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The first trimester of pregnancy is a time filled with excitement and celebration. But it can also be a period of difficult changes, both physical and emotional. From morning sickness to mood swings, the first trimester is unlike any other, and we at Pregnancy Stories want to hear about it! Keep us informed about your first pregnancy experiences, especially those pregnancy symptoms, fetal development, and, of course, your baby's first ultrasound! We can't wait to hear from you!

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I dont know what to think

About a year ago, about two weeks before my period was due, I began having weird symptoms. At that time, I was around 4 pregnant co workers, and a best friend who was five months pregnant. out of my three best friends from high school, I am the only one not married with children. One has a baby, one has a almost two year old, and the other has two stepchildren. I feel kinda left out. Also, I'm the second oldest, at 21. The oldest is a coupla months older than me, and the other two are 19 and 20.
Anyway, back to my symptoms. My breasts were very sensitive, and every time I would walk into Hastings (a book, movie, videogame store) I would want to throw up. It had a weird smell to me. I worked part time at a hotel cleaning rooms at that time. My boss was trying to get pregnant, she already has two beautiful girls, they were trying for a boy. Well one day I was waiting for my check, when all of the sudden I felt extremely hot. I went outside thinking I needed fresh air. And it worked. Until I walked back inside. I immediatly went and threw up, and felt perfectly fine after that. I told my boyfriend of 4 years my symptoms, and he asked if I was pregnant. I told him I didn't know, but I felt weird, that my body was not my own, there was something, not wrong, but different. I talked to my mother, and asked her about her symptoms when she got pregnant with me. I did have my period but it was abmormal for me. usually I am 7 to 8 days long, with really heavy flow at the beginning, tapering off after the first two days, and then really light after just draggs, annoying as all getout. this period was only 4 days, with brownish really large clots. So I researched HPTs, and then went out and bought a one. Negative. I was advised by another friend with a three month old cute as button boy to take another one a week or so later, because her first HPT was negative...while her second was positive. So I did...still negative. Well, I forgot about the whole incident...until one day at work about 7 months and a coworker (who just had a baby) were talking about it, and she told me, it sounds like a miscarriage..and everything clicked. Me being me, I went and researched, and figured out that the signs I had were that of pregnancy and miscarriage. At most I was 10 days pregnant. I think back and wonder. I am again...almost a year later, and I'm having wierd symptoms again...probably nothing, but hey...maybe it's the water.

Instead of my whole chest being sore, it's just my nipples. And my skin is super sensitive, which only happens to me when my body is out of when I'm sick. But I'm not sick. I've had a little nausia the past two days, and a little light headedness...which never happens to me. I'm also about 3 days late with my period, (I never count for it, but I do write it down on my calander). And I'm having weird, one side then another cramps...but not really cramps. Just a little uncomfortableness. I haven't been on the pill since about March or so.

Just wanted to share my story...and it seems that if you want to get pregnant, move to where I live, everyone and their dog has been at least once! (humor :D)..

I'm trying to keep an open mind...either way, so I don't hurt myself if I'm not, but don't freak out if I do...



Miracles do happen!

I had two children with NO complications by age 20 (now 30) but in a horrible relationship. Since - I have had 2 miscarriages, 2 tubals and with that 1 tube removed, and a blighted ovum just 9 months ago and had to have a D & C. My LMP was 05/08/06 and I am now 9 weeks prego! I have had multiple ultrasounds and the heartbeat is strong. I still cannot believe it because I've never made it this far but I have faith and it is the ONLY thing (aside from my husband - together for 6 years and he has no children) that is keeping me from going insane just wanting to rush this through so that I KNOW nothing will go wrong. Have faith and don't give up - Miracles do happen!


Update: Pregnant after Loss of Twins

Have hope ladies! I took my HPT (4 of them, actually, haha) and POSITIVE!



My husband and I have been TTC for the past two months. I was on the pill for 15 years. I went off the pill in Feb. The reason I was on the pill to begin with was because my periods were irregular. So far since I have been off the pill they have been pretty regular. Sometimes my cycle might be a week longer, but I have continued to have a period. My last period lasted for 5 days, but it was fairly light. I should have been ovulating this past week on Tuesday. On Friday I started bleeding, just like I was having my period again. It is Sunday now and I am still bleeding. I am just not sure what is going on.


Pregnant after Loss of twins

About 1 1/2 years ago I was pregnant with twins, a boy and a girl. When I was 6 months, I went into labor. My little girl was stillborn and my son lived for 3 days. It took me a long time to feel ready for another go-round.
My sweetie and I have been trying for 3 months now and I am 11 post-ovulation and waiting to take the test! I already have a few symptoms, so I am hoping that it's positive!


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