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The first trimester of pregnancy is a time filled with excitement and celebration. But it can also be a period of difficult changes, both physical and emotional. From morning sickness to mood swings, the first trimester is unlike any other, and we at Pregnancy Stories want to hear about it! Keep us informed about your first pregnancy experiences, especially those pregnancy symptoms, fetal development, and, of course, your baby's first ultrasound! We can't wait to hear from you!

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it was not a mistake

hello my name ally, i was 16 when i found out i was pregnate it was the 2nd time i had evr had sex. my boy friend james is not one of thoughs boys who is never around. he is the best boyfreind ever. when i told my mom it was her 44th birthday my hole family was at olive gartin i told her i needed to talk we went out side and she wats up honey , i started to cry immedeantly she siad are u taking drugs i kinda laughed and siad no she siad then wat is it allgirl i siad i and pregnant be for u say anything i know its roung please dont be mad we were now both crying and she gave me a hug she was extremlly understanding. (considering she had my sisiter at 18) telling my mom is the best thing i ever had done. she was there for the hole time. i had the baby 6 day after my 17th b-day james was now 18 my mom maade her room into me and james room and my old room into the nursery she moved into the spare bed room. i am now 19 and my baby boy is now 2 yers old . me james and the baby got a little aprtment 5 min. away for my moms house. my mom visits me almost every day. keeping my baby is the best thing i had ever done!!!!!


Failed pregnancy

I'm 17 and I have a wonderful bf that's hard to find and I've been wit him for 2 years now. He proves to me that nomatter what he's gunna b dere for me and he has. I really wanted to have a bby wit him so we had tried 3 times and I haven't gotten pregnant I guess cuz I'm very irregular but I come to think of it probably it's a reason y I haven't and it's because were not ready and it's very selfish of us to bring a child and not being financially prepared. I really admire all these young teens for their hard effort and dedication to their child. Now I'm gettin prepares for college and I plan on waiting longer so please to all those sexually active teens be careful n use protection and don't be selfish how I was. Bless u all mommies :)


Sent from god

Hey my name is ashley im 21 yrs old i am married... My husband and i have tried for two yrs to get pregnant... we almost gave up hope because i went to the doctor and they said it could take longer like three to six yrs for me to get pregnant because i have an upside down utrus... well we kept trying for a while and here i am telling everyone about this gift god has blessed us with! im four months pregnant.... we are happy and cant wait to meet our first baby! :-))

Ashley stafford


My name is Ali and I am 17 years old. All these stories are very touching and inspirational. They mainly talk about experiences during their pregnancy and their love life but I'm actually going to be talking about me being adopoted. My biological mother had be at 17 and my sister at 16. I did not know I had a sister until I was 14 and this was hard for me especially considering I was raised as an only child. As soon as I was born, my wonderful parents took me as their own and have raised me perfectly. I found out I was adopted at a young age and gained the strength to contact my biological mother. I found her on facebook and we were both in awe. My biological mother kept my sister but could not provide for the both of us. My biological mother's parents were angry but supportive. My biological father was only in the picture with my sister once a year at christmas and no longer have a relationship. However with her grandmother she does. We are in contact and we see eachother as much as I can. I love my parents more then anything and am so thankful they gave me a great life.

Ashley stafford

17 n Pregnant

My name is Lala. I am 17 and 4 months pregnant.I am currently a senior in high school. My boyfriend and i had known each other for a few years but had only been dating for almost a month before i got pregnant. it was august when everything went down hill. My boyfriend went to jail. The next day when he called me i told him i was 3 days late. He was excited. He wanted to have a baby wit me, but i told him we should wait so i could finish school at least. But accidents. i ended up getting what i thought was my period the next day. But it only lasted that one day. But, i didn't tell anyone that.

Over the next 2 months my dad and sister noticed that i was sleeping and eating a lot more that i would usually. My dad also noticed that i was a lot more moody than usual and i had been using the bathroom more frequently. i wasn't really paying these changes any mind.My dad began to question me and had me take a test and it came back negative. i was kinda of relieved and sad. i had excuses for everything.I was eating and sleeping more because it was the end of the summer and school was getting closer, and using the bathroom because all the water i was drinking. i was kinda of relieved and sad. But then one night, my nephew had mentioned to my sister that my belly was going to get really big because there was baby inside of me. Now in my family we believe that kids might now thing that older people don't know. With him saying that the next day i went to the doctor.

My best friend and i went to this small clinic near my school. i took a test an it came back positive. the woman there asked me a lot of question and gave me advise on how to tell my parents the news. i was still scared to tell me parents. but i knew it had to be done because i was already 3 months. i was showing very little but enough for my family to notice.

When i got home my dad asked where i was and i told him i went to the doctor. he asked what happen and i wanted him to sit down before i said anything. he sat and asked me what was the bad news.. at that moment i froze and didn't know what to say so i just looked at him and said positive. he didn't show me any emotion at the moment i felt like i couldn't breathe so i went outside to get some air. i called my mom but she didn't answer right away so i called my best friend to past some time. when my mom called me back i kept my friend on the the line. i told me mom i was pregnant and she just kept saying no your not. then she said she knew it! then she asked to talk to my dad and i hung up wit my friend and gave him the phone. i didn't want to hear them argue so i didn't stay around to hear the conversation. but when my dad came back outside he gave me a letter that said i better start looking at abortion clinics because i wasn't keeping the baby. i sat there and cried. my dad and i ended up walking to the store and he embarrassed me by arguing with me the whole way up the street where everyone was outside. he screamed at me telling me a wasn't welcomed in his home and i better find a shelter or get an abortion. he told me how i was stupid and said a lot of things that made my feel bad. hearing ll those harsh thing come from his mouth hurt me a lot because i was such a Daddy's Girl. i couldn't anything but cry.

Later that night we have a "family meeting" and my stepmother and sisters gave me whole everything will be okay speech, and my father finally gave me a hug and told me its gonna be okay. but his attitude didn't stay that way for long.

Almost two months has past. i ended up moving out of my dad house and now i'm living wit my mom, my hero. I am 15 weeks pregnant now. At my next appointment i will find out the sex of the baby. My boyfriend will be getting out very soon. hopefully before Christmas. although he couldn't be here physically, he has been a great source of support for me. His mom is excited for me too. She is a good support for me. she attends every appointment i have and she always calls and checks up on me.

My boyfriend and i plan to move in together after the baby is born. and raise the baby together.
Hope you enjoyed my story
-Lala,June, & Baby <3


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