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The first trimester of pregnancy is a time filled with excitement and celebration. But it can also be a period of difficult changes, both physical and emotional. From morning sickness to mood swings, the first trimester is unlike any other, and we at Pregnancy Stories want to hear about it! Keep us informed about your first pregnancy experiences, especially those pregnancy symptoms, fetal development, and, of course, your baby's first ultrasound! We can't wait to hear from you!

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**Not a mommy yet**

Well as you guys can see im not pregnant...... I just wanted to tell all you teen mothers that im so proud of you guys for stepping up and taking care of your responsibility.... i always told myself Take chances... alot of them. Because honestly, no matter where you end up - and with who, it always ends up just the way it should be. Your mistakes make you who you are... you learn and grow with each choice you make. Everything is worth it. say how you feel - always . Be you, and be okay with it. It doesn't matter what any other person thinks. i know you guys children love you for you and that all that matters..... for some reason i admire teen moms especially 16 and under; i sware i do. I had a couple od pregnacies scares and trust me they are scary........ i just wanted to let all you guys know to keep up the good work


March, 2011

I recently got pregnant. I'm only 18 years of age and I'm a senior in high school. My boyfriend, who is 20, didn't believe me at first. He went and bought a box of 3 pregnancy tests and still didn't believe me at first. I took the 3rd one today and I made him watch that 2nd line show up. Only then did he believe me. He is in the National Guard and makes barely enough to get by. I want to keep this child but at the same time I don't. I also want to join the National Guard to help him out but I can't because of this. It's not easy going through this phase in my life but I'm stuck with it because my boyfriend doesn't like protected sex. (Thank God he doesn't have an STD). I need help.

Lauren K.


I was only 17 when i found out i was pregnant. Natrually i was scared to death and in denial, the thought of being pregnant terrified me! To confirm my pregnancy i went to a drug store and purchased a pregnancy test,as soon as it turn positive in instintly thought of my parents. Particularly my mom who had told me i could tell her anything, but i thought this wasnt in the catagory of anything, this was worse. When i got up the courage to tell her she was dissapointed but she finally excepted it and supported me all through my pregnancy, my baby was adopted in to a nice young couple and they send me pictures of my baby every once in a while and it makes me so happy to see how she has grown.

Annabell Cambell


Evening everyone :)
My name is Candace, i am 19 turning 20 in a few months.

My partner and i have been together for only 1 1/2 years he is 22, 23 this year & has recently finished a 4 year aerospace mechanic uni degree & lives 13 hours away from me but are going stronger then ever :)
i work full time & have an awesome life!

so as i said, the last 4 months i have been extremly clucky, i am great with babies & kids, i babysit my mums best friends babies ALL the time and it makes me even more cluckier!
my partner is very smart and organized & isn't ready for a baby as yet...we sometimes talk about babies and he knows i really want one with him:)
this has gotten to the point where i didnt tell him i stopped the pill once he moved away... and he went and got me the morning after pill which made me really upset. but he understood.

i don't care if we don't have a baby because im willingly open to wait until he is ready:) but i really want to get over this cluckiness and wait.

if it does happen- i have a phoebia of vomit- i dont mind about the birth but the nausea and throwing up i don't know if i can handle... is there anything that would stop that before it even happened??

every single day i think about having a baby and i cant help but think about it almost every minute.....

my friends are starting to have babies and i somewhat continuesly browse over their photos to look at their baby. I think it's amazing.

Thanks and any answers would be well appreciated :)



When I was 15 years old, I got pregnant for the first time. I never in a million years thought this could happen to ME! I mean after all it was NOT the first time I had unprotected sex. About 2 weeks before I found out I was pregnant I had sex with who I thought was the ďlove of my lifeĒ. He was the first guy that I actually felt like I was in love with. He was so romantic and told me all the right things to make me believe in him. One night I went to a party with my friends. I was mad a Tony (my boyfriend) because they had told me that he was seeing his ex. It turned out that he was there too. Since we hung out with the same people well there was no way of avoiding him. We started to talk and once again I fell for his games. After a while he asked me to leave with him and I said yes. We left the party and he took me to some house. I wasnít sure whose house it was and at the moment I didnít really care. I just wanted to finally be with him. And we did. We had sex for the first time, I thought I would be way better than all the other times since I was in love with him but the truth is it wasnít. As soon as we were done he took me home. The next day he didnít text me like he always did and he didnít answer my texts either. I got really mad and stopped talking to him. I would see him everyday but we just ignored each other. One morning two weeks later I woke up feeling really sick. I had never felt like that before I ran to the bathroom and throw up and my stomach really hurt. I didnít think I was pregnant or at least I didnít want to. When I finally realized I was pregnant (since I hadnít gotten my period for 1month and ½) I got really scared. I decided to tell Tony but of course he didnít believe me. He thought I was lying and we went to the doctors. The doctor confirmed my pregnancy. Tony told me he wanted nothing to do with the baby or me and suggested I get an abortion. I thought day and night about it and I finally decided I would. I told Tony that I would get an abortion but he needed to come up with the money. The next day he told me to call the clinic and schedule an appointment. He went to the clinic with me and in a few hours it was all over. I wasnít very happy though, I was actually kind of sad because I finally realized that he didnít love me and the only reason he was with me was because I was the ďHOTĒ girl in school that every guy wanted!!! I told him a hated him and to never talk to me again. I started hanging out with his brother Jesus a lot. This brother and me had always been close friends and he knew everything that had happened.( Our whole crew knew everything, since we never keep any secrets.) We didn't really like to talk about it though. We both realized we had a lot of feeling for each other but we were scared to admit it because of Tony. I was also scared because I did not want to fall in love again. Finally we both realized we could hide it any longer and we started to date. Everyone was a little shocked but not really since they could all see there has always been chemistry between us ever since the crew started. Well we had been dating for 5 months when we had sex. And once again I got pregnant!!! This time it was totally different though. Jesus was so happy about it and told me he is willing to do anything for the baby and me to have a good life. Telling my parents was the hard part, since they never liked him because they thought he was a troublemaker. When I told them there were pissed but pretty soon they got use to the fact that they were going to be grandparents. (And now they actually really like Jesus.) I just turned 17 and I am 8 months pregnant. Tony and Jesus donít talk anymore but I guess thatís better for all of us. I am a senior in high school and will graduate in June. I had to give a lot up like cheerleading, partying and going out with friend everyday which was my life before I got pregnant but in 1 month I will give birth to my beautiful baby girl and she will be my whole entire life :) :) :)

Eveline Natalie

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