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The first trimester of pregnancy is a time filled with excitement and celebration. But it can also be a period of difficult changes, both physical and emotional. From morning sickness to mood swings, the first trimester is unlike any other, and we at Pregnancy Stories want to hear about it! Keep us informed about your first pregnancy experiences, especially those pregnancy symptoms, fetal development, and, of course, your baby's first ultrasound! We can't wait to hear from you!

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Teenage Pregnancy and beyond

Well wen I found out I was pregnant I was lik OMG dis can't b happening 2 me,I was upgrading some of my CXC subjects at the moment,my mom was d only bread winnner of our home and I knew she wud hav been disappointed. I wasn’t dat promiscuous girl he was my first and only love. We always use to talk about having kids and getting married but it came sooner dan we expected.

All I cud hav thought about was not having dis kid,My boyfriend and I were both young didn't have no job,no money and didn't even get d oppurtunity 2 enjoy our youthful days.I knew my mom wud hav surely b dissapointed and his dad might as well kill him and put his ass out. We were in some deep shit!

Time came and our parents heard d news,d first thing they said was dat I had 2 stop school becoz of my condition.But I refused I continue school wit my big ass belly whilst everyone else gave their comments.

My mom was my all and I didn't want to disappointed her again,so I sat d exam, nevertheless she gave her continuing support wit her gravol,coconut water and alcolado.My boyfriends parents had no choice but to accept the fact of d situation and thankfully he stood by my side.

It was that moment when baby “ C ” came into the picture,wen we were wat they call parents.I never grew up wit my dad and my boyfriend wanted to be wit us so he had ask me 2 come live at his parents.I didn't want my daughter 2 live d life I lived with d absence of her father so I went wit d flow.

The time had come when I got my CXC results and I fortunately was successful.So I was able to get a job.It was difficult 4 my boyfriend to get a job so he did Construction.

We had our sleepless nights,our difficulties with money and I was really uncomfortable and still is at his parents home.

But we made it through,wen “ C ” was 2yrs I decided to try out the courses that they have since it was gate approved and I successfully got through wit The University of The West Indies. I'm in a better job even was offered a better position. My boyfriend in better words Fiance’ yes becoz we r getting married and about to get our own home, got himself a decent stable job and we r both upgrading our qualifications.

The point I'm trying to make is.... don't let becoming a young mom turn your mind away from achieving your goals."Yes you can" with determination,prayer and hard work all dreams can come true,and please continue to enjoy your youthful Days.


Cant Wait!!

Hi everyone. Well me and my husband have been married for a year and 8 months. We wanted to start a family right after we got married but nothing worked for a very long time. We kind of gave up at the end and just decided to stop trying so hard. I went back to work and he kind of left it as that even though the thought of me being pregnant, carrying my beautiful baby always made me smile.

After a year and couple of months I had nausea, headaches, cramps and really bad backache, at first I thought that is was just period pain and nothing else (as I have really bad period pain), but this time is was worse and a bit different, so about 3 days before my period I took a pregnancy test (a cheap one) and is was negative then I took another one (still a cheap one) 1 day before my period and it was still negative. I convinced my self that I was just being paranoid.

Couple of days later I went back to work at a nursery and the second day after being back when I had breakfast I was sick all over the toilet, my husband was surprised as i never rally get sick. He asked me if I was pregnant but I said no and told him that I was just coming down with something. At the nursery I was finding it really difficult to pick up the kids as by back was really bad, I was kind of puzzled still thinking I was just being paranoid about all this.

About 3 days into work I realised that my period was late and that I was not feeling well at all. One day when my husband came from work he was wearing a perfume and this perfume was just making me feel sick to my stomach so I told him to change his clothes upstairs and not wear that perfume near me. At that point I thought I have to take another pregnancy test, because this is just pure madness, so I send my husband to get a digital pregnancy test. When he got home I was dreading the thought of having another negative test. My husband finally knocked some sense into me and I went to the toilet, squeezed the last bit of pee I had in me and laid the test flat and ran out of the toilet, we were both looking at the time anxiously, and all I can say is that those 3 minutes were the longest 3 minutes in history. I went back into the toilet before the 3 minutes finished just to see if it was working and there on the screen it said PREGNANT 1-2 WEEKS, I came out of the toilet jumping and screaming to my husband “I am pregnant I am pregnant”. My husband just couldn’t stop smiling he had the biggest smile on his face and he was like that the whole night, because we couldn’t sleep.

It was really late so we couldn’t call our parents I waited till the next day and called my mum and my older sister. My sister was jumping and screaming when I told her because I use to mourn to her about not being able to get pregnant, so she was really happy for me.

Well it happened for me so ladies don’t ever give up hope. I am now 4 weeks pregnant, the changes are difficult but we are both still very excited to be having this child.


First One Blessing, Trying for Second.

Hey Everyone, I am Stacey I am 20 years old and I got pregnant at 18. I have been with my husband now for 4 years going on 5 well since i was 16 years old. We got married when i was 18 and he was 22, and then shortly a month later to be exact i got pregnant. It was the best feeling in the world. My son is the most important person in my life, I live everyday for him. Its hard being young married and a mom, but worth every moment with him. I was induce at 39.4 weeks because they told me he stop growing because he inhaled his bowel movement, melcomia i think thats how its spelled. I didnt take the epidural because I wanted to do this natural and which I did. The worst pain ever I wont lie but well worth it, my son was born March 13, 2009 at 3:56 pm he weighed 6lbs 7.4 oz and was 19 1/4 inches. Now since he is 17 months my husand and I are trying for a second. So i hope soon i get blessed with another blessing. I love my Dominick. Proud Young Mom.


Why Father?

I always saw myself being a mom by the age of seventeen and i knew what all would happen having a baby at a young age i took a class and you learn all what you go through and everything,and yet i still wanted to have a baby at that age. But i never expected to be lied to nor hurt. June 21, 2010 i was thirty-eight (eight-nine) months pregnant. It was the day to go see the doctor for a check up Jim ( baby's father) took me like always. Now first about Jim he is 25 years old a loving and caring person and who wasn't gonna run away from the relationship we have. He was honorably discharged from the army. Now we arrive at the doctors office we see the doctor he checks me and i am three centimeters dilated Jim and I were very excited and yes nerves to. Doctor tells me eat some yogurt walk around for one or two hours then go to the hospital. Jim and I go to my house to tell my dad then i tell my father what the doctor said and told him that Jim and i were gonna to to McDonald's for some yogurt and go walk around possibly at the hospital he says okay. We are on the road just pulling into McDonald's my father calls me and says "Where are you'' , I was really confused on what he meant so i told him that i had told him what Jim and i were gonna go do and that he had said ok. My father asks me is Jim going to be in the room when the baby is born.

Pause and Rewind for a moment. A week ago my father sat me down to have a talk with me to tell me that it is not a good idea for Jim to be in the room because since his job is not paying good enough money that if the doctors find out he is the father he will be the one receiving the doctor bill after the baby is born. So i then get upset because Jim has been there for me and i had to have him by my side i mean this is his child being born too. So me thinking okay daddy knows best so okay i wont have Jim in the room with me.

Now forward. Dad asks me the question again. I told him yes he is going to be in the room with me cause it didn't make any since to me then why he couldn't be in the room because i had gotten insurance for me so it could take care of the doctor bill when i go to the hospital to have the baby. My father changed into something that i didn't expect he started to scream through the phone literly cursing me out shouting how Jim doesn't need to be in there and i didn't understand at all Jim shockingly has not left my side since the day we got together. I was then to the point where i started shaking very bad i was crying extremely hard trying my best to stop because i knew it could harm the baby. My father gets off the phone after telling me that when the baby is born since that i wanted to have the baby's last name the father's last name that Jim will leave me and take off with the baby. Next my step mother calls me saying why did i say to my dad that i was moving out and which i not one time even mentioned moving out. She now was cursing me out of nowhere saying she was gonna go to the police station to press charges on Jim for salutatory rap and she was going to cut off my phone and told me to pack my stuff and go. At this point i could not believe what i had been going thorough the law was being brought in for no reason at all.

Jim and i make our way into McDonald's to get some yogurt and he was trying all he could to calm me down. i was lost i was being yelled at for nothing. We get into the hospital we didn't even bother to go walk i couldn't do anything but worry then. Thinking that the father of my child was gonna be sent to jail for no reason because it was not rape i consented to have sex with him i was not forced into doing. My grandma, real mom, sister, Jim's sister,and her fiance made it to the hospital to be there for me for support also calming me down. An hour later when i was so close to being okay we found out that my father and step mom where in the lobby trying to get Jim put into jail and i was telling the nurses to not let them up into my room. This went on for a good three hours when we found out that it was proven that they could not put him in jail because the law was that i got pregnant when i was seventeen not sixteen so i was at the age where the law couldn't do anything unless i pressed charges. It finally got calm then the officer came up to my room and said would you like to speak to your father and that its your say if he . can come up here or not. At first i said no cause i was so upset from what he has let his wife do and from what he has said, but the officer said i should at least talk to him only and no one in the room. I said yes. My father came into the room stood next to my bed and was crying all he said was he knew this was going to happen but he didn't want it to be like this i couldn't say much cause i was so upset. I told him well since your wife is kicking me out i would appreciate if you can give me my stuff and the stuff my sister got me for the baby. Hours went by i had realized that i didn't have the baby's diaper bag it was at my house i had my mom call him and tell him to bring it to me i really needed it. Dyan (step mom) told him he shouldn't bring it so what do you know he takes her side and doesn't bring it. A day later Clarance is born into this world now it was the best feeling to hold him finally. I got out of the hospital couple days later Jim and I stop by my house to get my stuff and my dad is the only one there and he said my stuff is under the car port i go to get it and all there was is a baby bath tub and a box with a huge shirt and one sock one shoe. He didn't have the house keys Dyan had taken them and she bolted the door locked so i couldn't get in. Today i sit in confusion of why my own father would not stand up for me to Dyan, he wouldn't give me the stuff my sister bought for the baby to help me i got nothing, nothing at all. He chose her over me, an lied over and over again to me. It wasn't lies to protect me either he was doing nothing at all but hurting me tearing me apart my own father... I can't even watch a commercial that deals with a little girl and her daddy... it kills me to even say the word daddy now. I just can't believe he let her do those things to me and to top it off her telling everyone that my sons name sounds like a dirty o black man's name. Yeah how nice is that


Really want to get prego

Hi My name is Petra am 24 years old, me and my boyfriend have been dating for almost 6 yrs. We have a very good relationship and are planning our first baby together, the problem is that because of his job he is away from me for 6mths straight and comes on vacation for 2mths now out of that 2mths is what we are strongly relying on to get there anyone with great tips on how to get pregnant fast and what i can do to increase my chances..tnx in advance for your feed back


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