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The first trimester of pregnancy is a time filled with excitement and celebration. But it can also be a period of difficult changes, both physical and emotional. From morning sickness to mood swings, the first trimester is unlike any other, and we at Pregnancy Stories want to hear about it! Keep us informed about your first pregnancy experiences, especially those pregnancy symptoms, fetal development, and, of course, your baby's first ultrasound! We can't wait to hear from you!

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I think I am, I think I am,.....

Sometimes i think that you hope so hard that you are pregnant that you almost invent these side affects in your on head. I hope this is not the case for me this time. I have had tender breasts, my husband said they looked huge last night, and I have had the wost heart burn ever. Even first thing in the morning. I have been kind of emotional but I am thinking part of it is just being stressed out from work. I guess we will see! I honestly can't remember the first day of my last period. I guess I will have to wait it out!

Well see..


We'll see

My husband and I had been deciding to wait to have children until after we bought a house. Then earlier this month he got it in his head that we should "make a baby." I am all for it, I've had baby fever for about 3 years now. So we will see if we have made one. If I'm not pregnant then I'm going to go back on the birth control I had been taking, and we will wait as origionally planned.

I don't think I will be, which will make me a little sad. But, I know when the time is right we will be blessed.


Could I be pregnant

Well, this is my first time posting here and I'm so confused. First of all, I'm a woman of faith and I love God. Secondly, I'm a 33 year old mother of two, a fourteen year old son and a thirteen year old daughter. I've been blessed of God with a loving, caring, sweet, and compassionate husband and best friend for sixteen years. Well about nine years ago my husband and I decided that it was time to add an addition to our family. We wanted to start trying to conceive. I assumed that since I already had children that it wouldn't be that difficult to conceive again. Boy was I ever wrong. I was on birth control pills to regulate my menstrual cycle for about three months before we decided to try for another child and I was told that it would most likely take up to a year to get pregant again. That wasn't true at all. In 2000, I decided to start buying and collecting baby boy clothing (since I was believing God for a boy). Well, it's now 2006 and I've purchased well over 150 outfits (obsessed) yeah, I know. I have it really bad. Anyway, we tried and tried, we prayed and prayed and nothing. Every month I prayed and hoped that I would get a positive result but to no avail. For the past three months my menstrual cycle started to come on the 17th and this was really unusual because it had been irregular for the past nine years. My husband stated that maybe it was trying to prepare me for the possibility of pregnancy. Yeah right, I thought to my self. I told him that it would take a miracle and I wasn't going to get my hopes up. Still praying that God would have mercy and bless my womb. Last month my in-laws took our family out to eat. I didn't eat much since I was already feeling queasy (was feeling that way two week prior, didn't think anything of it). We ate and I became very nauseous. Anyway, I ended up vomiting everything that I had eaten and being advised by listeners in the restroom that I should take a HPT or see a doctor. I replied, yeah right. I just ate too much. To make a very long story shorter. Okay, on Saturday, I decided to take a HPT. Negative. Alright, I'll just try again next month. No, I'm giving up and I'm going to sell all of the clothes, shoes, blankets and towels that I purchased because I can't take the disappoint anymore. (yeah right) On Wednesday, October 17 2006 after not being able to finish breakfast because I felt as though I was going to vomit my intestines I decided to take a trip to the bathroom. While in my bathroom, I decide to have a little conversation with God about taking another test while staring at the testing strip. I said, " Lord, if you don't want me to take this test, I will not take this test. I will listen to what you tell me. Well, this little voice inside me tells me to take the test. Okay, I'm going to take this test but I'm tired of seeing "negatives" I followed the instructions as usual. Urine in the cup, dip the test stick in the urine for three seconds, and lay test strip on flat surface. Well, while I was walking over to the sink to lay the test strip down the first line appeared which was the line that shows that the test is working and that I wasted another test ( I purchased 10 and was on number 7) because I only saw one line but before I could place the test on the countertop another light pink line started to develop. Now, I'm thinking that the test is defective. The second line kept getting darker, so I started screaming oh my god, oh my god. So of course my husband who is in the bed jumps out of bed and comes rushing in the bathroom in a panic. I told him to look on the counter and to tell me what he saw but he was speechless and all grins. There it was "two" I repeat two pink lines of course the second line was lighter than the first but still trying to get darker. I asked him how could this have happened (stupid of me) and he just stared at me surprised and in shock. Yes, it was a positive result after nine long and depressing years of trying to conceive. So of course I can't wait any longer to share the news. I called everyone that I knew and told them that we were expecting and of course everyone was just as shocked with disbelief as we were. But that's the good news. This morning just to be sure that I wasn't halucinating yesterday. I decided to test again and what a nightmare, "Negative" now I'm confused. Yesterday the test clearly showed two lines that we both saw and this morning, only one line. What is going on? I was told that the second test was most likely negative due to my history of low hormonal levels. I am so confused right now and I'm feeling pretty stupid, since I've already told our family and friends that I'm pregnant. What is really going on? I haven't taken any meds or shots? I'm praying that it's only low hormonal levels. I want to be pregnant. God knows that I've waited long enough and I don't need the disappoint again or the stress. I want to wait and test again before I anounce that I'm not pregnant or make a doctor's appointment. Can someone tell me what's really going on with my body? Thank you all for reading this very long post. May God abundantly bless each and every one of you.


still trying...

My husband and I decided to start trying to conceive a baby right after our wedding, that was 7 months ago. Every month I waited expectantly, but there it was, the period never failed to come right on time... last month I was late one week. Everyday of that week I looked for possible symptoms, but I told myself that I was going to wait for one week before taking the test. On the day that I was going to take the test, I had my period. I was very dissapointed, to tell you the truth... that was last month. I have gotten over it now and I am ready to try again! It is really great to read your stories and to know that one is not alone in this quest!


Desperately hoping

Well where do i start, here is our story.

My partner and i have been together for nearly 4 yrs now and have been TTC since Feb 05 and have had nothing but heartache ever since, i came off the the pill dec 04 and we knew that it could take a few months for it to leave my system, eventually Feb arrived and went without any good news as did mar, apr, may, ect.

In aug 05 i was taken into hospital with severe stomach pains and it was suspected to be an appendicitis, i was taken down for an internal scan, the doc came to see me with my results he eventually got round to telling me what the problem was it turned out that i had holes in my uterus!! He then informed me that this would not be a problem for having children, it felt like such a relief!!

It had now been 1year since coming off the pill and still nothing!! I went to my GP and explained that we were TTC, he told me to return in feb 06 if nothing had happened but before i left i mentioned about the holes in my uterus and asked if he thought they were a problem, he then went on to explain to me something that the other doc hadnt, he told me that i also had a bicornuate uterus which means i have a heart shaped uterus and that my overies were also enlarged.

Eventually i was refered to a gynacologist who went on to refer me to the infertility clinic, once there bloods were taken tests were and was then told the news i didnt want to hear "i wasn't ovulating properly".

I am now taking clomid to try and resolve this problem, i have already taken my 2nd course, i always start my period a few days before it is due, my last period was on the 19th Sep and i have still not had my period, i am feeling different but it can be related to anything, i want to hang of aslong as possible so i have a more chance of a possitive result.

I so want to be pregnant before my 21st birthday!!!

Sarah, Scotland

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