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The first trimester of pregnancy is a time filled with excitement and celebration. But it can also be a period of difficult changes, both physical and emotional. From morning sickness to mood swings, the first trimester is unlike any other, and we at Pregnancy Stories want to hear about it! Keep us informed about your first pregnancy experiences, especially those pregnancy symptoms, fetal development, and, of course, your baby's first ultrasound! We can't wait to hear from you!

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a miracle

I had been trying to get pregnant for eight years. I went through all kinds of testing and everything came back ok. No reason for why I couldn't concieve except that my cervical mucus was thick.So, my gyn referred me to a infertilty doc.

I started taking clomid, been taking it for about one year already,infertilty doc went up on the mg. Every month for six months I done iui,but nothing. Doc told me he would refer me to another doc,but by then I had just given up. I went to my last appointment in Nov.03 and since nothing happened. I decided to give up and said if it happens it happens. I left it in Gods hands. I already had irregular periods so once I stopped the clomid i didn't have a period for six months.

In April of 04 i had a period and didn't think nothing about it.Well to make a long story shorter I got very sick had flu like sypmtoms vomiting all day long.I went to the doc and to come and find out I was six weeks pregnant.Now thats what I call a miracle.

Now I have a beautiful,healthy 18 month old boy. My advice to all, leave it in Gods hands he knows what he is doing. Give up it will happen if it is meant to happen.



My husband and I have a 5 yr old and we have been trying to get pregnant for a while.

My period us due tomorrow but in many ways I feel different this month. My breast are so much tender, they tingle and feel bigger. However sometimes I get this feeling that my period is actually here....

I hope that this is it. One more day to go.



crazy turn of fate

Well this really just happened a couple of weeks ago. But this is how it starts :

I am 21 and my boyfriend is also 21. we got together when we were 16 and have been together for 5 years, we have lived together for 4 years and 8 months. well this past july was are 5 year and well we had a really good time that day and I had no clue ...

I got depressed and decided he needed to go somewhere for a while so in aug he left for florida by the end of august I was sick as a dog and thought I had the flu but my friend told me to get a pregnancy test I said that cant be I have started my period but it only lasted one day then 3 days later It started again but only lasted one day so I decided to take the test and low and behold positive I am now an expectant mother. all the tests I have took said positive and my boobs hurt so bad.

And of course my boyfriend is in florida trying to start a life for his soon to be family. I am not scared but the hand that I got dealt was some serious FATE.


Is it a plus sign?

My hubby and I have been at it like rabbits the past couple weeks. I have been feeling wierd. getting sick to my stomach, not wanting to eat, not finishing my food and I've been peeing in the middle of the night a couple of times when usually it would be once maybe never. So I took a test and it's the one that supposed to show a plus sign. I see one but the line behind is so light that I'm not sure. I ask my hubby and three other people and they say they see a fade blue line too! So the next morn I took the other one with the first morn urine. It came out negative. But the pacakage said that if I was too many days before my period that I might get a neg. So next week I'm suppsed to start.

I'm getting wierd pains in the tummy, tightness, mood swings and even small bumps on my boobs. I never get pimples on them and all of the sudden I have one on each????
I'm sooo hot at night. I never sleep with the covers on and I used t even if I was hot. I'm very tierd. I have been sleeping way more than usual.

I would be sooo happy if I were. We were not trying but if I was we would be happy! A baby would be wonderful right now if it was by accident bc we still want to wait a few years to actually plan a pregnancy!

Keep u posted.


It's Actually True?

When me and my husband got engaged, baby's immediately started dancing in my head. We talked about it and decided that after we got married we would started trying. That was Christmas of 05. After my 21 birthday at the end of January, he surprised me with using no protection whatsoever. I was so excited. Me being so young and him only 24, I thought we had probably already made that bundle of joy. I was heartbroken when my period came that next month. Then it was March, the month of my wedding and my period started the weekend before. I was sad, but it was on the backburner.

But for some reason, my period only lasted a day. We decided to buy a pregnancy test, the kind that says pregnant or not pregnant. My husband was holding the stick and he just turned and looked at me with shock. PREGNANT! I took another the next morning with the same results. Two days later I went to the doc to get a better test done. I was sitting with a big smile on my face when the nurse came in and said it was negetive. I called my husband, crying. He said that he would buy some more tests and I could take them when I was ready. I took two more that night and they both said positive.

i called the doc back and he was really confused, but asked for me to come back in. I did, and this time they got a faint positive. It took nine tests in all for me to convince myself that I actually was pregnant. I am now almost 28 weeks pregnant with a girl!

So for all those people who keep getting negetive results, sometimes they are wrong!


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