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The first trimester of pregnancy is a time filled with excitement and celebration. But it can also be a period of difficult changes, both physical and emotional. From morning sickness to mood swings, the first trimester is unlike any other, and we at Pregnancy Stories want to hear about it! Keep us informed about your first pregnancy experiences, especially those pregnancy symptoms, fetal development, and, of course, your baby's first ultrasound! We can't wait to hear from you!

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I need BABY DUST!!!

Hi Mums-to-be! I'm so glad that this site exists. I read every single one of these stories, and I'm glad I'm not alone. I left the birth control pill in October after being on it for about 5 months. I've been trying now for 2 and half months, and nothing is happening.

I have been to the Gynae and he says everything is fine..I even thought maybe I had PCOS after reading Jools Oliver's book. I know I was being really silly. By the way that is a great book!! It's called "Minus 9 to 1". Oh, and I don't have PCOS. Plus my DH is 13 years older than me... I'm not implying anything but I'm very confused.

I just thought it would just happen.


Never in a million years-post adoption

We did 5 years of IUIs, 2 IVFs & a reproductive immunologist consultation that led us to believe we would never get & stay pregnant. We adopted twin babies & due to being busy & tired we only bd about once a month. I was grieving the fact that they were 12 months & I would never have a baby again. A few weeks later we went to the Bahamas. I was nauseous off & on (figured it was the unusual food). I was tired (with 14 month old twins who wouldn't be). I also noted when trying on swimsuits that I was able to fill out the boobs (a first for a barely A cup). I also thought I looked a bit fat at the waist even though my weight was stable. I wasnít sure when my last period was but thought it had been a while, but I didn't test b/c I felt like my period would start any day (I was crampy).

This lasted for a while & eventually got to the point that I was annoyed. I called the OB & told him I needed some Provera as I had not had a period in a while & I was getting uncomfortable. He said I had to do a beta HCG to be sure I was not pregnant first. I had done two HPTs-all negative. One I did the same day as the HCG. It was negative. The beta HCG showed my HCG was 186,500... much higher than the 30 needed for a HPT to be positive. I was10 weeks pregnant!! I actually carried this little miracle full term & with no medical intervention against the advise of my repro-immunologist.

Since then I talked to a friend (an OB) & she said it is true some women never test positive on a HPT. The HCG just doesn't secrete into the urine as it does with most ladies. I never was nauseous for more than a minute. I loved my pregnancy. I was only uncomfortable the week of my due date (back pain).

She is now 28 months. I just finished breastfeeding her in October. Came to the board wondering about post-coital spotting. We bd on Thursday & Friday & Saturday I've had one episode each day of pinkish spotting when I wipe (day 15). Weird cycle. 1st day of period was 1/20- ended about 7 days later & it seemed like I had EWCM then.

No use in testing for me with an HPT. Guess I'll call my OB on Monday if it persists since it is likely just related to bding not being pregnant. I hate being in limbo. My old mantra while trying to conceive was nothing means nothing & everything means nothing & everything could mean something. Pretty much every month for 5 years I had some symptom teasing me into thinking I was pregnant. Then when I finally did get pregnant I never noticed & blew them all off because so many times those same symptoms meant NOTHING. The real kicker was the multiple BFN when I was 7 & 10 wks pregnant!

Lyn n


Hello everyone...THIS IS LONG I KNOW!!!! READ PLEASE!!!! My name is Andreia Iím 18 years old. Wow where to begin...That last time I had an AF was around November 15th. (I donít remember the EXACT date) but I know it was somewhere around that time. I skipped December (I was stressed and just started a new job. and this was the ONLY time I had ever skipped one)...I had unprotected sex with my partner on Jan 14th. I FELT my period coming on that week of 1/15-1/19, but nothing... I never get pre-spotting or cramps...just sore boobs. So everything that is going on with me is VERY out of the ordinary.

On 1/19 I woke up to what I THOUGHT was my period. I went ahead put on a pad, took some Aleve (to avoid those atrocious cramps) and went to sleep. I woke back up about 3 hours later...went to the bathroom, and just TWO little brownish spots...Iím like ok...thatís not my period. SOMETHING made me go on one of these baby sites, and found that "spotting" could be "implantation bleeding". I'm like hmmmmmm...(MAJOR ALARM WENT OFF IN MY HEAD). So from 1/19-1/20 I had these VERY, VERY light cramps. They stopped before the morning of 1/21, but the light bleeding was still going on...(PINKISH when I wiped), but not enough for a tampon or pad...Thatís when I took my first HPT. I took it around 11:30pm...BFN!!! So I took another one with first morning urine on 1/22ÖBFN!! So Iím like mind is playing tricks on me.

Around 2am on 1/23 I had the urge to vomit. And I did. (I wasnít sure if it was the taco bueno I had just eaten or something else lol)...I did again that day...and the nauseating feeling continues... THEN!!! On 1/24--I start getting "cold like" symptoms...stuffy nose...coughing... oh and I CANíT FORGET THOSE HEADACHES!! Which continued through 1/26. The spotting stopped on 1/28.

Now we are at 1/29 lie...between 12:30am and 3am.I had to pee like 15 times!!!!!!!!...And this still continues...not with that much intensity...but WAYYYYY more than usual. So that day I took a dollar tree HPT that afternoon...BFN!! Took an EPT HPT that nightÖBFN!! That day of 1/30 I took another EPT, BUT...I peed on the stick BEFORE I put it in the little clear blue digital thing, so instead of a result it said "see leaflet." My bad, I should have followed the directions. I took out the test strip and it had the faintest positive line, but I heard that might just be the LH hormone which clear blue detects. I went and bought 2 dollar tree HPTs and took them within minutes of each other..BFNS!!! I canít stop peeing on a stick!!!!! I think I need help.

So here we are...1/31 Iíve noticed an increase in appetite and THIRST...Iím feeling upper abdominal light pains...ULTRA GASSYÖI just cant stop farting!! And they're HUGE!!!!!! And no sign of AF anywhere...

*Sigh*...Iíve gotten used to the thought of being pregnant, but Iím a SODA FANATIC!!!! And because of this ďmight-beĒ baby Iíve cut it out of my diet completely...(MAJOR STEP FOR ME) I drink nothing but milk (WHICH I HATE) juice, and water...In my heart I feel I will be bringing a child into this world soon...but these HPTs are telling me otherwise...Iím not even sure when I OVULATED exactly, but Iíve seen some women didnít get BFPs until around 6-12 weeks, so it depends. Another thingÖthe night I would have conceived if I AM pregnant, my sister told me this past Sunday she had a dream about me having a little girl. According to the Chinese birth calendar I would be pregnant with a my dream I heard someone say I was due in October...weird coincidence??? Or my future??? I donít know...Iím going to test until 2/14...if no BFP or AF Iím going to the doc. Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!


Am I Pregnant???

My period is never regular. It's only been 32 days since my last period. My husband and I had sex during what I think was my ovulation time. Some of my symptoms are like normal PMS (I assume), but I don't really notice my PMS until the day before my period.

Anyway, last week my breasts were very sore, like they've never been before. Also, I've had some cramping, but it feels a little different than when I get my period. I've been feeling bloated and gassy, but I just don't know if it's what I've been eating the last couple of days or not.

We're planning on taking the preg. test this weekend. I just don't want to be disappointed if we're not pregnant, especially since I've had a few strange symptoms.


a miracle baby....again

Ok. It all started several years ago. I lost two babies in a row from miscarriage. I was so sad, my husband and I were just heartbroken. Eventually we healed and I ended up pregnant a few years later. At 22 weeks pregnant, I went to the dr. because I felt funny. I was 4 cm. dilated and nearly 90% effaced. We nearly lost the boy but miraculously he stayed in utero until 36 weeks. I had to have a cerclage.

Three Months later I got pregnant again, this time another high-risk ob. Again I had to be on drugs to prevent contractions from opening my cervix. Every week I had to drive for 1and 1/2 hours one-way to go to the high-risk dr. This baby was born on his due date. I had to have a c-section this time, as he was a big baby. I had my tubes tied, and never looked back.

My oldest is 20 months and a walking miracle; my youngest is seven months and chubby crawling miracle. I went to the dr. again this week because I have been sick lately. My breasts have been sore, I'm not regular anymore, I seem to get emotional over nothing and Iíve been getting headaches. What on earth could be wrong?

Iím Pregnant Again!!! Itís not an ectopic pregnancy; somehow I am having a miracle baby again!!! This one defied all the odds of being conceived, it also defied all the odds regarding the chances of being an ectopic pregnancy and now I am 5weeks 6days pregnant with my third baby, firmly planted in my uterus. By the way it was the naughty right ovary and tube that was the culprit!!

I am hoping for a girl this time. I will have Gabriel, Matthew and Elliana then!!!


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