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The first trimester of pregnancy is a time filled with excitement and celebration. But it can also be a period of difficult changes, both physical and emotional. From morning sickness to mood swings, the first trimester is unlike any other, and we at Pregnancy Stories want to hear about it! Keep us informed about your first pregnancy experiences, especially those pregnancy symptoms, fetal development, and, of course, your baby's first ultrasound! We can't wait to hear from you!

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The one thing we can't control

It really is kind of funny if you think about it. We are able to have control over so many things in our lives: what we eat, the way we dress, where we live, what friends we have, and we can even try to control other people as well.

But for those of us women who are trying to have a baby, we all know that is the one thing in the world it seems like that we can't control. For women who don't want a baby, it seems they easily conceive and often times don't give it a second thought. But once you want it so bad, the thought of it is in the back of your mind all of the time no matter where you are or what you are doing.

My husband and I have been together for 6 years and married for almost 1. We decided to have a baby almost 7 months ago, but what we decided and what we have control over are two very different things. You would think that it would be easy. We are both healthy. I am 24 and my husband is 28, but with every period and every negative pregnancy test, I am learning that it really is much more difficult than I thought it was going to be.

I guess what sparked me to tell this story is because today is the day my period is due and you guessed it, I have gotten another negative pregnancy test. I really don't know if my period will come tomorrow but i pray that it won't. I pray for my husband and for me because we have so much love to give and it would be nice to feel like just maybe we had a little control over this big decision.

I guess I will just wait until tomorrow and see what happens. Chances are I will wake up tomorrow morning, go to the bathroom and there it will be staring me in the face. But maybe not - maybe I am pregnant and I will have a beautiful baby nine months from now. And I know that all of the women out there who are reading this story know how helpless that makes them feel. That is, being at the point where you have no idea what tomorrow is going to bring. The beginning of a new and wonderful experience, or just another month of peeing on sticks and counting days only to end up in the same place next month.

You just have to keep telling yourself it's worth it and it will mean so much more to you when it really does happen. Good luck to all of you women out there in the same situation as me!!! Please pray for us!!!!



I love reading all of the stories on this site, as it makes me feel like I'm not so alone.

I'm 36 years old. I have tried to get pregnant in a previous marriage for 18 months and was unsuccessful (which ended up being a
Godsend). I met the most amazing man 15 months ago and we are getting married in May and we are eloping to Fiji. Life just keeps getting better for me but there is only one thing missing! I have been trying for the last 6 months to get pregnant. I have seen a specialist, had all of the tests, everything is o.k but why am I not getting pregnant?? Last week I saw a herbalist who specializes in fertility. This week I'm seeing a lady who specializes in "inner harmony."

Most of my friends have children and I would feel embarrassed talking to them about it. Everything I've set out to do in life I have done. Easy, make a decision and then follow through - but not pregnancy. Something that is to a certain degree out of my control. Maybe the universe is trying to teach me to be patient, or to "let go" or to have a bit of faith?

I have thought a few times that I might be pregnant and felt really stupid when I get my period. I've even felt the presence of a little boy's soul around me on two different occassions. My mind playing tricks on me?

I hope this story gives hope to people out there who feel that they are alone in the journey to conception.

I hope I can post some happy news on this site sometime soon.


Happy Tears

Well I have never had a regular period so it was just something inside of me that said go a get a test, so I made a appt. to go have the test done. I was very scared but excited to find out because me and my boyfriend wanted a baby and had hoped it would happen soon.

We have known each other our whole lives so it just felt right to start a family!! Well, the lady came back into the room to tell me that I would be a mother. I was 5 weeks along and I just started to cry as I was so happy and couldn't believe that there was a baby inside of me. It was the best day of my whole entire life!!


This is for Heather

I went through the same thing when I was pregnant with my daughter and unfortunately, I'm going through it again. I missed my period, but the HPTs all came out negative. My nipples were sore, I was ravenous and I could smell things very acutely. Most smells made me sick to my stomach. I felt pressure low in my abdomen if I even leaned lightly against something, like the bathroom sink. I went to our local planned parenthood and they did a urine preg test, but it was negative. The doctor was very surprised when he did the internal. I was 5 weeks pregnant. I'm going through it again now, but I'm trying to be more patient this time. Hang in there. It's frustrating and you feel off kilter, but it'll turn out well in the end. Wish you all the best hun.


No Luck

My husband and I have been together for five years now and have never used condoms. I was on the patch for nine months out of the five years but about a year ago I stopped the patch so we could have a baby. We have been trying since then to get pregnant. We got married in December.

We've both been to the doctor's and my husband got his sperm checked - its OK and I had my tubes checked for blockage - they are OK. So why am I not getting pregnant? I am only 22 and my husband is 25. Every month I cry when I start my period. I wonder if we'll ever conceive. Everybody else around us, people who don't want children, is becoming pregnant and having kids left and right. It's not fair.

My family says I'm affecting them by all this to the point that they're afraid of getting pregnant before me. I don't understand what that is all about because once again they don't even want children. I pray all the time for a baby. Everybody knows we want to have children and everytime we run into people we know they say, "So, when are you due?" It's very depressing.


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