm probably going to be a single mom I don't know what he wants to do about the whole baby thing. I'm keeping it though. It sucks doing this alone I got to be both prego and continue to work all the time I hate it. Being pregnant is sipped to be a happy time and for me it's not it is depressing and unfair. Any advice it would be nice



Im 19 and happyly pregnant. I have been with my boyfriend for over 4 years. Now, we are in current plans to move out together by mid July. Very exiting moment. I am just about 5 weeks. Telling my family was a little hard I cried a lot feeling like a dissapoiment.never could imagine all the support. My dad is the only one with a hard time but I'm sure he will get over it soon. Overall very anxious. :D


first trimester after miscarriage

My name is Samantha. I am currently 10 weeks pregnant with my first child. I am 19 years old and been married almost a year to my husband matthew. we got pregnant right before we got married and i miscarried. I was so depressed and wanted a baby so bad, i cried alot because I missed my baby. Almost a year after my miscarriage, i went to the doctor for a check up on March 31st, 2011. The doctor decided to do a pregnancy test and it was faint postive. So now im due december 9th 2011. Everything is going great so far and i am so excited. for those who arent getting pregnant dont give up. it dont happen right away


My first trimester

Well, where to begin. I am just out of my first trimester today, and the nausea already has eased up! Hold in there girlies, you can do it!

Anyhow, I am fifteen and 13 weeks pregnant. My boyfriend is 18 and we have gone through a lot of trouble because of this. We have been together for more than 8 months now and I love him more than anything. He says he will stay with me and the baby, and I can only hope that this is true. We are both hoping for a boy!

Some of my family has been having a hard time dealing with this. My moms side is fine, due to the fact that she had me at 16, but my fathers side is not. I live with my grandmothers, one from each side of my family; at different houses. The one on my fathers side has practically disowned me at this point but I know I'll be okay. I will have my baby by November:-)

So about the first trimester.. Let's see.. So my last period was in February and I'm VERY regular becaus I'm on birth control. So when march came around and no period I got very worried. I got the pregnancy tests with the two pink lines, and the one that means positive was *so* faint! I thought 'no way on earth could that be positive, my periods probably just late" but three days later, STILL no period! So I had my boyfriend buy me pregnancy tests, but the ones that say pregnant or not pregnant. I took it in the school bathroom. It said pregnant. I told him and I had to go back to class knowing this. I didn't know what to do at this point, so after classes I talked to my boyfriend and he assured me he would stick with me no matter my choice. He's even starting to get a bit excited (although not as much as me!) he is very sweet and rubs my back and gets me whatever I ask. I feel like a princess.
As for the first trimester symptoms I have had horrible nausea! Very little vomiting though, just a few times. My boobs hurt very badly, and I sleep all the time. I feel so lazy! Walking up stairs takes most of my energy. School is horrible! I can't even begin to imagine how that will be later on!

Well, I was very surprised to find out I was pregnant. It was most definitely not planned and I have lost a few friends but I'm glad in a way. I know that who I have now will always be there for me and it means a lot. I can only hope that my boyfriend stays with me, even once the baby is here. It is going to be a big responsibility and I know I'm young, I will be sixteen when he/she is born, but I want to do this more than anything in the world.


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