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The first trimester of pregnancy is a time filled with excitement and celebration. But it can also be a period of difficult changes, both physical and emotional. From morning sickness to mood swings, the first trimester is unlike any other, and we at Pregnancy Stories want to hear about it! Keep us informed about your first pregnancy experiences, especially those pregnancy symptoms, fetal development, and, of course, your baby's first ultrasound! We can't wait to hear from you!

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Perfect Young Love

I'm not a single mother, nor was I ever. I do however think I have a remarkable story about a wonderful, truly loving relationship. I was 15 when I first met my boyfriend, James. We met through mutual friends at a bowling alley. James was 17 and I was 15 when we started dating. About 2 years after dating I got pregnant. At 17 & 19 I gave birth to our beautiful baby boy (James Jr.) and when he was only 4 months old I got pregnant again. 9 months later I gave birth to another son, Benjamin. James loves being a father and he was so cute I couldn't resist him, ever. He was the cutest and sweetest man I could have ever imagined sharing my life with. When Jr. was 2 and Ben was 1 I had gotten pregnant with our daughter, Addison. Now that I look back those were the toughest (financially) and best times of our lives. James is now 25 and I am 23. Jr. is 6, Ben is almost 5, Addison is 3, Brooklyn 1 1/2 and I just found out we're having number 5, another girl to be named Grace! Now that we are older, we fully support ourselves comfortably, we started out in a tiny apartment, and now we just bought our first house a couple years ago. James is the best father in the entire world and a devoted, loving husband. I know men like him are rare these days and I feel blessed to have him as a husband and we are not a religious family by any means but bringing children into the world together has been the most beautiful experience and we chose not to use any form of birth control, ever. We are 100% responsible and take care of our family. We decided to let life bless us with as many children as possible. The bigger the family the better! I do not reccommend this to everyone though. If my husband didn't make 6 figures a year there is no way we could afford to have so many children. Luckily, I can be a stay at home mother. 8 years and soon to be 5 children later we are still going strong!!


15 & pregnant

I'm 15 years old , and I'm 9 weeks pregnant. About 2 months ago I had unsafe sex with a guy I wasn't even seeing. Not saying he was a random guy, because actually the summer after my 8th grade year i lost my virginity to him. Now I am going to be in 10th grade and carrying his baby. Back in 8th grade we dated for a short period of time then he broke up with me and to be honest I've had feelings for the kid ever since which is crazy because hes nothing but a dick to me. But none of that matters now because we have bigger problems .. or I should say I have bigger problems . Even though it takes two people to have sex he makes it seem like this is all my fault and only my fault . when I shared with him that I was going to have this baby, and he got mad because he wanted me to abort it. I dont know what is going to happen, but what i do know is I have loving friends and family that will be here to support me and I'm very thankful for them. One day the father will realize how real this is and grow up, or atleast thats what I'm hoping for.


Allergic to Gluten?

When I forst got pregnant, I had no idea. I have never had regular periods, sometimes going as long as three months in between each cycle. I began feeling faint and nauseous. I got to where I could not hold down much food and could barely stand up without getting dizzy. I even went online and used the WebMD online tool to check my symptoms, as I could not figure out what was wrong with me. The online tool gave me 'Gluten Allergy' for an answer! HAHAHA!! By the time I finally decided to take a home pregnancy test, I was almost 8 weeks along. I went to a clinic and they confirmed the test with one of their own urine tests. My sickness finally went away around week 16. Form there it has been pretty good!

Jade Davis

I don't even know....

I'm 17 years old, and my man is 19. I don't even know- I've been best friends with the love of my life for three years now. We've only been in a relationship for 7 months, and have been using a ton of protection. We both want to marry eventually- but lately I've been feeling unusually tired and my chest has been incredibly tender. My period id due Thursday the 12th, but I have this feeling in my heart that something is going on- I think I'm pregnant. I told my man today, and he is really scared (he doesn't like kids) but he wants to be there for me. I trust him and know him well enough that I know he'll at least support me, if not the child. I'm scared, but I guess I'll wait for a few more days to confirm.


Shocking Moment !

Hello there teenagers or any other lovely older womens (: my name is Vanessa Jimenez . I got pregnant at the age of 14 , and I still am 14 right now . Im turning 15 really soon in a couple of months . My boyfriend is named Danny he turned 15 like four months ago . We were really young when we first lost our virgnity . We both are going to be sophmores . Funny thing is that we live in the area & we love to hangout go to the pool and have a great time . We been going out for about 10 months . Are relationship is kinda serious . One day his family did a cookout at his place for the 4th of july . So we both went into his room and started to chill . So then he asked me if I was ready to loose my virginity to him . I wasnt suree but I said yess to him . We did use a condom just to stay protected . So that night we had sex . About 4 weeks later I started to feel really weird . I didnt have morning sickness or nothing . But I did feel really hungry after all that . So one day I had noticed my period hasnt came at all . I was scared ! I told my older brother about it because he was closet person and I trusted him with everything . He had bought me four different kinds of pregnancy tests . All four came back positive (+) . I was shocked and my brother was very supportive and he knew he was going to be a wonderful uncle . My biggest fear was telling my parents because I knew they were going to be dissappointed . But parents understood but also told me I was going to be a young mom with baby in my life . They were supportive . I told my boyfriend danny and he was very happy but worried at the sametime . He told his parents and they were so excited to have a grandchild . I went to the clinic to have a checkup and I was 4 months pregnant . . . . . I was very excited my whole family was there for me . I also foundout the sex of the baby . I was gonna have a BABY BOY! about four months later I gave birth to my baby boy Junior . I named him after his daddy danny . He was born on March 28th 2012 . Right now he is 2 months old . Me and danny are having a good life raising a cute baby boy . We have an adorable family right now even though we have a little bit of struggles but we are going strong . I enjoy having my 2 babys ( danny&junior ) in my life . Our lifes are not that perfect but we are doing good . ALL TEENS OUT THERE PLEASE DONT RUIN YOUR TEENAGE YEARS OVER SEX , PLEASE WAIT LONGER . I wish I could have waited but sometimes things happen for a reason , I never regreted having my baby he's the Best that had happen to me . I love my family , friends , my boyfriend , and my son . :) hopefully everthing goes good over the years .
Vanessa Jimenez

Vanessa Jimenez

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