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The first trimester of pregnancy is a time filled with excitement and celebration. But it can also be a period of difficult changes, both physical and emotional. From morning sickness to mood swings, the first trimester is unlike any other, and we at Pregnancy Stories want to hear about it! Keep us informed about your first pregnancy experiences, especially those pregnancy symptoms, fetal development, and, of course, your baby's first ultrasound! We can't wait to hear from you!

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Jayden Luis Rosario

My name is Anamarie Colon. I am 16 years old and when I figured out I was pregnant I thought my world had ended and that my mom was going to kill me. See it all started when me and my baby dad Luis first meet through one of my good friends. We always talked over the phone and if we were talking over the phone we were texting each other but there was only one problem - our AGE! See Luis is 24 and I'm 16 and no one wanted our love to grow so my family did everything they did to keep us from seeing each other!

So one day he told me that I should run away with him and me being blind and not realizing what I was doing I ran away for 2 weeks while I was having the best time of my life with the love of my life my mom was suffering not knowing where I was and the first thing that came to her mind was that I was dead! What she didn't know was that I was alive and healthy! See my mom finally found out that I was with Luis and one of my good friends and her boyfriend. She started figuring out where we were at and the more she searched the closer she got. Me and Luis were getting very scared cause my mom found out where his mother lived and threatened her that if I didn't come home she was going to get the cops to arrest him for kidnapping.

So I ended up calling my mom and crying over the phone telling her that I loved him and if anything happened to him I would kill myself because I can't be without him but my mom told me that if I went home she would forget the whole thing and not press charges on him. So I went home and she cried and I cried and told her I would never do it again Boy I was wrong! See 2 weeks went by and I was supposed to get my period and I didn't. I was starting to get a little worried cause that has never happened to me and then a friend of mine told me about a place called planned parent hood and they gave free pregnancy tests so I just went to see if that was why I hadn't have got my period.

While I was sitting there the thought going through my head was " I can't be pregnant I just can't, my mom would kill me!" Then I hear my name being called by a nurse. She tells me to go into one of the rooms and a doctor comes in and tells me "Congrats, you're pregnant". I began to cry and mumble "my mom's going to kill me" then she handed me a packet of papers and told me that she wished me luck!! Then I called Luis and told him that I was pregnant and he got very happy and started telling everyone but then he heard me crying and asked what's wrong and I told me what's wrong. My moms going to kill me I told him! He said something that I never thought I would do again but I was so scared that my mom was going to kill me that I left with him again and my mom this time wasn't crying she went straight to the police and told them that he kidnapped me from school but what she didn't know that I was having his baby.

Well it didn't take her longer then a week to find me again. When I got home all I heard her keep yelling was, "why Ana why!" I got so mad and yelled back "Because I'm pregnant mom! I'm pregnant and I'm very scared!" She stopped everything she was doing and stood there and stared at me and said, "I knew something was wrong with you but I never thought it would be that." As she said that I began to cry and told her that I was very scared. Then she told me to sit down because we need to talk.

So we sat down and my mom told me something that changed my whole mood. She said that I should have an abortion. I stood up and started yelling "what do you mean abortion! I would never kill this child it is not the child's fault and I could never do that! I can't believe that you would bring that up!" Then I ran upstairs crying. My mom came after me and said she was sorry and that we were in over our heads but she didn't care she was a grandma. Now I'm 9 months and I'm 9 days away from my due date and I'm having a baby boy and I can't wait till I get to hold him in my arms!

Anamarie Colon

I might be?

I have been having what feel like pregnancy symptoms but I just am not sure. I am on the BC pill but in the last few months I have missed a few here and there. I have been on the pill for 10 years and have never had a scare. The first thing I noticed was that my nipples felt really sore. Then I started to feel cramps about a week before my period was supposed to start. Then I felt like I was feeling a little nauseous a few times right before I went to bed. I am still cramping but now I am wondering if it just gas...

Usually about a week before my period starts I get very PMS-y (irritable, depressed) and I didn't have that this week. Also, I never cramps until the day I am going to start my period and then I don't have it again. I have felt crampy for about a week now off and on. I just can't tell. I am supposed to start my period this week but I am nervous that I might have one anyway because of being on the pill. I am old enough and am married but we have only been married for 6 months.



Well, so much for keeping my hopes up.... This morning my temperature went up- quite nicely, and that's rare- so I got a bit excited. Its just 9 days after O. But my temps always stay a bit low, so today's temp was such a surprise, and I was like "hmm, maybe there is some hope after all"... 4-5 days to go. ))))

And now I go to the bathroom, and there is this spotting nightmare again!!!! I got angrier than disappointed, because this is just my 9th day! And in my case, once the spotting comes, no matter how light, there is no hope. AF is sure to follow. Why does everything has to be spoiled time after time? And I did everything I could this month and my DH, too.... What a day!!!!


em I pregnant

I been trying to get pregnant for about 7 months now! First I was using the patch and I've been off for 7 months.... on the six moth I got my regular period witch is 28 days ... when my period end on the 14 day I starded spoting for just one time .... it was pink.... and it did the same for the next day.... on the 7th month again got my 28 regular period and I starded getting crams on the 16 day and starting bleeding like a period but short and weird.... I need help people say I'm preagnant but don't now does somebody nows if I might be pregnant please! I would be more gladly to be



I had unprotected sex 14 days exactly before my expected period. It was not a planned thing so I took the Emergency Contraceptive Pill and I just was freakin out about on the pill for the first time..but thankfully my period came when it was expected, only it was very different and only lasted 5 days and normally i last 6-7 days..and I feel bloated and my belly is bigger..I have taken two tests and they are negative..i also got on the pill for the first time to protect myself. My boobs hurt like no other and I just feel like shit..could it be that I didnt have enough levels of HCG or is it the combination of EC pill and my new birth control pills playing tricks on period is due in 13 days and I feel like crap...Im sooo worried!!!!!!!! Please respond to my story!!! I can't have a baby right now..I am too young..:( :(


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