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The first trimester of pregnancy is a time filled with excitement and celebration. But it can also be a period of difficult changes, both physical and emotional. From morning sickness to mood swings, the first trimester is unlike any other, and we at Pregnancy Stories want to hear about it! Keep us informed about your first pregnancy experiences, especially those pregnancy symptoms, fetal development, and, of course, your baby's first ultrasound! We can't wait to hear from you!

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Christmas Surprise

My story was my worst nightmare, something i hoped would not happen till later when i was ready. On the 10th of December i had an appointment to get myself on birthcontrol. My boyfriend and i had been together almost two years and had never use contraception and hadn't gotten pregnant, yet. I thought it was because he was a heavy liquor drinker, so when he decided he wasn't going to drink anymore, i made the appointment. My appointment wasn't for another month and we just had those urges. After haveing a normal pap-smer, I was given my pills and was told to wait till my period started befor i start taking them. That was the 10th. I waited and waited and since it was close to christmas, our family had a lot to do. But my period was always at the back of my mind. Befor i knew it, it was christmas and my period was no were in sight. Two days later on the 27th of Dec., i decided to tell my boyfriend i hadn't started yet. We told his mom and then when tot the dollar store to get a cheap pregnancy test. I get home and everyone is there. His mom and dad, grandmother, aunt, first child, and his cousins who i have known longer than i have him, were all waiting for us to get back. I took the test and within two seconds, the positive line showed up. I was shocked just standing in my bathroom looking at the positive test not knowing what to do next. So, i walk out and say two word to my family "I'm pregnant", then fainted. When i came too all i could see was that positive test in my mind. Then i could see the father of my child in hysterics, literally jumping for joy with all the family gathered around me to make sure im not dead! I get up, shaken but okay, and call my daddy to tell him of his new late christmas gift, a grandchild. I'm almost 6 months now and wouldn't change one detail on how we found out our little Sophia existed!!


Huge Hopes for a baby!!!

I have no had a period since Early Feb. In FEB. i had unprotected sex. Since then i have tooken approximately 7 HPTS. I also took a Urine Pregnancy test a the OB-GYN and took a blood Pregnancy at the lab when i was only one day late wtih my period. BTW they have all came out negative!! Its driving me up a wall bacause if i am not pregnant where is my period. I am not under any stress and everything in my life seems to be pretty much going okay. I took another blood pregnancy test yesterday on April.19,2010 and I get the results back in a day or so. I really want to have a baby and i am hoping this happens for me. If the test results come back negative and say i am not pregnant then the doctor wants me to get a ct scan on my stomach. I am afraid that something is going to be wrong, but i am hoping for the best. Thanks for taking yout ime out reading my story... Baby dust to all !! And Congrats on all the moms to be!!


15 and pregnant :S

i was 15 when i found out i was pregnant. me and my boyfriend had been going out for around 18months and had been sexually active for around 6months. we had done it plenty of times with out contraception and i thought i'd be fine. clearly not.
it missed my period and decided to wait to see if it was late. another three weeks past and i was due again. nothing. i thought oh my god. i told my big sister she was speachless. she took me down to the local drugstore where we bought a test. turns out i was pregnant.
my mum was really supportive as she had my big sister at 16. and me at 18. she said it would all be ok and i could keep th baby if i wished. i personally don't believe in abortions so i decided to keep th baby. my boyfriend was next on the list to tell. i rang him and told him we needed to meet. he says he thought i was gonna break up with him. but this was much more of a shock. my boyfriend is 16 and im 15 we are having a baby. i have never been so shocked in my life. i never experienced morning sickness or anything like that. my mum, boyfriend ( liam ) and my sister all went to the scan. i was deffinatley pregnant ! time went on. getting abuse rom kids calling me a skank, a slut, and much worse. but to be honest thats their opinion. the only thing that matters is that the baby is healthy and we are happy. i went to my second scan.. and got some shocker news! it was twins! the other baby was hiding behind the first. i was so blloody shocked.
time went on and i was soon in the delivery room.
i demanded a c-section and moaned so much i got it.
on 18th september 2008 i gave birth to beautiful twins a boy who we named Aaron and a girl we named Ava both healthy and happy.
we were extatic.
its now 2010 and we have two gorgeous 18 month old shooglebums. :)
i love them to bits, and me and liam are still going strong.
AARON AND AVA are so loved by our friends and so spoilt. there gonna be little brats when there older. god help me. i'm only 17!

Danielle Halliday

Little Angel

I'm 18 and just had my baby boy, I was 17 when he was born. Well my story is when I found out I was pregnant I was happy but at the same time scared I didn't know how my parents would react, but of course they did get mad at first but later on they were excited about the baby. When I told the dad he was happy and excited but he made to many promises and never came through so i had to let him go i wanted the bedt for my baby. My dad encourged me to be strong and to finish school for both me and the baby so did my mom and i promised all of us that Id finish school no matter what. As the months went by my stomach grew nad everyday i thanked god for this little angel that was in my womb even though he was out of wed lock i knew god forgave me. When I was 5 months pregnant I knew why god gave me the chance to be a mom and why he was coming now, just 4 months before he was born my dad died in his sleep from a heart attack, both me and him said the baby would be a boy, i never found out at the ultra sound i didnt want to know jaja. After my dad passed away i was more determined to make him, my mom, and my son proud. December 6th, 2009 my son was born and when i saw him i saw my dad and my brothers in him, hes my baby angel , my little angel i thank god for putting him in our lives he doesnt take my dads place but he fills that empty space we have in our hearts. to all the teenage moms no matter what happens just keep moving forward God knows why things happen they have a purpose in life. If you are pregnant and dont what to do turn to god find help but dont abort because you will regret it later on in life, God has a purpose for that little baby and for you in this life you never know what could happen yea a baby changes everything but in some ways that little baby can do more in your life than you really think. The baby can make you a better person or make you turn your life around a baby is a blessing and should be appreciated.


What am i going to do

well i am 15 and i am 17 weeks pregnant and it really hasnt been easy for me or the possible father, i was with him before i had gotten a boyfriend... whom is a no good guy anyways i guess i should have listened to the possible father because he was completly right.. and i feeel super bad for not listening after me and the ex broke up me and the possible father hooked up agian and around christmas i decovered i was pregnant i became SOO scared and stressed i didnt know how to tell him . i didnt know what to do. he wanted me to get an abortion and i didnt because i didnt believe in them me and him have been hitting alot of rough patches latley and he says people who love eachother fight. i just dislike fighting really i just wish if we had a problem we could go to eachother and talk them out instead of making such a big deal over something that could have been delt with. when we do talk its alright. everything ends up working out. but sometimes i just wish he understood what it feels like to have a baby growing in side you and how it feels when he says im keeping the baby to trap him, i am in no way trying to trap him and i feel really bad that he feels this way. he says even if its not his hes going to be there. but honestly im still abit scared he wont be. i mean i cant make him be there, but id really like it if he was.. i mean after all why does it matter if the baby is biologically yours... if your there for the baby your the dad no matter what, therre is no reason you could not love this baby as much as your own.. i mean if he reallly loves me like he says he does he could try harder to show support because no matter how much he reminds me im not alone. i still feel quite alone at this point. i dont feeel like he wants to be there, i dont feel like hes trying. even though i know he is. i just cant feel it , it'd be nice if he could try and prove it to me. god that'd be nice. i am soo young and soo confused i dont know if im going to be a good mother but if i try i know i can. i guess im really too worried, i guess this was meant to happen. after all everything happens for a reason, this must have been the plan for me alll along. i am stayiing in school though and i am going to go threw with my hopes and dreams this just means im going to have to work harder. :)


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