First Trimester

Trying to get pregnant is an exciting time in a woman's life, but it isn't always easy. From counting menstrual cycles to buying countless pregnancy tests, getting pregnant is often an experience in and of itself. We want to hear about all of your experiences, from your first pregnancy test right up to your first pregnancy symptoms. And feel free to share your conception secrets with other hopeful couples!

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Baby # 2

I am 8 weeks along and I am so excited. I am barley showing. I am 29 and have a 3 year old daughter named Kimmi Rae.

Me and my husband have thought of names but we are surprised at this baby because we weren't going to try till Kimmi was 5 hehe haha. We think this baby will be a boy and if it is his name will be Jacob Johnothan Lane after my husband! If it is a girl it will be Alison Jade Lane.


My third baby

Hello! I am six weeks pregnant and very happy about it.

I feel very tired though and have experienced some morning sickness. I find that eating some dry cereal or pretzels first thing really help me feel better. I am also making sure to get lots of rest.

I feel very blessed to be adding to my family again!


A precious gift

Hello all! I am 5 weeks pregnant and let me tell you it was a surprise!

I found out because I was late and I am never late. I took a test and my suspicions were correct. The reason this is a surprise is because I am getting married in August. My fiancée and I had been talking about having a baby but did not think it would happen so fast!

I am very happy everything is going so great. I am thanking god for all my blessings! :) I can’t wait!


First trimester discomfort

Pregnancy affects women differently and whilst some of my friends are sailing through theirs with little or no unpleasant symptoms I could never have been prepared for the awful nausea that I am experiencing.

I have felt sick - although not been sick - 24/7 from about week 4. It has been relentless and has been accompanied by a very strong aversion to many smells. Petrol, smoke, fried food and any cosmetic perfume smells - body cream, suncream, face cream, deodorants etc. I have had to put all my hair and body products away in a cupboard and resort to a bar of completely odourless vegetable soap!

Food shopping and preparation is like chinese torture for me - even looking at food on the shelves makes me want to gag but I force myself to shop very quickly and to eat very plain, healthy fruit, veg and fibre-rich foods. Fish - unfortunately has been the food that I haven't been able to stomach at all so I have substituted a drizzle of omega 3-6-9 blend oil on salads to try to make up for this deficiency.

If the nausea weren't enough on it's own, I have suffered from bloating and indigestion after every meal - making me look as though I'm in my second, not first trimester and making all my clothes redundant bar a couple of items! This has turned me into a champion burper and farter (beyond my ladylike control) -and my boyfriend's challenges pale into insignificance!

I have learned to eat little and often, which is hard because I often feel quite hungry and think that I would like a larger portion than my body can cope with. I also have to make sure that I've digested my last meal of the day by 6pm otherwise I have to sleep almost upright - even four hours later in order to digest it. I would like to say that exercise - swimming, walking etc helps. Let's just say that I wouldn't like to know what it might be like if I wasn't already doing these!

My final gripe as a fitness fanatic all my life is that no-one tells you how much your body is going to expand widthways. I have not put on any weight but I have put on inches on my bust - I have a cleavage for the first time in my life! My ribcage has expanded by three inches, my waist by four inches, and my hips I don't dare measure! There has been one compensation for all this suffering and this is seeing the baby at the first scan which is lovely - I was fascinated seeing it wriggle and move around. Still hard to believe that what you see on the screen is inside you!

My sympathy goes out to any of you suffering through your pregnancy - hang in there!


16 and overjoyed

Okay, I'm pregnant and 16 years old.

My boyfriend is wonderful, and he is trying so hard to get a job. You hear stories about teenage guys leaving as soon as they hear the word "pregnant" but not all guys are like that.

My parents were upset when I told them but they are taking it a lot better then I thought they would. We're all excited and I'm truly happy.


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