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The first trimester of pregnancy is a time filled with excitement and celebration. But it can also be a period of difficult changes, both physical and emotional. From morning sickness to mood swings, the first trimester is unlike any other, and we at Pregnancy Stories want to hear about it! Keep us informed about your first pregnancy experiences, especially those pregnancy symptoms, fetal development, and, of course, your baby's first ultrasound! We can't wait to hear from you!

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I wanted to be pregnant at 17 and I got there

I was 17, and in the 10th grade I was going out with my boyfriend Corey and still am; we were head over heels in love. It was our 9-month anniversary and I had started talking about kids a lot. I mean Iíve always loved kids so one night I talked to him over the phone for hours about how he feels about having a baby. Youíd think that a 16-year-old boy would never go for something like that. Well he said he would love to have a baby with me. We started having unprotected sex the next day.

About 2 weeks later I found out I was a week late on my period. I donít know what happened but a girl who wanted to become pregnant was scared. I talked to my boyfriend about 3 days later on our way to his house for thanksgiving. He asked me why I was crying about it when he thought that I wanted to be pregnant. I told him what I was thinking. You know how every thing kicks in: how can we afford to raise a kid? I was a waitress and he worked at a pizza parlor - thatís not that much income even when you put it together.

The next day I walked down to the Krogerís by my work to get a pregnancy test. The box had 3 of them inside. I went to work that day and took it there. They both came out positive. Then after work I took one at home and guess what? It was positive. I sent a text saying that I was pregnant. He was thrilled. I, on the other hand, was not at the time. You see I lived with just my dad and that was a rough thing to tell him. And of course I got kicked out. My boyfriend came and got me.

We then told his parents. They werenít too happy about it but they dealt with it the best way they could. So I moved in with my boyfriend and his family. I didnít speak to my dad until I was about 8 months pregnant. By this time I was really excited about the baby and so was every one else. Once my dad and I talked it over we forgave each other. Corey and I and his parents agreed to help us out as much as they could as long as we stayed in school.

I was 2 weeks past my due date when my water finally broke. The thing was my boyfriend and I had gone out to eat that night with a bunch of our friends. I was about 9 centimeters when we finally got to the hospital boy was I a mess! My boyfriendís friend had let us use his van since Coreyís car couldnít fit a 9-month over due pregnant lady in the back seat. So there I was in the back seat of a mini van with 5 or 6 of our friends trying to help me breath. I was in so much pain.

We got to the hospital safe and sound and my boyfriend stayed with me the whole time. He never took his eyes of mine while Coreyís parents and family and my dad and our friends were all outside in the waiting room. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl 9 pounds 8 ounces. That was about the worst pain I had ever been through but Iím glad I did it. Wouldnít change it for the world.

I'm 18 now and Corey and I are married. We both go to work and school full time and are working on trying to find a apartment so we can live together and be a normal family. Oh by the way, we are expecting our second child now. Iím about 3 months pregnant. So we have a 1 year old and one on the way and we couldnít be happier.


My Story as a 14 year old Mum

Iím 14 and I have a 9-week-old baby boy. I didnít have a boyfriend at the time I got pregnant but there was a lad that I was dead close with and we had been sleeping together for a few months before.

The first time we had sex it was just a fun thing to do but then our relationship grew stronger and even though we werenít going out everyone knew we were practically together. When I found out I was pregnant I was really scared to tell my parents because I didnít know what they were going to say. I told my best friend Danielle first and she encouraged me to be strong and tell my parents and Harri that I was expecting.

At first my parents were mad but then they sat me down and said that they were behind me 100% whatever I wanted to choose. Harri was scared of becoming a father but he said he didnít want to leave me on my own because he loved me. I gave birth to my baby boy with no complications and as soon as I held him in my arms I knew I had chosen the right thing to do by keeping him.

Iím not going to lie, itís hard work getting up early to look after him and have an education as well but Iím coping and I know I will because I have my family by my side and me and Harri are together now and we support each other and both look after our baby Leo.


Finally pregnant

I am very excited to finally be pregnant. Me and my husband have been trying for two years. So when my period didn't come I went to the health dept. to have a test. And when the nurse came in the room and said I was pregnant I about jumped with joy.

For everyone out there trying to get pregnant, my best advice is to stop trying so hard. When I finally gave up and was getting ready to start checking into fertility options is when it happened for me.

So best of luck to everyone that just can't get pregnant!!


Trying to get pregnant/feeling hopeless

Hi all I wrote several weeks ago to tell you all about the difficulties me and my husband were having getting pregnant, we have been trying for just under 1 year but are lucky enough to be blessed with a gorgeous little boy who was 2 past August, who also took about 1 year to conceive....... well we are so excited as we just found out this week that we are having a baby, a lovely little brother or sister for our lovely son.

I just want to say to all you lovely ladies out there please don't give up hope, and that I am thinking about you all. I know what it feels like to look at the stick month after month and only see 1 pink line when you just want 2 to be there, I actually screamed out for my husband 3 days ago when the test showed positive, he was in bed - it was 6am and I was in the toilet. I've had a good laugh telling my friends and family about it.

Another good omen I think is if you have a pram lying around the house, get rid of it. I gave mine to my friend as she just had a baby 1 month ago and then low and behold as soon as it was gone I fall pregnant.... strange!! Maybe it's me just being crazy though!!! Good luck girls am thinking and praying for you all.


Pregnancy Tests are someting else!!

I am a mother to a beautiful 1 year old boy. He is a joy to have around. I always told myself that I did not want to have anymore children for another 4-5 years. So here I am a 22 year old mother that has completely changed her mind. I am not having sex with my partner to purposely get pregnant. However I can't help it think how lovely it would be to have another. So anyway to the interesting stuff...

My sweetie and I ALWAYS have un-protected sex. I have never been on birth control. So the chances of a pregnancy are high. It is now the 19th of November and even though I have not missed my period yet... I have a gut feeling. My period is very irregular and we still have about 12 days for the month to be over, so it is a 50/50 chance. The reason I think this is because I have so many symptoms. I wake up in the morning and I am dizzy and I feel like throwing up. Also my breasts are completely sore and tender. They actually hurt!! I feel ill, just not myself. So I tell myself that the symptoms are there, I just need to confirm.

So today I go to the store to buy a pregnancy test. I was very nervous as I was opening up the package while sitting on the toilet ready to go. I followed the instructions very carefully. Then I waited and waited and it read "Negative". I told myself that it may be too soon to take the test. Or maybe I am just hoping too much and blowing things out of the necessary. Whatever the case may be, I feel symptoms and I have a gut feeling. I guess I shall just wait and wait for the news.....

- Lorayne


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