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The first trimester of pregnancy is a time filled with excitement and celebration. But it can also be a period of difficult changes, both physical and emotional. From morning sickness to mood swings, the first trimester is unlike any other, and we at Pregnancy Stories want to hear about it! Keep us informed about your first pregnancy experiences, especially those pregnancy symptoms, fetal development, and, of course, your baby's first ultrasound! We can't wait to hear from you!

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Want to be Pregnant!

I've been with the same guy since I was 14 and he was 16, and now, (I'm 17 and he's 19) we have been married for 2 months. Since I've been with him for SO long, I feel that we've been married much longer than 2 months. We are totally dedicated to each other (we're both very religious, so we feel we shouldn't divorce unless one of us cheats on the other) and I really am hoping we can get pregnant soon. He doesn't feel the urgency I do, but has agreed that he'd be happy despite the difficulties we will experience. You see, he was home schooled, so he's going through a rough time getting his GED straightened out, and so he doesn't have a job right now, but is applying EVERYWHERE. He longs to work, which is awesome. I have a part-time job that pays minimum wage (for my dad, so I won't be losing it), and we live in part of his grandparents' house (they have an apartment built onto the house). We are very comfortable-- we always have our needs met, and extra money, but not much. If I were to get pregnant, we would get pregnancy Medicaid (which I won't feel bad about because we'll need it), and by the time thew baby comes, my husband should have a decent job. It won't be easy, but I feel it will be worth it!


Soon to be mom

Well where can i start,im 17 sbout to be !8 in two months unlike all of yall i dont got the support of my mom and my dad never ben in my life.Well i barely found out i was pregnet on JAn 8th,my bestfriend and my bby daddy where there for me at the moment oh and my bestfrien also pregnet by my bbydaddy brother,anyways for me it was sad because i didnt tok care of letting my mom know i was pregnet but my cousin and her bbymomma which i had consider my friend at one point,now that my mom knows she more hateful towards me i belive is just that she disappointed that i follow my sister foot steps but what can i say iididnt plan it i been with my bbydaddy for one year and eventhough he shows much supposrt and love towards me i got a be open minded that by the months everything migh change i hope not because itruely love him and know he loves me he promise to be there no matter what and i hope he keeps his promise im a soon move in with him i hope everythimg works out for the best....i had consider abortion but the more weeks that pass by the more i feel like i can be a good mom and that my bf will also be a good dad so we decided to keep my lil angel


18 & pregnant(:

Hello, my name is michelle. I am 18 yrs old & pregnant. When i first found out i was pregnant i was scared. i was scared to tell my family, i was scared of what ppl would say & most of all i was scared of being kicked out. When i told my family i was around 8 weeks. They took it better than i expected. They didnt kick me out, they actually started helping me get through it. At first i didnt know if i would be a good mother, now i know i wil be. i can't wait for my lil girl to be here. i want to meet her so bad. i know she will be my life and i know that our love wil be unconditional. Me getting pregnant at 18 is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me. it has certaintly straightened my life out. i was heading for disaster before i got pregnant, now i am going to graduate and go straight to college. thanks to the help of my family & boyfriend. he has been here for me the whole time & stil is.i just am very grateful that god has gave me this lil blessing. all mothers should be(: i am 5 months & very excited. dont think its a bad thing, its actually not, its a very great blessing that the lord has gave you((:


Wait until your ready.

Whenever your trying to get pregnant, you should wait until you are ready, until your boyfriend/ fiance/ husband is ready, you don't want him to just step up and leave you by yourself. Make sure he will be fully commited to you and this baby all the way through your pregnancy and after, you need someone by your side. Also, make sure that you have money to raise a baby, start saving Christmas money, Birthday money, job money, any money you recieve, make sure you have enough income for the baby.


Pregnant At 15

I'm Ky'miesha and i'm 20 yr's of age but I had my first child(a girl) at the age of 15.I had lost my virginity with my 17 year old boyfriend Kavion and we hadn't used a condom.I had came home late and told my parents I was sexually active.A few weeks later I took pregnancy tests and went to a doctor.I was pregnant.I cried while telling my parents I was going to have a baby and it broke their hearts because I was always so innocent.When I had my daughter everything wasn't easy but she's 5 now and things are great.I should have waited until the age I am now.Always practice safe sex and never rush a sexual relationship.

Ky'miesha Neverson

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