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The first trimester of pregnancy is a time filled with excitement and celebration. But it can also be a period of difficult changes, both physical and emotional. From morning sickness to mood swings, the first trimester is unlike any other, and we at Pregnancy Stories want to hear about it! Keep us informed about your first pregnancy experiences, especially those pregnancy symptoms, fetal development, and, of course, your baby's first ultrasound! We can't wait to hear from you!

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15 and pregnant wow

Well me and my boyfriend are having a rough time in our relationship because his family didn't want us to be together why? I have no idea so one night we were on the phone and he said the only way we can be together is if we have a baby he was jokeing i didn't know so I was like yea we should he said seriously I said yes so then we saw eachother the next day and made our now 3 month old baby Laura Anderson we both got kicked out it was rough at first but we found a apartment with my older brother and now everything is so hard I work 6 days a week and go to school and take care of the baby and my boyfriend is just going into the 10th grade it's just something I don't recommend at all even though we are happy and going on three years together but it's messing my dreams of going in the airforce


Maybe baby.

Im 18 and my husband is 21. We were married this past jan and have been trying ever since. After many negative tests I gave up and began dieting and all that. Finally this past month I take a test and it gives me an inconclusive answer then another. My period was short and light (not normal for me) and Ive been having cravings, peeing nonstop, swollen breasts and gaining weight in my tummy. I cant wait to go to the doctor and get an answer and hopefully hear a heartbeat!!


18 and my girlfriends prego!

We're currently in love and we live in two different states. I left to Arizona from Texas for college, and now it seems i have to go back! My girlfriend and I are going on 11 months and we're happy together. She is 8 weeks prego and we'll be telling our parents in about a week when i fly back down to Texas. We're doing everything we can to prepare ourselves for this baby. I'm honestly excited and willing to do anything in my power to provide for our baby. Things are going to have to be delayed but i know we'll do it!


Young Mom

My name is katie and I was 16 when I had my daughter. I had a very rough pregnancy, the guy I had got pregnant by was not supportive at all and I was left 16, pregnant and alone. I have amazing parents so they helped me with a place to live so that I would be able to work and go to school while I raised my daughter. Though they supported me with a place to live I still had to do everything by myself. I worked so that I could get enough money for a car and so that I could pay for alexis daycare ( which I did both). It was the hardest time In my life and the only thing that got me thorough it was to read stories about girls just like me. I graduated highschool and am going to college right now. I wanted to be the person to prove that just because your a young mom, doesn't mean your life ends. My daughter is now 3 years old and I have found an amazing guy who supports me and loves my daughter like his own. We have a place together and things couldn't be better. I honestly think everything happens for a reason and my reason was to have a daughter at a young age and she helped me keep my head on straight, and get good grades in high school as well as college. But one word of advise would be to sleep when they sleep and realize that it is a lot of work but you have got to deal with it so that your daughter/son can have a better life. Good luck to all of you young girls and know that you can do this. I had my parents and god to help me, and even if your parents aren't supportive, you should still keep god in your heart, because sometimes he was the only person I had to turn to.


Not having two things at the same time

Hi. My name is Loreen and I'm 26 y.o no not 26 weeks pregnant lol. Although i want to be. I've been diagnosed with Myoma a few days ago. I've sort of expected the diagnosis since it runs among childless women in the family but didn't expect it to be this early. Before having myoma, i thought i didn't want kids or could have kids later in my life. But now it seems that such a decision is taken from me. And my ob-gynist says that if i really want kids i have to start now before they take my uterus away to save my life from a growing tumor. And now i fear i may not be able to have children and i have so limited time. I haven't told my boyfriend yet. He didn't want to rush kids we are planning to have them 6 or 8 yrs from now. Im not sure he wants one too he already got two of his own from a previous girlfriend. Plus he is back in Australia. I have suitors who wants to be my baby's Daddy and my ex wants to get back with me and have a family. I love my boyfriend very much. I haven't told him about my diagnosis yet coz he's got problems of his own to solve back home plus i don't want to scare him away or be made to choose between him or having a baby. Maybe i'll tell him when he comes back before my birthday which is on september. I think he and i need to talk things out. Im just wishing i won't freak him and drive him away. Hoping that he'd sweep me off my feet and tell me that he wanted kids==our kids===even one is enough. Sometimes in life we could only choose one. Hopefully my boyfriend will be understanding enough to let me have both him and our baby. And i'm wishing that soon i'd be able to write on the first trimester page. Thanks for reading and Good luck to all.


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