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The first trimester of pregnancy is a time filled with excitement and celebration. But it can also be a period of difficult changes, both physical and emotional. From morning sickness to mood swings, the first trimester is unlike any other, and we at Pregnancy Stories want to hear about it! Keep us informed about your first pregnancy experiences, especially those pregnancy symptoms, fetal development, and, of course, your baby's first ultrasound! We can't wait to hear from you!

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trying to get pregnant

My husband and i have had difficult pasts with our exes and when we met our lives took a total turn. My husband had a vasectomy almost 2 years ago. when we met he got a reversal done. now we are waiting to go and get his sperm count.

I have been pregnant twice but i lost my second child i think due to stress from my ex. It was the worst feeling in the world. We now are hoping that this reversal worked to bring a child into this world to be loved and bring us great joy.


My Husband and I want a little bundle of joy!!

I am having a difficult time getting pregnant. I am a mom to a wonderful, and energtic 3 year old boy, and it was only a month the first time my ex and i did something when i found out i was pregnant with him. I know it's only been 2 months since we (my husband and i) started to try, but you know that feeling you get when you feel like something else is missing? Well i feel the same way again like I did the first time before I had my son.

I want to have another child to love as my first-born, and so I can give him a sibling. I just got married 2 months ago, and my husband loves my son as if he were really his, but sometimes i can see that look in his eyes, that he wants to have his own blood child. My husband says not to worry, i will get pregnant soon.

When God says it's time, then it's time, that he must see something wrong with our lives, but i don't know how long i can wait. I tell myself not to get my hopes up, but for the past 2 months, every time i get my visitor, it's a huge disapointment. Now i am coming up on my visitor again in another week, and i am going to take a pt next week and hope for the best.

I hope and pray every night that God bless me again with a healthy child. I hope all of you will pray for my husband and i.


Hang in there

I can relate to all who are getting frustrated. My hubby and I have been married for almost 8 years. 6 yrs ago we started trying for a baby. After 3 yrs we found help. We were put on clomid and got preg, and shortly after found out we miscarried.

Three more years went by, three painful (emotional and physical) years, years of fertility drugs, shots, ultrasounds, iui's and nothing.

In feb of this year my hubby and I bought the ClearPlan easy fertility monitor, we figured what the hell. We used it for 1 month, and this month I did a hpt to get a positive, went to the drs and it was positive. We are excited, but understandably nervous. So now the drs are monitoring us close with my hcg levels and what not.

Everyone hang in there!!!!!!!! And I highly recommend that machine -- it's well worth the money!!!!!!!! Good luck to all!!



I really want another baby!!

I know that I'm not infertile. I just seems that it's very difficult for me to become pregnant. My boyfriend and I had stopped using protection about 7months ago, and evey month, when I feel the 'pregnancy symptoms' I'm always disappointed when my period comes. I already have a beautiful little girl, Kylah, from a previous relationship, but I'm having trouble getting pregnant this time. I feel blessed to have been able to have my baby girl, but now I ask myself, "Was she my miracle baby?" "Will I ever have another baby?" I don't know why, even though my husband isn't ready for another child right now, I desperately want another baby. Thogh I feel these symptoms, I'm becoming more convinced that, (as my husband puts it) 'it's all in my head.'

Paula J

Waiting for my little Angel

Hello to every single woman trying to get pregnent but I must tell you be patient and hope for the best and for the right time. Before trying to get get pregnant my thinking was so different that as soon when I will try to get pregnant it will not take time because i am not taking birth control so what so difficult to get pregnant I thouht only those face late pregnancy who takes birth control but I was so wrong its been two months I am trying last time I had a negative pregnancy test and that was really very hard to wait i am trying for two months and its like more than a year to me I used to cry and pray all the time that God please this time dont make me dissappointed my next period date is coming close and i am praying that may I will have a positve test .I will pray for every person trying but hope for the best and there always right time for right thing.


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