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The first trimester of pregnancy is a time filled with excitement and celebration. But it can also be a period of difficult changes, both physical and emotional. From morning sickness to mood swings, the first trimester is unlike any other, and we at Pregnancy Stories want to hear about it! Keep us informed about your first pregnancy experiences, especially those pregnancy symptoms, fetal development, and, of course, your baby's first ultrasound! We can't wait to hear from you!

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Am i pregnant of what i dont know what to do

Im jhoanne 22 years old, last dec 26,2008 is my last period. i spotted last jan 16, 2009, it was not heavy,its lite when i wipe it its redish brown dischrage...i when to the ob last feb 2 i took pt and its negative and i take at home pt its still breast is sore...i feel like im always nervous..i always feel in sleepy please help me...


17 year old mum

I'm 17 years old and have a litttle girl who is neally 1 and a half years old. Even though i do love my baby (Harlow) getting pregnent so young was the STUPIDEST thing i ever done!!!!!
If i had my chance over i would not have lost my viginity at all, and ever sence the day i found out i was preggers i havnt had sex once.
i loved my boy deeply but we couldnt make it work as he didnt love me how i loved him. I mis him every day but havnt even seen him sence Harlow was born as he dosnt want anything to do with her. I cannot beleve this happened to me. i was popular and beautiful, whn your in your youth youll never be as popular beautiful or thin again so make the most of it and i hope you dont screw up like i did ={.
to those of you not pregnent treat your bod like a tempe. respect it and dont abuse it with sex when your not an adult, at 15 you may think your all grown up but you relise you wernt and with a baby you have to grow up. im so jelious of my freiend who all go to parties and are moving on with yr 12 and uni next year. sure some teen mums still do this but most dont, and cant make it work. the figers say somthing like 85% of teen mums dont do further education so think about that one b4 you open your legs. I was bullied when my peers a my high school found out i wad pregnent and i lost half my "friends" as they didnt want to associate anymore.l i live with my single mum but i know shell never totally forgive me after she sacraficed so much for my upbringing and private education. sometimes on bad days she just breaks diwn in rount of me nd says why did you do this sarah? why did you do this to yourself and your family!" thn walks away in discust, she says shes sorry sometimes later but i know deep down she means it. she blaims herself a bit to but its my fualt, i thought ild be fine with protection but remember no protection is 100% and if you dont want to end up living my epressing life dont have sex until your in a position to support a baby finantually & emotionally to the highest standed, this means when your an adult with a stable job, with a house and in a commited relationship. i have none of these and know Harlow is dussadvantaged by having no daddy and not having the money to give her everything she diserves. people on the street look at me like im trash. i dont diserve that just cause i made a mistake but i earge you girls, dont through away yr childhood/teen years growing up to fast and having sex. dont let boys talk you into it like mine did its not orth it. keep your viginity annd your dignity.
sarah and baby harlow x


Help please?

Hey (: my names Allie iim almost 16, and been with my boyfriend 2 months. i know the phrase "he's different" is used alot, but he really is so different to other boys. he's considerate, caring, sweet. but about 2weeks ago we slept together, and ever since ive been getting symptoms of being pregnant. sickness, tummy cramps, going to the loo more often. its scared me so much. ive just got that womans instinct that im pregnant, if ya know what i mean? ive told my boyfriend about it and he seems to think that its a good idea, and that if i am pregnant then i should keep the baby. he says he'll stick by me, and i do believe him - he's so genuine, so different to other boys. im terrified if i am pregnant though, im 15 and doing so well at school. i want to be a vet, and i believe that i can do it. but being pregnant could change everything. i dont know how id cope, how my parents would react, how id juggle school and having a baby. its scaring me so much! i dont agree with abortions, i think its like murder, killing a baby. but i feel as though if i am pregnant i have no other option. i would really appreciate some tips so much! please help? x

Allie. x

please please please let me be pregnant

My husband told me last month we could try to get pregnant. I looked up everything you should do online, any helps and hints. We did it on all the right days, i put a pillow underneath me afterwords. now i keep feeling little cramps in my tummy, i looked it up online and alot of girls felt them in the beginning of pregnancy (implantation cramps). I am also dizzy, gassy, and have been having head aches. I cant tell if i am making all of these things up, or if they are real. Alli do is eat sleep and dream babies. I wont get my period till the 15th. so i can not test until then. Please let me be pregnant!

oh and if any of you girls have any questions about your pregnancy email me, my good friend is a midwife, and i no quite a bit about pregnancies. ( i am one of 11 kids)



Hi my name is Mirian and 16 years old and a mom to a gorgeous baby boy.I got pregnant when i was 15 and about to be 16 years old my boyfriend was 16 about to turn 17.I lost my virginity to him,after having unprotected sex for 2 months i got pregnant i was really scared though at first i was happy and he was happy then reality set in.Telling my parents was so hard for me and my boyfriend but we told them they were so mad and they were asking me why i didn't wait.I didn't have an answer.My dad didn't talk to me for 5 months he first touched my stomach when i was 7 months.I felt like crying because i never thought he was going to get over it.Then the day i anticipated came my baby boy Noah was born the happiest day for me and my boyfriend he was deliver threw a c-section do to the fact that he was big and i was little.Now Noah is a 5 month old baby happy and healthy his grandfather(my dad)loves to be around him.I will never regret having this baby even though it wasn't time i thank god for sending me such a beautiful angel into my life.He gives me reasons to keep on going and his the reason why i still go to school and i'm planning to go to college to give him a better life so is my boyfriend.Now my dad and me are some what more closer than before.



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