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The first trimester of pregnancy is a time filled with excitement and celebration. But it can also be a period of difficult changes, both physical and emotional. From morning sickness to mood swings, the first trimester is unlike any other, and we at Pregnancy Stories want to hear about it! Keep us informed about your first pregnancy experiences, especially those pregnancy symptoms, fetal development, and, of course, your baby's first ultrasound! We can't wait to hear from you!

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A little About me!

Lets start at the beginning. When I was a senior in high school I had straight A's, a long time boyfriend and my life together. Then on winter break I went on vacation with my boyfriend and found out i was pregnant. I was only 17. I came home and told my mother and she freaked out. Together we told my father who was apposed to me have a baby and told me to get an abortion. My mother was really against that. So I was pulled every witch way. It was so bad that I moved into a homeless shelter for pregnant teens and dropped out of school. I got my GED and moved back home at 8 months pregnant. I ended up having a beautiful little boy on march 9 2004. A month to the day after I delivered my son, his father left us both. He just wasnt ready for fatherhood. I raised my son with my mothers help for a year before i sunk into a deep depression. My mother took my son so I could get help. A couple of months later i released him for adoption to my mother who could no longer have children. I later moved out of my moms and found a place of my own. I then went on a blind date with what I thought was a great guy. I didnt realized he was a drug dealer and a**hole. But before i knew it I was pregnant. When I told my mother she flipped out and refused to talk to me. My then boyfriend got into alot of trouble with the law and we went on the run when i was 5 months pregnant. I gave birth to my second son on September 6 2006 and i was still on the run. I didnt make it home till my son was 1 year old. When I made it back to my dads house I was 21. I felt bad for my sons dead beat dad and took him back. He continued to get into trouble and spent some time in jail. When he got out of jail in 2007 I got pregnant for the third time. I had my third son on November 3 2008, and I was making it on my own since my kids father was once again in jail. This time he was spending at least 4 years behind bars. I couldnt take it anymore and left him. So there i was a young single mother of two boys living in my own apartment and doing it on my own. I ended up meeting this great guy on the internet. He is 3 years older then me and a amazing single father to his now 7 year old daughter. We have been together for 2 years and is the only father my now 3 years old son knows. We are a very happy family of 5. We found out not to long ago that I am pregnant with a little girl. We are very excited to be expanding out family to 2 girls and 2 boys. We are planing on getting married later next year. I hope my story inspires young mothers to hang on, your prince charming might be looking for you.



i was 14 when i first started having sex, i'm now 15. i found i was pregnant 3 weeks after my Quinceniera.. i didnt really consider the guy i was seeing my boyfriend..i had a boyfriend and he still has a girlfriend but she lives in Mexico...and they havent really ever met in person but they have been dating for 3 months now..and i decided to dump my boyfriend because i didnt want to keep hurting him..and when i found out i was pregnant i told the guy and he said he was gonna be there for me and everything but not say he was the dad...or say we had anything to do with eachother that he was gonnla love the baby like no other but not to say he was the father cause you loves his girlfriend and doesnt wanna lose her but i ask myself how can you love someone and then be having sex and going out with someone else?? can you explain that to me please? im still going to school and i got a job at my uncles restaurant doesnt pay that good but atleast its something and he gives me some money every month even though i still dont have the baby...and the worst part is that my parents dint like the news of course which parents would at first now they support me but kicked me out of the house....and im now living with my friend and her family until the baby;s dad buys an apartmennt for me...


Was 17&pregnant

Hi. First of all, being 17 at the time I never knew that i would get pregnant. Until i found out i was 12 weeks. my boyfriend&I were a senior at the time. I had a strict mother also, but she wasn't around much during my junior&senior year. She was working at another place.But she was mad, but got over it when i found out i was having a boy! She always wanted a boy. But she had me and my sister. So i pretty much living alone. I started dating this guy in 8th grade but it was up&down most of that time. But i didn't start having sex until i was in 10th grade. By 12th grade, i was pregnant. I was scared, bcuz most story i've heard were teen becoming single parent with not support of their baby's father. Will eventually he had to know. He expect that i was pregnant. We both became teen parents and supported each other. He got a job after school. before my graduation, i had a beautiful son before mother's day. My mom was happy to have a grandson. I had great support in school. Today this day my son is 3 years old and i am 21&my man is 22. Were not yet married, but were already consider married. I am a full time student/mom/wife. my man works and soon going back to school to get his bachelor degree. Were planning to have another soon. But we decided to wait after he gets his bachelor degree. Marriage is on hold." It is hard work girl who think having sex is fun, but it comes with great responsibility when you find out your pregnant and after. There are many ways to prevent getting pregnant. Raising a child is expensive these day. Nothing is free! So protect yourself. Don't go thinking that getting pregnant is a way to have your man stay with you."


Unknowing and stuck

Well my name is Deja & I'm 16 years old . I'm a junior in highschool ad iguess you can say I'm inlove with a boy that I consider my bestfriend and other half. My babe and I have know eachother for almost 3 years now always hadda crush on eachother but recently started really taking our feeling seriously. Well you know things happened and we ended up having sex. Now I'm sitting here with nausea and bloating but I know my period is not for another week. My bestfried thinks I'm pregnant and babe has asked me if I'm pregnant I just Dont know if iam . My mother and I have talked about if I ever got pregnant in high school how she would be dissappointed but she would be there for me . I guess Ima just have to wait and see what this test says if I ever decide to take one. Keep you guys posted!

Deja :)

Dejaa boo

16 & scared

Hi everyone, my name is Daisha and I'm 16 and pregnant. My boyfriend Tyler and I have been together since august and yesterday I just found out I was pregnant. I didn't know how to tell my mom so I got my best friend Mia(who lives with me) to tell her. When I told my mom she said she already knew it and she was calm but was scared about telling my step- father. After dinner me my mom Mia and my aunt sat down and told him. She completely snapped on my mom blaming her and I felt horrible! Because this was not her fault it was Tyler and mines. I go to the doctors on dec. 14 that's my first app. I'm scared, what if I can't do this? What if I fail as being a mother at 16. My parents and Tyler parents both say they will help us as much as they can but they shouldn't have too. I don't want to give my baby away because then I will feel weak. And I feel I will make everyone suffer around me if I keep my baby. Me and Tyler want to keep it but on the tv shows it always talks about the parents breaking up and fighting. I'm just scared and don't know what to do. I love my child and Tyler and want what's best for us.



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