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The first trimester of pregnancy is a time filled with excitement and celebration. But it can also be a period of difficult changes, both physical and emotional. From morning sickness to mood swings, the first trimester is unlike any other, and we at Pregnancy Stories want to hear about it! Keep us informed about your first pregnancy experiences, especially those pregnancy symptoms, fetal development, and, of course, your baby's first ultrasound! We can't wait to hear from you!

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The Change

August 13th my husand and I were married. Instantly the interrogation began about when were we going to have children. We had talked prior to marriage and decided that we should wait at least a year before taking that "next step" in our new lives together. After marriage, well it took all of 4 months for us to decide that we didn't want to wait and so I went off of birth control and BOOM next thing I know I'm late and I suddenly have the worst heartburn of my life. Christmas day we took a test, nothing... New Year's eve we took a test... nothing... Come January 3rd, I knew that those tests had to be wrong... I had been using the same brand for all the other tests and so I chose a different one that night. We went home and I did "the test" and we walked out of the bathroom together. My husband set the timer on his watch... tick tick tick... when the two minutes were up we anxiously went back into the bathroom... there were two windows on the stick; one of the windows would have either a plus or a minus sign, the other window would have a line to indicate that you'd taken the test correctly... well the plus sign was there, though very light.... we looked at that stick about 10 times and I started crying... He hugged me so tight.... the evening had progressed and it was time for me to go to bed. As we laid in bed together snuggling and talking about the wonder of it all... I broke out crying... he asked what was wrong and my response "I want to tell my mom"... he laughed... but we are both VERY close to our families and so within minutes we were at the phone and we did a three-way phone call, us, my parents & his parents... SO MUCH FUN!!!!

I called my primary care physician and took my "test" stick with me... I went in and did a urine test, and after that I offered her the test stick and she said "I don't need that, the test we just did says you're pregnant"...

About a week or so later I started to feel some weird pressures and sensations in my lower abdomen... first thing I learned not to do ... DON'T READ... I scared myself silly reading about ectopic pregancies and so forth... so we went into the Ob/Gyn and we had an ultrasound at 5.5 weeks. We saw a tiny little dot that was flickering out of control... that my friend was our baby... the doctor told me "get ready for a whole ton of different sensations & feelings"...

We went back at 8 weeks and had our ultrasound - the growth was amazing and the little heartbeat was the sweetest thing I've ever seen in my life. We go back to hear the heartbeat in 2 weeks, I cannot wait!

This journey has brought about so many changes in my life... one, I've learned how much my husband truly loves me, for only true love would put up with such grumbling and complaining and whining... such temper tantrums... the heartburn is the worst... and then there's the smells...

The changes aren't exactly fun, but they're all a sign of the wonderful change that our baby is undergoing as he grows inside of me...


The Beginning of a Loving Family

My husband Sean and I were married four years ago in a beautiful moonlight ceremony on the beach in California. It was a perfect evening. The stars were out, the moon was full, and the waves were lapping gently along the shore. Though it was only a small wedding (we only invited our immediate family) our guests said it was one of the best evenings they had ever experienced. Of course, my husband and I both felt that it augured well for our relationship. And we couldnít wait to take our first steps together as man and wife.

After a fabulous honeymoon in Paris, and a few wonderful months of each otherís company, my husband and I decided it was time to take one of the biggest steps as husband and wife. We decided to try for a baby. Both of us were so excited at the prospect of having a family. As both of us had come from relatively small families (we were both only children), we knew how much we longed for a large, loving family unit. And we just couldnít wait to get started!

We both knew that it might be possible that we would have to wait a while before we got pregnant. We knew of friends who had to try for a year or even more before conceiving. And at our ages (we were both well into our 30s) we knew that it might be a possibility that we may never conceive naturally. We went straight to timed intercourse in an attempt to become pregnant as soon as possible.

Much to my surprise, just two months later my period was late! I tried to contain my excitement as each day passed and no period arrived. After ten days, I decided it was time to buy a pregnancy test. I remember going to the pharmacy, alone, to pick one out. I didnít want to get my husband involved until I was absolutely sure. I ran home with it in my purse, and, while Sean was at work, I eagerly took the test.

Those two minutes I had to wait before the results were ready were possibly the longest two minutes of my life. From the time I put the stick down until the test results were in, I felt my life flash before my eyes. I began to question myself: What would I do if I wasnít pregnant? What if I could never get pregnant? What if there was something wrong with me? I never knew a simple test could be so nerve wracking. I was riddled with fear, anxiety, and hope.

I sat on the bed for a good ten minutes before I finally worked up the courage. I opened the bathroom door a crack and peeked in, as if the test results would jump out and surprise me. The test was just lying on the counter, waiting to be read. I pulled myself together, walked into the bathroom, and grabbed the test stick, eyes closed. I counted to ten and opened my eyes. And it was positive.

Immediately all of my negative thoughts lifted and I clutched my stomach in joy! I was expecting! I couldnít wait to tell Sean. I had big plans to surprise him when he got home, but as soon as I saw him walk through the front door, I couldnít contain myself. I shouted to him that we were pregnant. He smiled at me, kissed me, and started to cry. I have never seen him so happy.

Together, we went to visit my doctor and she confirmed that I was, indeed, pregnant. We decided to tell our parents right away, but we would keep the pregnancy quiet from other friends and family members for the first few months. We called up our parents and asked them to meet us on the beach, just where we got married.

When we reached the beach, the stars were out but there was no moon like the one on our wedding night. However, the sky was a beautiful indigo and the waves were glistening in the light of the stars. Our parents, Sean, and I sat together in the sand and talked. We told them that, because they were such excellent parents, we knew that they would make great grandparents too! They looked at us, realizing exactly what we were saying.

Eight months later we gave birth to a baby girl, named Maria Rose. She was born happy and healthy at 7 pounds, 3 ounces. She is the apple of Seanís eye and of course, my little angel. Together, Sean, Maria Rose, and I look forward to continuing our loving family.

Shelly Lawson

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