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The first trimester of pregnancy is a time filled with excitement and celebration. But it can also be a period of difficult changes, both physical and emotional. From morning sickness to mood swings, the first trimester is unlike any other, and we at Pregnancy Stories want to hear about it! Keep us informed about your first pregnancy experiences, especially those pregnancy symptoms, fetal development, and, of course, your baby's first ultrasound! We can't wait to hear from you!

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Im whole Heartedly Trying to Concieve

Hi Everyone

Since I was introduced to this site, I feel better knowing that I am not alone.Here is my story: I am a 24 year old young woman, married to a 28 year old man.Well I got engaged Dec 2007 and Sep 2008 we decided to start trying, at that time we were not worried but hoping.Then 2008 Dec we got married, still trying but now we are worried as a year passed with no luck.How serious it is for a person trying for a year with no luck,should I be more worried.Suprisingly I have never used any form of contraceptives,am healthy, but still nothing is happening.I have been doing a lot of research and somewhere I found that it helps to start on folic acid while you are TTC but still there is no change instead am putting on more weight:should I be worried about that also,cuz since I started on folic acids,my breast are more tender and very sensitive, my body is glowing as if am expecting,I have been timing my ovulution dates or maybe am not doing it right.How does one calculate or spot her ovulution tym.Help me pls.....Me and my Husband feel we are both at a stage were we should be parents cuz we have everything and can be able to take of the child.
It is hurting because ppl around me concieve with no trouble,whats hurts more is my friends, cousins are either mothers or expecting and most of them are not married or secured but what about me.

I need Help

Thanx for reading



i have had my tubes tied for 13 years my baby is thirteen. I have been feelings nauseated all last week like i know this can not be happening my boyfriend has start to sleep during the day like taking naps im grouchy like we are at each other all the times im so scared to take a pregnancy test i gonna wait until this month is cycle havent came yet never had these fellings unless i was pregnant. i cant even remember what day my last cycle was on. is there any one out there who have gotten pregnant when their tubes are tied!


What Will We Go Through Next Time?

I married later than I would have liked to, and was sad I couldn't have had children when I was younger. I ended up marrying a man 13 years older than me three years ago. I had to overcome my own prejudice, as I preferred men my own age. But this man was a good man, and we both wanted children, and I felt happy with him, and felt that that would be enough -- and it has been.

Well, my husband wasn't quite ready to immediately take on the financial responsibility of supporting a family completely by himself. I said I could work a year or so before having children (I figured nine months of it would be the pregnancy itself!) We hoped to save some money to afford an addition to his small house, which we would need to accomodate a family. Later, I find out that somehow he heard that I would work for two years before getting pregnant. Considering our advancing age (especially his, which had me a bit worried for his fertility!), I didn't think this was the best idea. But I wasn't going to argue much about it at that late stage of our engagement.

So, birth control for the honeymoon. I'd always thought it'd be cute to skip it during the honeymoon, just to see if one conceived a "love child", but decided against this approach. I'd always thought hormonal birth control was a bad idea, because I don't like the idea of tinkering with the internal systems, and also because it's often advised to use other methods for months while trying to get off of it. We did plan to have children soon, and I didn't like that delay. Well, I am allergic to latex, and along with hormonal mehtods, it turns out to rule out almost all methods! I certainly didn't want to fool around with any possibility of an allergic reaction down there! There are some non-latex condoms available, more expensive than latex varieties, and my husband liked this idea, 'cuz he thought condoms to be erotic. I searched around, and decided on Today sponges, and optimistically stocked up on three boxes.

So, on the honeymoon -- that condom pinched! My husband didn't want to experience that again... The sponges were working well, until about the third day, when one came out alarmingly green and smelly. Yes, I got a nasty infection, and the sponge hotline declined any responsibility, claiming that if I had an infection, it was a previous underlying condition. I couldn't use the hottub in our room, and we spent the afternoon of our main day in Niagara Falls going to the library to look up infections on the Internet. Fun.

My husband decided that God was giving us a sign to give up on the birth control. I was inclined to agree. It was certainly giving us trouble! And we didn't know how long it would take to get pregnant, anyway. So the birth control got jettisoned, and there was a lot less worry. Oh, and two and three-quarters boxes of sponges left!
From that day forward, my husband would often jokingly ask, "Are you pregnant yet? Are you pregnant yet?" We did have some other difficulties in adjusting to our sex life, and I often knew the answer, based on timing, etc, was no. My husband was disbelieving when I told him I was only fertile about two days a month. So much he knew about getting a woman pregnant!

Two and a half months after our marriage, I was laid off from my job. Then, three months later, just as I was starting to do some temp work, my husband slipped on some ice at work and broke his ankle. It was very painful, and he ended up home for two months, which he hated.

Well, I was home a lot, he was home all the time, and when he was put in a walking boot after a month, we figured out there was something we could still do, if we were careful....

We were just having a little fun with the freedom of time we had together. I had lost track of my period that month, and told myself to be sure to keep track of it the next month when it came, so I could figure out my cycle. But that next period never came. I had to look at a calender and hazard my best guess at the date of my last period.

My husband was happy when I told him I was pregnant. He had always said that there was a reason he had broken his leg, but he just didn't know what it was yet. Now he knew!

The ankle healed. The pregnancy went fairly well until near the end, but everything turned out fine. We had a boy my husband could name after himself, as he'd always wanted. He was very pleased that he even got to take vacation time off during Christmas holidays, which is never allowed. But because our son's due date was Christmas Day, and my husband demanded Family Leave, the store reluctantly had to let him off.

But we were both a little apprehensive about what my husband would have to suffer through for me to become pregnant the next time!!!!

A year and a half later, we find out that it is I who will have to suffer more the next time, because now that we are expecting again, it's something a little different...

When I first started to show, my hubby was annoyed that I kept asking him if I was starting to get fat, because he considers this the penultimate no-win question for husbands. So he'd answer, "Twins. Twin boys!" I'd reply, "Don't wish that on me! I don't want to deal with three boys under the age of three!"

But, it turns out, he was right. I am having identical twin boys. And, oh, yeah, he found out twins run on his side ot the family, because they certainly don't on mine. Yes, hubby is strutting around proud as a peacock at "knocking me up" again -- and twice as much.


still can't believe it

My name is Mandy. I have been married now for 21/2 years, although my husband and I have been together for over 12 years. In August we decided to stop using protection and to let nature take it's course. We both wanted to have a baby, but figured it would take a while without actively trying. My husband has recently gone for some genetic testing that can have serious implications on the health of our children, so we figured we wouldn't get pregnant until after the results were back. it turns out, last week I started to notice that my breasts were really sore. My cycles are always all over the place so I hadn't really noticed if I was late or not. The only reason I took a pregnancy test was because I was attending a wedding the next day, and wanted to make sure I wasn't pregnant before drinking. I couldn't believe it when the test was positive. I figured that I must have read it wrong so I bought two more tests. Sure enough....both positive!!!!. My husband and I don't quite know what to think. It happened much sooner than expected, and before getting the genetic test results back, so reality isn't setting in. Right now to be honest we are more scared than excited. I feel bad for this baby because deep down we both want to feel excited....but can't until we know if everything is ok. Has anyone else found it a bit surreal to learn that you are pregnant, even when it was somewhat planned? Hopefully everything will be alright and we can start to celebrate soon!!!

-can't believe I'm a mommy to be!!


Wondering Too

My tubes have been tied for 9 years. All of a sudden now I'm feeling things that I have never felt before. My nipples are sore and I have white spots on them. I'm having very bad headaches, a little nausea and eating like crazy. I had my period about two and a half weeks ago, but its was a little different. First it was about two days late then it wasnt heavy at all. I'm thinking maybe it could have been implantation bleeding or something. Anyway I took a pregnancy test and at first it was a faint negative then when I looked at it again, the positive line had started toform and it was very distinctive. So i took two more, one that evening and one the next morning...both were negative. I think I'm just going to wait to see if I get my next period. I would love to have another baby...been thinking about it for years.


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