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The first trimester of pregnancy is a time filled with excitement and celebration. But it can also be a period of difficult changes, both physical and emotional. From morning sickness to mood swings, the first trimester is unlike any other, and we at Pregnancy Stories want to hear about it! Keep us informed about your first pregnancy experiences, especially those pregnancy symptoms, fetal development, and, of course, your baby's first ultrasound! We can't wait to hear from you!

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I found out I was pregnant in July. In October my little sister found out she was pregnant. In November, my brother announced that his wife was pregnant. And just yesterday, my older sister found out she was pregnant. All of these are first pregnancies, and first grandbabies! Out of six children, four of us are pregnant. It is truly amazing. All of our babies will be born by the end of the year! It will certainly be one exciting christmas!


Not everybody is lucky

Like all my friends I decided that it was about time we decided to start a family. I was 28 years old and by the time I would deliver I would be 29. So Nish (my husband) and I finally decided that it was about time. We started trying for a baby. I went off the pill from January 2005 and since then it has been a long journey...a journey which is not taking me anywhere.

It is almost a year now and there has been no progress so far. In the month of July 2005, I had a missed period. Elated as I was, I rushed to the pharmacy bought myself a preg test and ran home to check. Obviously I was very very excited as I have never had a delayed period ever. So I was very positive that I was pregnant and I was - but only the wrong kind. The preg test showed positive, and after a general checkup with my doc who asked me to come for a scan after a month, I was just too excited.

The first one to know about my pregnancy after Nish was my sister and my mom. Both were very happy and advised me to not tell anybody, even my dad, about it till about 3 months. My mom-in-law was the second one to know about my pregnancy and she too advised that I should not tell anyone else.

A week later, I started spotting. I had heard from friends that spotting is kinda common but then it continued for more then 2-3 days. I went to my doc who yelled at me for not going to her immediately. A few scans and a few tests later it was diagnosed that I had an ectopic pregnancy. My world felt apart. I just did not react to that at all. I acted very brave and ok about the whole thing. Of course after which I have spent sleepless nights crying about my loss.

It is more then 6 months since I took the injection to destroy the ectopic pregnancy. We are still trying hard and every month is a test which leads to a dissapointment. Have visited the doctor again and again, asking her to check if everything was fine with me. A friend of mine who is through with her first pregnancy is now moving on to her second pregnancy and here I am still hoping to conceive some day. I guess it is just not meant to be naturally. But nevertheless I haven't lost hope. I know for a fact that I will get pregnant some day soon and I will post about my experience then again.


I have the same symptoms!

I am also having those same symptoms. My breasts aren't hurting, just the nipples. And I've been extremely tired. The past 3 days I've taken naps in the middle of the day. I also feel pressure in my pelvic region. It feels very similar to menstrual cramps, but yet very different. I've been nauseous on and off, and I've been eating like a horse when I'm not feeling sick. I'm not late yet, but I just feel different. I've had a bad experience with HPTs before, so I'm a little worried to try those again. I think I'm going to try to get a blood test, based on my history of having positive HPTs yet the doctors saying I wasn't pregnant.


are these the right symptoms?

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for four months now. I have a very consistant 28 day cycle. I will be a full week late tomorrow. My nipples have been very sore for past week and a half. I am feeling tired lately. I am also feeling a weird sensation in my lower pelvic region. It feels like a pressure, or tightness there. I have had a few mild cramps come and go as well. I haven't heard anyone else talk about this symptom when they are pregnant, so I am wondering if this is a sign that I am probably not pregnant. I want to be so bad. I took a hpt when I was four days late, I took it at night instead of in the morning. The test came out negative... but still no period. I'm very confused and anxious. I'm going to take another test first thing tomorrow morning. If that is negative then I will take another one if another week goes by without a sign of my period. I'm curious to know if anyone else out there has had a story similar to mine, as well as that weird feeling in the lower pelvic region with the tightness and pressure. And if it was a symptom they had while being pregnant. I'm also new to this, and don't know what all the abbreviations are, like: DH, AF, etc. Thanks!!!


Not What I Expected

I had contemplated pregnancy for a while and I had just recently taken a pregnancy test and it came out negative. Still skeptical, I waited a week and took yet another hpt but to my total dismay, found nothing but a single faded line. That was the night my whole world fell apart. Here, I had thought I was pregnant, convinced a baby was growing inside of me at that exact moment in time and suddenly, the joy of life was taken away from me as quickly as it was given. The next month was nothing but 'A Baby Story' and other lifetime movies about pregnancy as I lay on my soft couch munching on junk food and thinking about my dissapointment. "Can i get pregnant?" I asked myself aloud..."Am I just not cut out for this whole pregnancy thing? Am I too young?" I know 19 is a very young age to want to concieve, but it had been my dream to raise a child, not just for selfish reasons.

That night I sat in bed, restless and pulled out the calendar from above me. 'My period started the 21st of last that would mean I am 2 days." And with that, I decided to take a course of action. The next day and the following days after that me and my boyfriend were at it like rabbits, non stop. It had interfered with work twice (imagine that!) Sure enough, my period was late, 3 days late to be exact. My nerves were in a bundle, and I was praying this was FINALLY it. Then, it was time to take the dreaded pregnancy test.

As I handed the cashier a twenty, thoughts crossed my head such as 'Is this really it? What happens if it's negative? Should i just give up...I bet your'e not even pregnant, your'e just crazy...etc, etc. I then collected my change as if in a hurry, and ran out, hopping in my car and racing home. I skipped down the stairs and bolted to the bathroom, faster than the speed of sound. 'Pregnancy Test...99.9% accurate labratory tested' I read, the words PREGNANCY seeming to jump out, as if taunting me. I ripped open the package and managed to squeeze out a steady stream of urine. Immediately after, I closed the tip and walked out of the bathroom casually, as if I had just gone through a job interview. Staring at the clock, my hands and legs shook uncontrollably, a warm feeling overtaking my entire body. Then after the dreaded two minutes, I made my way to the bathroom and picked up the stick. 'Not pregnant' it read. I was an idiot. Not only was I not pregnant for the SECOND time, but I got the digital test...instead of one innocent line, I got a BIG, FAT 'NOT PREGNANT'. I swallowed my pride and chucked the test against the wall and broke down crying.

"Why?" I cried to myself, as if I were to responding to my own question. "I'm 19, am I not fertile enough?" Finally, after a week, I decided enough was enough. I had begun to feel nausous and had light menstrual cramps. Thinking I was relentless and stupid, I blew another 14 bucks on a useless pregnancy test, just so I could cry and embarrass myself. It took me half an hour to squeeze the last bit of pee left in my system and I lay the test on the kitchen counter, in the light. I thought 'if this isn't it, I give up...forever!' I knew in the back of my head something was wrong with me, but was it necessarily pregnancy?

After three minutes (I gave myself the extra minute before approaching the infamous 'stick' before presuming anything), I picked it up, holding it to the light. And there it was, the two faint, yet obvious lines. That had meant I was pregnant. Pregnant?!? I reread the test instructions, scanning for the answer to my question "this can't be real" and sure enough, it showed a poorly drawn picture of a woman holding the stick with the two pink lines, the bold words underneath, stating "PREGNANT."

I quickly told my boyfriend when he got home and showed him the test for further proof. Now I am one month pregnant, and although not feeling particularly great, I am ecstatic about my first pregnancy!!! So ladies, if you think you can't get pregnant, whether you're 19 or 39, there is always hope. Because if you only knew how unlucky of a person I am, yet I am able to get pregnant when it was most important to me, then you know ANYTHING is POSSIBLE. So keep trying...even though you may get a negative, don't give up. Wait a few days and retake the test as often as possible. Good luck!! :)


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