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The first trimester of pregnancy is a time filled with excitement and celebration. But it can also be a period of difficult changes, both physical and emotional. From morning sickness to mood swings, the first trimester is unlike any other, and we at Pregnancy Stories want to hear about it! Keep us informed about your first pregnancy experiences, especially those pregnancy symptoms, fetal development, and, of course, your baby's first ultrasound! We can't wait to hear from you!

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it's so sad

My husband doesn't want to have any children. He's got a kid from his previous relationship, and he says it's enough. But I do not have any! I'd like to have one.

But he is not a good person too; he's selfish and likes to control me. He always asks where I go and for how long. If I had a baby with him, maybe I would have to divorce him to protect a baby from stress.


Sarah got a baby at 80!

I got my 1st baby 6 years ago, and that was so easy, a honeymoon baby. I'd never taken any interest in fertility issues because I figured it's an easy thing. No one teaches us about such things. Even when we started trying 3 years ago I took it all very easy.

Between having the first baby and now my husband lost his job and things got really tight for us and the issue of another baby was a no no.

My gyno had told me to try for a baby 2 years after the first because I had hypertension issues with the first. But we can't plan our lives and that became impossible.

Now after trying for 3 years I'm wondering if we should not have trusted the Lord and just gone ahead and had a baby then. Now I'm much older and realize how age affects fertility and how we should not plan our pregnancies too much, but leave such things to God. Many couples are suffering infertility coz they waited too long I believe.

Anyway like Sarah, I believe those of us waiting should have faith, no matter what. Good luck to all and God bless and may the Lord bless you with the babies you desire.


Waiting for Hope

I am 23yrs. old and my husband is 25. We have been trying to have a baby for 2yrs now but no hope. I went to the doctor and I had a check up because it's been 5 months that I have not had my period. They said that my ovaries were not working and that I had menopause at age 23. They also said that I did not have any hormones.

I felt like my whole world went out on me. I felt useless to my husband. The doctors said I should consult a fertility doctor. But how could I if the costs to have a child are tremendous in fertility. I ask god, why do women that don't want kids conceive them? And the ones that hope for at least just one can't have them? Why? I came to believe that I was on menopause because the doctor said that was one of the reasons why my period was not starting anymore. They said I would never get my period ever again because my menopause had already started. They said that my ovaries were not functioning anymore like an older persons.

I believed I had menopause because I would lock myself in the bathroom for no reason and just cry to myself. My husband would find me in the bathroom and he would cry just seeing how much I suffered from thinking that I would never give him a child. I was upset all the time and had panic attacks as well as thinking that I would never get a period ever again. If I did not get a period I would never become pregnant. I did not want to give up and think to myself that I have to adopt.

It hurts me to know that my husband has a 2yr. old son in Mexico from someone else and not from me. I just can't accept it. I had to get a second opinion so I went to another doctor. This is not a medical doctor. It is how can I say it? This person comes from Mexico and cures people here in The U.S. I put all my faith in him and told him everything the doctors had said. He said the doctors were wrong and that I could have kids. He said I did not have menopause and that my ovaries were functioning. He said I just had something small covering my ovaries and that's why I could not get pregnant. He said he removed it and to take some pills he had issued me. I started taking the pills for 4 days and I got my PERIOD!!!!

The doctors were wrong. I started my period. I did not have menopause. I am so excited. All my hope is back in my heart and I found out that you should never stick to one opinion. Always get more. I am full of hope and faith that this person curing me will help me have god bless me with a child like he said he would do.

I pray and hope that the next time a write back it will be to let you all know that my hope came true to become a mother. May god bless all the women that are full of hope in having a baby have one.


My son Aiden..then a MC!?

I was 17 when I met Jon (who was my boyfriend at the time). We were in high school together. So we started dating. After the first couple dates we decided to have sex to show how much we loved each other or whatever. So we did.

About a month had passed and I had been feeling kind of sick in the morning but I wasnít throwing up and the headaches where unbearable. So I went to google and researched some stuff about pregnancy. Then I went to the nearest pharmacy and bought a 2-pack pregnancy test. I took the first test about a week after my period was due and it came out Negative. So I just figured it was all the stress.

The next day I took the other one and it was positive. I was so upset at myself for not using protection. I wanted to do so much with my life and I knew I wouldnít be able to do anything now. So on April 4th my son Aiden was born. A few months later on June 11th I was married to Jon. Things seemed fine up until a month before Aiden turned a year old. Jon and I divorced and he moved to California.

I then met up with my old friend David and we hit it off. We began seeing each other everyday. We had sex and I thought I was pregnant. Which I was. But a few weeks later I had a miscarriage. I was very upset and so was David.

But we hope to try again soon. And to all of u out there who have had miscarriages donít ever give up!



Iím 18yrs old and think I might be pregnant to my bf of 2 years now fiancť.

We foolishly had unprotected sex several times, I havenít had my period for just over a month now and my body feels very different from normal (i.e. sore breasts, headaches, a weird sensation in my belly). I know for a fact if I am pregnant I will care for and love my baby more than anything in this universe.

The relationship with my fiancť is very much stable and I've talked through everything with him and he hopes I am pregnant. However, I always feel I am too young and cannot pursue into a good career I had plans to go to university next year and I'm sure Iím pregnant.

I only hope God will do whatís right X x X x

(ENGLAND, Stoke - On - Trent)


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