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The first trimester of pregnancy is a time filled with excitement and celebration. But it can also be a period of difficult changes, both physical and emotional. From morning sickness to mood swings, the first trimester is unlike any other, and we at Pregnancy Stories want to hear about it! Keep us informed about your first pregnancy experiences, especially those pregnancy symptoms, fetal development, and, of course, your baby's first ultrasound! We can't wait to hear from you!

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wanting one

I am 16. I will be 17 soon. I have two jobs that I work full time at. I also go to school. I have a boyfriend Steven. I know that I am to young to want something like this but I do. I want a baby so bad. When I was 11 or 12 my baby cousin Austin was born. My cousin his mommy was still going through her "wild" stage in life. So she was constantly asking me to babysit. Austin is now 5. I have basically raised this child. Because she could not grow up. I have been with my boyfriend for a year and some odd months. I have gotten my pregnancy "hopes" a couple times because of unprotected sex. but never anything positive. I took a pregnancy test a couple months ago (home test) and it came out positive. I was so excited. Then Steven my boyfriend asked me to take another to make sure. It was negative. I was so upset. I wanted a baby so bad. Steven and I have had several mishapps. but never anything. This month i thought I had missed my period. then a couple days ago I realized that I was like 3 days late. I took a test. it was negative. I ended up gettin my period the next day. it is strange but in my family women have their periods while pregnant. so I am hopin I could be. My parents would never accept me being pregnant. but at the point in my life I really don't care what they think. I feel like i yern for a baby. Steven wants a baby but he says just not now. Then I tell him I think I might be and he gets excited and says what happens happens for a reason. And that he will be here for me. I want to have a baby of my own really bad.



I am currently away from home, and 19. my job has had me overseas for the last 6 months. Since the second week of January I kept getting these weird feelings like something is missing. and someone came up to me and said "oh my gosh your just glowing you look beautiful" and I though dont say that that usually means your pregnant!! and then I noticed constant discharge and feeling heavy and then about the time of my period it didnt feel like it was time for me to start. no pms no water weight no spotting no cramps nothing. now its 6 days past my expected period and I have taken 3 test at home and they all said pregnant. but i know for a fact I have ovarian cysts. they are not big and they have never caused me to miss or be late on a period and in mid january for a couple days at work I was absolutely exausted and I slept enough. my dr appt isnt for 4 more days could it be possible of false positives? idk. but I pray my belly Im getting is really my future love. Im just afraid of hearing its not.....



My Fiance and I have been together for almost over three years. About four months ago we decided to take a break. I had just graduated highschool and found out I was 2 months pregnant. I was scared and i didn't want to tell my ex (at the time). I kept it a secret from everyone but my step mom and my dad.... They were so excited. When I was about 4 months my mom found out and we ended up sitting down and arguing alot about what I should do. Here I was 2 months away from starting college and the beginning of my new life. Jeremy, my now fiance, found out from his mom that i was holding this secret... the only reason she found out was because I was really close with his sister and we talked about everything. She accidently slipped and their mom found out. Jeremy ended up confronting me and was really mad because I hadn't told him. He had told me he had realized i was showing in my belly, but really didn't want to admit it to himself at the time, because he was seeing someone else at the time as I was too. But we began to talk and he told me he didn't want it, lying to me because he wanted what was best for me because of school and because i was still living with my mom. About a month later during my 5th month I started to get cramps really bad, but i had read a book on pregnancy and it said that i would feel that way and have certain symptoms and thats what i figured it was. I went to work the next morning but by then I was bleeding and couldn't figure out why. I ended up getting rushed to the hospital half way through my shift at work. I had gone into premature labor and lost the baby. I cried so much because i had wanted the baby so bad. Jeremy broke down that day and admitted to me that he had wanted the baby and how sorry he was.

I'm ninteen now and my fiance and i have our own house... we're trying to have a baby now and it just isnt working for us. I've been doing everything possible to get pregnant but I just can't... I take pregnancy tests all the time because i haven't gotten my period in awhile and i'm always urinating and i'm always exhausted... but the tests always come back negative. We have agreed to stop trying and just let what happens happen. hopefully soon we'll be welcoming a bundle of joy into our home and our family.


The hopeful first

My fiance and I have been trying to get pregnant for the last 3 months and we did have a major scare a month or so ago, now I have yet to get my period , been more crabby than usual, have had LOTS of excess gas all month, slight not so much painful but more annoying cramping kinda like what it feels like right before you get your period, and i keep getting that feeling like i have gotten my period so I will rush to the nearest bathroom and i dont kno what to think of course I want it to be that I am pregnant but everyone is diffrent so I would like some opinons here please. Thanks!!


Twins at 16 and 3 more on the way.

Hey my name is Stacey and i just wanted to tell you my story. well it all started when i was about 16 and me and my boyfriend, Zac (who is 2 years older than i am ) both said we loved each other and we decided to spend "one whole night together" which i was hoping to just see a new you probably know, we didnt end up seeing a movie, we did it. a few weeks after we did it, my stomach got bigger and i started to eat a lot and throw up constantly. i figured maybe it was just my stomach getting sick all the time. i told my best friend Maddiy-Lynn and she thought that maybe in fact i was pregnant. because she was older than me, she offered to buy me a few tests. that night, i took the test and the next morning i would find out if i actually was pregnant.well, that next morning i freaked.i was pregnant. after i freaked, i called Maddiy-Lynn and she told me to calm down and that i should tell Zac and my parents. so, i went with her idea and told my parents and they got mad at me but told me that they would stand with me through it all. after i told my parents, i told Zac and he also freaked but said he saw it coming and he would also be with me through it all because he was the one who wanted to have sex. when i got my first ultrasound, Zac, Maddiy-Lynn, my parents and Zac's parents were by my side and all cried when we heard that i was having twins. we also cried when we finally saw them and heard their heartbeats. so after that i went to school and the rumor started and of course i got made fun of because of my fat stomach filled with 2 living things. all i can say was that when my water broke about 8 1/2 months after i told everybody, everything went downhill because my contractions. of course, after almost 22 hours of hard labor and with Zac and my parents at my side, i gave birth to my breathtakingly beautiful twins, Jaycob Anthonie Mathews and Brandiee-Lynn Marie Smithe having the last names of me and their dad, Zac. they were born on January 10th, 2005 at 10:43 pm. now, i'm 20, and they are both 4 years old (their birthday was 9 days ago) and just starting pre-school. Zac and i are still together but in a different way, marriage. we got married on August 1st 2008 and are pregnant with triplets that are due on my birthday, April 5th, 2009. we are so excited to be married and to have triplets on the way!!! we just found out yesterday that there are going to be 2 boys and 1 girl. we have already given them names, Kyliee Marriee Mathews , Bryan Michael Mathews, and Kyle Nathen Mathews. The 4 of us all hope that they will be big bundles of joy. All I need to say to pregnant teens is that ,because it happened to me, you can't always be happy for yourself when you make wrong decisions but if you do, always remember that from that day on you'll wake up with a bundle of joy in your home. Personally i don't think having Jaycob and Brandiee-Lynn was a mistake it was the thing in my life that told me "i can make bad decisions and be happy ".


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