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The first trimester of pregnancy is a time filled with excitement and celebration. But it can also be a period of difficult changes, both physical and emotional. From morning sickness to mood swings, the first trimester is unlike any other, and we at Pregnancy Stories want to hear about it! Keep us informed about your first pregnancy experiences, especially those pregnancy symptoms, fetal development, and, of course, your baby's first ultrasound! We can't wait to hear from you!

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a hard descion to make,as a teenager

so i am in high and my boyfriend have been together for 6 months. he is a senior and i am a junior. i knew that i loved him after our first all started when we had our first pregancy scare,our 3 month into our relationship. we felt scared, stressed out, and felt distant from each was the worst feeling i had in my whole life.but soon after it was negative.we had 5 more scares after that.and then we decided no more sex for a whille.then our problems went away.soon after that things went back to nomal.we had our up and downs, but he proved that he will stay with me no matter what and hes still proving his love to me.til now. we are in a another scare,but we are more certain about this.i know that im pregant,you just know.But theres a big problem i dont believe in abortation. I can not kill an inoccent,unborn child. But he does believe in abortation. He says that he will stick with me no matte what desscion i make. Lets see if he does truly love me. I just hopeing im making the right desscion,by keeping it.


The Story of a Future Mommy

I recently found out i was pregnant. My period didnt come after one week and so my boyfriend suggested i take a pregnancy test. Well i had a really good feeling i was anyways mainly because i have been feeling really nauseus and sick. Ive been going to sleep really early too and waking up late and ive been having cramps on my sides. The first pregnancy test i took was by myself, my boyfriend got it for me and i took it at home like around 11 pm. It came out positive and when i told my boyfriend it wasnt that difficult. Me and he are really close and we care about each other so much. He told me he would always be there for me and i hope he keeps his promise. He always tries to comfort me and in the mornings when i wake up feeling nauseus i always call him and hes always there for me. I think im about 3 weeks pregnant now. We told my boyfriends mom first because shes been through this kind of stuff and she understands me. It wasnt hard to talk to her and im hoping it goes the same way with my mom. I want to tell her first by myself because i trust her. Im an only child though, her only daughter, and i know shes gonna be dissapointed and upset but im hoping she still sticks by my side and helps me. I need her right now so much. Then i really dont know how im going to tell my dad. Hes difficult and its going to be so much harder. Im really scared... I have only told one friend about this. Shes going through the same thing i was going when my period didnt come the day it should. Shes freaking out but im praying for her and for me too. I dont want to abort or do adoption. I want to keep it no matter what happens. Even though im scared i need to take responsibility for my own actions and thats what im going to do. Its time for me to grow up but it will do me good. Im the kind of person nobody expected to get pregnant. In school if you ask about me they would say.. "Oh Jessica shes such a sweetheart she wouldnt do that", so yeah im scared of what people will say once i start showing. So far though i dont want nobody to know, i mean its none of their business.. Im happy though and im excited and i cant wait to be a mommy. Just thinking about it makes me smile (:


feeling pregnant

Hi good day! Call me elyse. I am 18 years of age and this is my story. I got admitted because of UTI, before I got admitted, I just had a contact with my lover 4 days after my menstration and we didnt do withdrawal. after a week happened I went to my obygne to check why it hurts during I urinate, She checked me and told me Im on a menstration, and I got shocked because I just done my period a week ago. (the uti thing is not included to my unsure pregnancy problem). So I went home, I noticed I just dont feel anything bout my menstration like the usual menstration that I had before, and It was just a spot and brown color. When I got admitted the doctor told me maybe that I am pregnant and she wants me to have a ultrasound but I didnt agreed. So a week after I checked out, I had pregnancy test and its negative. But after 2 weeks I feel like always tired, my lower back aches, vomitting, I easly mad, bigger abdomen and a line below the core. So I do research for it, I read some article about PRESUMPTIVE, says a suggestive symptoms into a pregnancy but doesnt means or tells a woman that is pregnant. So I decided to not to take pregnancy test. I really wanted to know whats happening to me, I couldnt see an obygne because Im afraid that my mom will know about this. Please help me. Thanks!


I Am I Really!?

I'm Anyssa a 17 year old senior. Even though babies are the cutest things I wasnt planning to have any till after college. But I suppose Fate couldnt wait and a few short weeks ago I found out that I am pregnant. My boyfriend of only 4 months has been extremely supportive. I stress about telling my family more than anything else!! Im only about a month and dont know how I should tell them. Whats worse is that my family has Never met my partner.
I come from a "Broken Family" and I want our to hav what I didnt.
I know that i have it in me to parent. I know my partner has it in him to be a man and support the baby and myself.
Wish me luck;


bundle of joy

things happen so fast that is so hard for me to actually believe my life right now! i was 15 when i met Charlie, it was very akward the way we met but thats another story! after i met him my life changed so much he because my only friend and basically my every everything, he is 4 years older than me and thats one of the reasons why my mom didnt like him for me, another one is because we lived 3 hours away from each other! i usually wen there very often because part of my family lives there. My mother didnt really kno him well although we had a year dating by my 16th birthday. we was very tired of being apart and i felt that if things were like that we eventually were going to brak up! i was not yet sexually active, he was very respectful towars me and never forced me to do anything! after i was done with school we planned for me to go and live with him without telling anyone and i did it the next year i was going to graduate so i didnt see any problem with it! i left and all my family was against me (they didnt talk to me at all, and one of the reasons why i left was because i couldnt stand living with them anymore)... things were okay in his apartment but than we decided to come back to my family so that i could finish school here! after a while we had problems with my family again (they just didnt like him..) we left to another place and came back when i was almost graduating! it was a month until i was almost done with school that i went to the hospital and they told us i was pregnant, i was 21 weeks and it was a baby girl we even seen her that day to see if she was alright because i didnt have no signs of pregnancy, no belly and my back was in constant pain! the pregnancy went by pretty fast and i had my BUNDLE OF JOY when i was 8th months along! she was very healthy and her father has been with me all along! i dont think i could ever find such a good man that not only respects me but loves me! Her name is Liah and shes the most wondeful thing that has ver happen to me, shes now 5 monts old and im on my way to go to college..i am 17 and i took the best out of it! girls be stong and never give up on ur life or ur baby because u dont know why good gave u such a blessing!


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