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The first trimester of pregnancy is a time filled with excitement and celebration. But it can also be a period of difficult changes, both physical and emotional. From morning sickness to mood swings, the first trimester is unlike any other, and we at Pregnancy Stories want to hear about it! Keep us informed about your first pregnancy experiences, especially those pregnancy symptoms, fetal development, and, of course, your baby's first ultrasound! We can't wait to hear from you!

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Am I?

Well I'm 21 and have been married for one year and nine months now. Ever since I was a baby myself, I had imagined getting pregnant right after getting married. As soon as I got married, though, my husband and myself decided that we were too young to have a baby right now; we would wait awhile. We managed to wait all of six months. I always thought that it would be so easy considering my mum got pregnant a month after getting married and my only sibling my brother and his wife were pregnant a month after they got married also. Well I guess I was different!

Eight months after trying, I got my period heavier then usual. My period has always been on time and never for more then six days. Well, this time I had the most awful cramps and aching stomache. My period stopped at day seven but then the next morning that I woke up it had started again. It was really watery and smelled different. The period continued and by day ten I was so worried. I told my best friend and her advice was to not be worried because she sometimes had the same thing and its just the hormones. Well because of the sick feeling in my stomache, without telling anyone except my husband the reason, I went to the doctor the next day. The first thing that she made me do was the pregnancy test. I didnt think much about it and so I wasnt at all prepared for her to say that "um it says here that you are pregnant." She also said it in a worried voice. When I asked if she was sure she said that this test was 99.9% accurate. She planned a scan for me the next day which meant that I had to rush home after completing my university exam to the doctor.

Well the scan was a depressing thing because nobody could give me a staight answer: it was either a very early pregnancy or I had a miscarrige because they couldnt see anything there. I also had a blood test and another pregnancy test a week later. Sadly both came back negative. The one thing that really angered me is that the doctor that was there at the time that the blood results came back which was different from the first doctor said that maybe I had never been pregnant! Sheeesh I mean nobody has agonising cramps and bleeds for 15 days can say that its nothing!

Anyway my husband was the most supportive thing; he was the one that calmed me down and said that'll happen when it happens. Well, its been six moths after my miscarriage and I have missed my period by a week. I'm also getting cramps, a sick feeling and light headedness. Oh and not to mention my trips to the loo in this freezing new zealand weather! So here's praying that I'll be able to shout the good news out soon!


Just Relax!

I am 25 and have been trying to conceive with my husband for over two years now. I have never had regular periods which makes it kind of hard to know when or if you ovulated and if your periods are really late. The one thing I really have to vent on here about is everyone telling me to relax. I really cant stand it one second longer and god help the next person who says just relax to my face.

After the endless negative pregnancy tests and every single month knowing you periods are late, but wondering if maybe they could actually be late for a reason. A few times my periods have been extra late and my body has gone through all the pregnancy symptoms only to let me down with a negative test. Why would your own body do that to you?

The other thing that gets to me is the fact that I keep seeing specialists who tell me that I'm young and I should just go and try for another six months and then come back, and on and on it goes until two and a half years later and I still haven gotten any where. I really don't think my age should in any way be an excuse for a doctor not to take me seriously.

I try so hard not to be bitter but it gets really hard at times. When everyone around you can fall pregnant within a couple of months of trying, and my 20yr old sister fell accidently, it really tests your patience. So if your reading this and you know someone who is having a hard time conceiving, please dont tell them just to relax!


TTC after Tubal Reversal

I had a tubal ligation in 1997 after my third child. On March 29th, 2006, I decided to have a tubal ligation reversal so my new husband could have a biological child of his own. We haven't been trying that long, and I had a chemical pregnancy last month, which was April, but at least I know I can get pregnant, and that feels great! Just to be whole again, and to know I can give this to my husband! I love it. I have to wait two weeks to POAS, so we'll see where we are from there!


third time is the charm

So I just stopped taking my birth control a month or so ago. Not that long. My mother warned me that I might get pregnant immediately, because she did. I didn't think so. My period is irratic and generally hateful. I wasn't expecting anything until at least two months later.

Well I started getting tired. Very tired. My husband insisted I try an EPT. It was way early, but I did it and it was negative. Well, I missed my period. But I figured that it might be the birth control so I didn't worry about it to much. About midweek I tried another EPT and it was negative.

So yesterday I was sick. Sick for the third day in a row. As I lay on our bed trying to talk myself into getting up, my husband told me to go ahead and take the third test. (We had two to a package and one was used a while back) So I got up and went in and did it. He wandered off. I waited and waited and HOLY... It was positive.

My husband and I haven't stopped grinning yet. I go to the doctor sometime this week.



Hi, my name is Melodi. I am 41 years old. I had my tubes untied March 24th of this year. My husband of 6 years has never had children of his own. He helps me raise my 2 daughters, 19 and 12. Last December he tells me he would really like to have a baby with me.

So here I am on my second month being able to concieve. I am waiting for my monthly, due friday May 26th. I have the advantage of knowing I ovulated, I got a positive on a ovulation test. But, here's the catch.....

The surgeon was only able to rapair one tube, and I have no idea which side I ovulated on. So here I am sore breasts, bloated and crampy wondering why pregnancy and aunt flo have the same symtoms? I think I feel pregnant, but it has been a long time. I thought I was last month too, I ended up taking 3 tests, just to make sure and then my period showed so I felt secure I was not. I was a mess emotionally.

I am doing better this month. I keep telling myself to remember that it took me 9 months with my 12 year old to get pregnant, and if I had gotten pregnant any sooner I wouldn't have her, I'd have a different child. So I relized I'll be patient and God will give us a child if it is meant to be.

So back to symtoms, I have sore, tender, tingly breasts. Also I feel very bloated which makes my back ache. I have these twinges that progress into crampy feelings all day. I have 5 days of mental tennis-- am I ? am I not? back and forth over and over. Thanks for listening. God bless.


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