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The first trimester of pregnancy is a time filled with excitement and celebration. But it can also be a period of difficult changes, both physical and emotional. From morning sickness to mood swings, the first trimester is unlike any other, and we at Pregnancy Stories want to hear about it! Keep us informed about your first pregnancy experiences, especially those pregnancy symptoms, fetal development, and, of course, your baby's first ultrasound! We can't wait to hear from you!

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I Want A Baby But Not Sure If For The Right Reason

Well Hey My Name is Reemy Im 20 Going on 21 this year. Lately I Have been feeling so incomplete like something is missing from my life. Honestly I always felt like I Didnt have anybody by my side and I Feel so lonely. I Really think that a baby will be the completion that I Need in my life to make me feel whole, like I Have somebody by my side. well im very responsable and everyone knows how much I Adore kids. Sometimes I Feel like giving up because of the pain I Go through In life and I Really feel like having a baby will give me something to live for. Also sooooo many of my friends and people I know are having babies left and right and I have to admit I get jealous. But I Dont Know If I should wait. I want to get a car and a better job before I Have a baby. but im becoming so IMPATIENT!!! I dont know what to do:(


14 and gettin pregnant

Getting pregnant was a huge impact in my life, my whole l ife changed. I could no longer do the things I did, when I told my boyfriend that I was pregnant he immediately left me without saying a word. He didn't want to take resposiblity of his child. Now 9 months past. By and I gave birth to my daughter Amalia Grace. Its hard raising a baby on your own, but I love my daughter. I have no support I drooped out of school and learning how to be a mother


Dont know what to do? Dont know how this works?

im 15 at the time and i think i might be pregnant,
but im not sure on how you a a human feel,
i mean you hear all those symptoms but,
me i feel differant
I go pee alot,
I eat alot
Im tired, but i get these wierd cramps as if my period coming , but yet its not.. is that normal?
Im not a single parent i have a fiancee thats older than me , and he's that one person. Im more mature for my age, im an army brat, i live overseas, my familys really wealthy but I dont talk to them anymore.
can anyone answer any of my questions?

laii laii

pregnancy- something beautiful

Hey guys Im avantika and i live in dubai. my pregnancy was something that i had never expected as i did not have a boyfriend. a few months ago, me and my friends went to a club for hanging out and by mistake i got drunk. a friend of mine, gokul offered to drop me at my house. he was my best friend and i shared all my feelings with him, although i always had a crush on him. that night, my mom and dad had gone out and told me that they wont return till the next day evening. so as i was drunk, he came up to my room to put me on the bed and somehow we ended up having sex. for a week, we were not able to look at each other because we felt really guilty, but later we became normal again and started to hang out as usual. that was the only time we had sex and because of that after a day or two i started feeling really weird and at once went to a pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test. i was shocked to find out that i was pregnant and at once called gokul to tell the news.only our friends gang knows about this. when i was two months in pregnancy we had our farewell, and i was to stay at dubai to study further while my parents where to go to india. this was a great relief as my parents cant find out my pregnancy until i told them. gokul is still in dubai and we are living together and expecting our baby. now i am five months old, still going to college and gokul is also going to university plus working a side job. my hopes are that when i graduate my college our kid will be 3 years old and we will be married by then as gokul is a year older than me and he would graduate before me. i just hope both our parents can handle it. i wish!!



Hey there (:
My name's Alexis, I'm 15 but 16 in June and have been on the pill for about a year and a half. I've been with the same guy who is 18 currently for a year and a half also, but we think I may be pregnant.
I don't always remember to take the pill, and at one point missed it for about 3 months, so I'm not quite sure exactly how effective it may be. As well, if fertility is a genetic thing I am most likely EXTREMELY fertile.
On April 9th I had un-protected sex with my boyrfiend which I thought nothing of considering it wasn't the first time. I was supposed to start my cycle on the 27th but on the 17th noticed light bleeding, which has continued.
I've always been really regular so this was odd.
As well, I always crave chocolate before my period, have extremely painful cramps and break out, but none of this has happened. I've had light pain in my lower abdomen I've been very tired and have been hungry non stop, in addition to a clear face.
I'm going to be taking a test soon to get an idea of whether I'm pregnant or something weird is randomly happening. In all honesty I wouldn't mind having a kid, but I know I'm way too young for anyone to take that seriously. And now that I've had the thought of being pregnant in my mind for a few days, I'm starting to really want to have my own family. Can't wait to find out the results!!!

Guess I'll have to re-post later!

Alexis Grace

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