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The first trimester of pregnancy is a time filled with excitement and celebration. But it can also be a period of difficult changes, both physical and emotional. From morning sickness to mood swings, the first trimester is unlike any other, and we at Pregnancy Stories want to hear about it! Keep us informed about your first pregnancy experiences, especially those pregnancy symptoms, fetal development, and, of course, your baby's first ultrasound! We can't wait to hear from you!

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journey of anticipation

i have no idea what to say, i just need to say something. i desperately want to talk to my sister right now but she's away on holiday.

i just returned home from the other side of the planet. i was overseas with the intentions of marrying my fiance of two years when i became sick. having a serious blood disorder that nearly claimed my life just one year ago, i had initially felt maybe i was pregnant, but after getting my period two weeks later than it should be, in my emotional state, i started freaking out thinking that maybe it was an indication that my periods had become irregular from my blood disorder and i'd end up discovering i was becoming infertile at 22. having wanted a baby since i was still a baby myself, it was the scariest thing i could imagine... but i realized that what i thought was my period wasn't like usual. not only was it late, i was very sick for two weeks leading up to it, as well as the week of, and am still feeling very weak and dizzy.

in addition to feeling unusually strong symptoms from my usual health problems, i noticed small changes in my body. somehow (please pardon the details) i noticed the last time i bled, it didn't smell like my period, didn't look like it, didn't feel like it. i noticed a different taste in my mouth that i couldn't get rid of, somehow acidic, plus my gums feel sore and my body feels hypersensitive. i have to take injections regularly for my blood disorder, and for the first time they seem to always hurt like hell. i kept feeling like i had no control over my bladder. i didn't really seem to be peeing more often, just i felt like i couldn't hold it when i did have to go. i always thought bladder issues didn't occur until late into a pregnancy as a result of pressure from a growing baby, but i finally just read now that it's an indication of pregnancy very early into it as well.

having been acting like a walking bag of hormones, having hot flashes and emotional fits, thinking it must be a sign of trouble, i started telling my fiance i felt like i was going through menopause. for weeks i had been desperate for him to notice how odd i was acting and for him to suggest the possibility of me being pregnant so i wouldn't keep thinking i was simply losing my mind... in addition to everything else, my memory and concentration lately has been horrible, and with all my emotional outbursts he kept telling me i was insane and was getting increasingly frustrated with my unpredictability.

finally when i said i felt like an old lady going through menopause, my fiance said back to me "maybe u're pregnant". i froze in shock. i had been secretly thinking it to myself for weeks, but truly thought it was just my imagination and hearing that word, PREGNANT, and from my fiance, somehow it made my suspicions and hopes more real... naturally, feeling i've just been losing my mind, i denied it right away... "yeah, sure, pregnant and getting my period" , knowing full well that my last two 'periods' have been anything but normal. having a history of medical problems, i know to expect those things to become worse during pregnancy, and that's exactly what seems to be happening.

unfortunately, the reason i'm engaged until now and not yet married is because we were struggling so hard to just get by each month in a country forgeign to both of us. a pregnancy is the first thing i want, but the last thing we're really prepared for. i've continued to deny to myself until now that i'm pregnant, but still flew myself back to my parents. i told them, as well as my fiance, that being as sick as i have been for the past month, it's time to go home to see my doctor to figure out what the problem is... all the while, in the back of my mind i'm thinking i may very well be pregnant, and i'm anxiously hoping i am, fearful that the alternative to pregnancy would be that my health problems really have simply taken a turn for the worse and in the end i could have difficulty having children at all.

i want desperately to talk about it, but i'm very religious and have always adamantly opposed sex before marriage, so i don't want to arouse any unnecessary suspicions that would make anything that's happened with myself and my fiance pre-marriage obvious. rather than having a home pregnancy test for fear of making a fool of myself should i take the test and find a negative result, i went to my doctor today to tell her i came home because i've been sick. i told her to check all the usual things associated with my health problems, then casually asked, yet again, what i could possibly expect to happen once i do one day become pregnant.

after hearing her response and knowing it's exactly what i have been experiencing for the past few weeks, she handed me the paper for my blood test, not thinking much of my question.... i handed it back to her asking her to add to check for a possible pregnancy. she said to me, "oh, so u did get married"... i nervously responded back to her "no, we weren't able to get married yet when i got sick and decided to come home". having been my family doctor a majority of my life, and sharing my strong values, she looked back at me with disappointment and made it obvious she was struggling to bite her tongue...

i keep reading everyone else talking about those aggravating two minutes of anticipation... i've suspected i could be pregnant for weeks and travelled more than 24 hours straight to get home, sick, and not saying a word as to what i suspected was causing my nausea, headaches and mood swings. 'til now my parents don't know what i had my blood test for. when the nurse came in to take my blood she said to me "u're pregnant?".. i looked back at her confused, not really being able to associate that word with myself, and finally responded, "i don't know, but don't say anything, my dad's in the next room". she told me i could call the office back two days later to get the results and it started to sink in a bit that the test i was having wasn't so routine.

before reading everyone else's stories i hadn't even thought much about how long it's taking me to really investigate the possibility that i may be pregnant. i keep denying it to myself, saying it's not possible, i can't get pregnant, i'm too sick, maybe i'll never be able to have a baby. i'm too afraid to get my hopes up and be drastically disappointed by reality... at the same time, i had the test and i'm now anxiously awaiting the results as i search around online trying to determine if my symptoms are imagined or real indications of a pregnancy.

i checked out different sites looking for information about bleeding during pregnancy. it's been a complete mix of discouragement and near confirmation that i am in fact pregnant. one woman posted on a site that when u bleed during a pregnancy it smells completely different. when i read that i had a huge smile on my face as though i had just discovered the meaning of life. i KNOW my last two periods haven't been normal. i was trying to make sense of it to myself, why did it seem so unusual? to read that other women have noticed the same changes, it's merely confirmed to me that my suspicions may very well be true and made me even more anxious to get that test result.

i feel like i can't sleep or do anything but think about that test result. i want to talk to my fiance about it, but having just left him a few days ago to fly to the other side of the planet, the last thing i want to do is get him worried unnecesarily should the test come back negative. this is agonizing. everytime we've 'been together', it's been a mix of religious guilt and complete desperation that i'd end up pregnant to feel there was a real purpose behind it... that a life will come to be whenever God feels it's time, that none of us have any real control over it. somehow just before i flew to my fiance i felt like there was a baby inside me just waiting to come into the world... if i hadn't felt that before my fiance even touched me, i'd probably not be in this position now. i would have hit him for coming within ten feet of me, hehe... but here i am, and i still feel like a complete nut for searching pregnancy websites and asking my doctor for the test.

i still feel like it can't be real, it's just my imagination, and after tomorrow i'll discover how stupid i really am... at the same time, part of me really wants to blurt out that i think i'm pregnant so i can go around telling people later that i knew all along that i was pregnant and it was so obvious to me, i knew before anyone ever does, lol. i'm such a nerd, it's unbelievable... but i'm very happy to see, i'm not alone in this world as a woman desperate to have children, and paranoid about the possibilities one way or the other. whether it turns out i'm pregnant or not, i'm very happy to have found this website and to have read other's stories and personal feelings and to see they resemble very closely the worries i've had myself.

whether u're out there and trying desperately to have children, or trying not to, i feel for u either way as i'm somehow stuck right in the middle at the moment. thank u so much to all of u for posting your stories and helping me know i'm not alone!

one way or the other, whatever my test result, i'll do my best to muster up some courage and come back to post the result here.

Cheers and God bless!


Waiting Hope....

Here is my story.. it's short and somewhat sweet. I had my tubes untied (fulci clips) November 3rd of 2005. It was a pretty big surgery, considering I was cut from almost hip to hip. I was on my back for 4 weeks, and the next 2 weeks took my time doing small things around the house. Being that it's a microscopic surgery I was VERY careful with doing things. I work for a living as a Nurses Aid, and I do alot of heavy lifting, so I took my time going back to work.

January I started tracking my periods, being that I thought I was on a 35 day cycle till after my surgery my period started becoming regular within the first 3 months turning into a 29 day cycle. I know I haven't been waiting long but still every month I feel the disappointment of not being pregnant.

It's now March and am due for my period on monday which is 5 days away. I'm not sure if it's going to be another disappointing day, I guess I'll find out then.. But... I have symptoms that are unusual for me. Normally I have "hip" pain a week before where it feels like i have a person on each side of me pulling my hips apart. It's not there this month. I'm a little sluggish, but normally am right before my period.. I have some cramping but nothing to write home about and my back is killing me. I have irregular discharge which is not normal for me as well, usually when i finish ovulating I dry up like a desert. Not really sure once again if this is the case of pregnancy or my body trying to regulate itself after the surgery still.

I came on here to read the other girls stories'. I know I'm not alone and always end up with that same "lost hope" feeling. I am blessed with 2 girls already, but they're now 14 and soon to be 16. I'm re-married to a man that has no children of his own and wanted him to feel the experience that I have, twice. I only hope I don't disappoint him. So, all you girls out there who feel like it's impossible, pray.. because no matter what, you're blessed and maybe one day, you'll be blessed with that positive pregnancy stick. Good Luck to you all and I'll say a little prayer for you all. Signed: Waiting hope...


Feeling Pregnant

It always amazes me when you hear stories of girls/women who were almost at delivery and did not know that they were pregnant. Each time I was pregnant, I basically knew before any test would be able to tell... it was just a "feeling". Call it intuition, instinct, etc.. but it was a very distinct feeling, that unless you have been pregnant and have felt this way, you can never understand.

No man would ever understand what it feels like to be pregnant. In addition, everytime I was pregnant- within the first 8 weeks, I always had one "dizzy spell". Each time I got all dizzy, sweaty, clammy, short of breath, etc- similar to a diabetic attack. My last pregnancy, I felt I was pregnant, and sure enough, the next day I had my dizzy spell. I would have bet my life that I was pregnant.

It's amazing how every woman is different- but with me, i just knew..


39 and still trying for my first

Hi everyone, I recently got married for the first time ( I was 38 years old). I'm very happy, married to a wonderful man who has two great children, but we both want one of our own. We've been trying for 8 months with no luck. I've had a physical, all the hormone blood tests done and everything came back fine. Now I wait and wait month to month, and getting pretty discouraged. I hope one day soon we will be blessed with a baby.



The Greatest Feeling Ever.

Getting pregnant for me seemed like it would never happen. After being with a man for almost 4 years and trying so hard to have a baby. I began to give up. Unfortunately, this relationshipo didn't work out, but I still could not understand why I could not get pregnant. I eventually met the most understanding and amazing man in the world.

We've been together for 1 year and actually, to my surprise, I just found out im pregnant. So, ladies I know how hard it is, but I've learned that everything happens when it's supposed to. Don't get discouraged, keep faith and I know it will work out for you.

I also just found out my best friend is also pregnant, after she refused to have any babies right now. Seems like God works in mysterious ways.



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