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The first trimester of pregnancy is a time filled with excitement and celebration. But it can also be a period of difficult changes, both physical and emotional. From morning sickness to mood swings, the first trimester is unlike any other, and we at Pregnancy Stories want to hear about it! Keep us informed about your first pregnancy experiences, especially those pregnancy symptoms, fetal development, and, of course, your baby's first ultrasound! We can't wait to hear from you!

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I got pregnant at 17 and currently 6 months pregnant me and my boyfriend have been togther for 4yrs now and we always wanted a baby before we tried and nothing happned so this time around we didnt think it wasnt going to happen so we were really suprised that i got pregnant my family was really supportive of me and happy but upset cause i was still very young i got out of school for online classes but that hasnt happened yet im very blessed that im pregnant cuase i have a precious life inside of me i think i could have waited cause this was my last year of high school so i missed out on alot and im very grateful for me and my boyfriend still being togther we still argue but the only thing that we realize that we are having a lil boy and these fights are stupid and im glad he stuck around because iknow alot of girls that are young and have a baby thier boyfriends leave i had to sacrafice alot when i got pregnant and being pregnant has just changed me soo much but its all worth it becuase i love my lil baby boy and cant wait till he's here god really has blessed with me with a great family and a great boyfriend cause it makes this pregnancy soo much easier iknow when my son gets here he's going to be the most loved lil man there is and i love you alot NEHEMIAH mommy and daddy cant wait to meet you we love you! thank you jesus



My name is Karina. I'm 18 years old and pregnant . I got pregnant on July 5 , 2009. A few weeks later I knew something was wrong with me. I always got dizzy and was throwing up day and night. I asked my boyfriend if we could go buy a pregnancy test and he okay. When I did it, a sign showed up saying pregnant. He wasn't so happy at first but I was excited . A few days later we went to doctor and she said that I was 5 weeks pregnant. Everything was okay until 3; I had a high risk pregnancy. I asked the doctor what was wrong and she told me I would not make my pregnancy and that I needed an abortion. I told her that I would not do that and asked for medicine that I could take or something to help my baby survive. I took what she gave me for 2 months and then one morning I woke up with blood and I called 911. They brought me to the hospital. The doctors looked at me and said I would not make it .

I started to cry and say no to everything they said. Months went by and everything began to run smoothly. I found out I am having a son and that he is due in April 2010 . I got married to my boyfriend and everything is okay .Today is March 3 and I am 35 weeks pregnant. My son weighs 4 pounds and is 8 inches long. I pray every night that he is okay and everything goes well when the big day comes .

To all the young girls who are pregnant, don't give up that quickly. If it's meant to be you will have a baby and don't think your first choice is an abortion because it's not. I fought for my son because being pregnant is the best thing in the whole world- feeling his kicks or seeing him on the doctor's screen.Good luck to all of you!


it all worked out in the end

well it all started i had been with my boyfriend jaydon for 3 years and im 14 and his 15 yea ino im was young. And he had allways said he would stick by me no matter what, well we had been having sex for ages now and ALLWAYSSSS used a condom. But weeks later i began to feel sick and get cramps and get bad headaces i didnt think anything of it but then i was sick nealy every morning i thought could i be pregnant. But i just kept telling my self that i was being silly. I then told jaydon that i thought i was pregnant he was shocked when i told him but said if i was he would allways be there and he came with me to get a pregnancy test. When i saw that it was POSTITIVE my heart sank but then i though my OWN little baby but i knew it wasnt that easy. I couldnt stop crying and jaydon kept telling me everything was going to be okay he was so sopportive. I knew i would start showing soon so i had to tell my mom and dad that was my BIGGEST challenge. And my bestfriend and friend my friends were shocked but stood by me and my bestfriend most of all she was an angel. Jaydons mom and dad were totally sopportive they said they would be by me every single step. My mom went MAD i had never seen her like that befor my sister had to lock her out side for a whole hour my mom would of went mad if she was in the house and my dad was worse he didnt talk to me for 2 months witch was bad enuff then he came to terms with it and was by my side. My mom had lost trust in me but still loved me the same but evan more for being honest when she came to terms with it she was so excited to see her little grandaughter. Jaydon and his mom and dad and my mom and dad spoiled me and my unborn daughter i and my daughter had everything i needed. On the 11th April 2009 i gave birth to my beautiful daughter Cherise Cleo James all my family were at the hospital and my bestfriend and my mom dad and jaydon were at the hospital shes the most important girl in my life. Shes 2 in april. Jaydon loves her to pieces and calls her his little princess jaydons family and my family spoil her to death. Im still with jaydon soon 4 years i no we will be together forever hes allways saying me and you forever weve got a family now.Jaydon and my daughter Cherise mean the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD to me. i dont regret it one bit it all worked out in the end. DONT FORGET ALLLWAYSSSSS USE PROTECTION!



What in the world am I thinking? I always looked at teen mothers like they were gross and disgusting because most of them had their children for the wrong reasons. Besides, I thought that pregnancy was wrong and I also thought that SEX was wrong too. I lost my virginity at the age of fifteen because I wanted to know what sex was like and it was a big mistake. The mistake was the guy and he was seventeen at the time. I have no contact with him and he is not even in my thoughts. I had sex with my current boyfriend. He is nineteen and I am sixteen turning seventeen in less than TWO months. We both love each other and we enjoy having sex with one another because we are sharing our passionate love. I am always watching the Maury show and I see those stupid teen girls on there talking about having babies or trying to find their father. I just didn't think that having a baby was a good thing to do when you don't even have the right to vote or order things on television. You can't even get your own place for God's sake!!!

Anyways, yesterday on Valentines Day (Feb. 14, 2010) we made love. We didn't use anything, but I knew he was going to use the Withdrawal Method since my mama is still trying to make appointments for me to get the Hormonal Implant. When he was about to "finish" he took it out (before he could finish). Then for some reason I told him that I wanted to have his baby. I have been having mixed emotions about this lately and I finally see why girls have kids, but I don't want one. I want one, but I don't. I don't want to have any big responsibilities right now because I still live with my mama and he does too. I can't even take care of myself. Something is truly wrong with me and he said that he wanted to have my baby too. He "finished" inside of me twice and I cried afterward because I'm ruining my life!!!! Why would I try to have a baby this young? I am just so stupid and I hope that I am not pregnant because I want to go to college at Virginia State and have a Masters Degree in Law. I want to be married and have a great life before I have kids...

Please don't have sex UNPROTECTED because it is not cute to have kids young or have a STD!!!


Dont panic!

Im 16 years old, and have a beautiful healthy baby boy, Noah.

He was my first proper boyfriend and the person I lost my virginity too, and to this day we are still together and better than ever.
I fell pregnant when I was 15 however didn't realise I was pregnant until a month or so into the pregnancy. Probelm was, I had been on the contraceptive pill since the age of 14 not because I was sexualy active at that age but because my hormones were sky high. Sometimes when you are on the pill its not always 100% protective and your periods become irregular. Or sometimes they stop all together therefore it becomes hard to keep track of them, which is how I ended up pregnant without knowing.

Yes- my life has changed dramaticaly since having Noah, and I have had to sacrafice a lot of things. When you have a baby, he or she needs your love and care constantly. I had to juggle being pregnant, school and a social life-which became hard, however, I was aware that if i wanted my baby and I to have a good life, I needed to stick to school. I did and I am now in my last year at school, (then I'm off to uni to hopefuly become a midwife.) I have had a lot of support from my parents which also made things a lot easier. Even though I am still with my boyfriend and us moving in together would probab;y be the most suitable solution, I am going to keep staying with my parents until I am old enough to get properly on my feet, and get a life going for myself and my baby.

The key to a teenage pregnancy is to stay calm, decide whether you are going to keep it or not, then get your life on track. Either that or just don't have sex until you want a baby!


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