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The first trimester of pregnancy is a time filled with excitement and celebration. But it can also be a period of difficult changes, both physical and emotional. From morning sickness to mood swings, the first trimester is unlike any other, and we at Pregnancy Stories want to hear about it! Keep us informed about your first pregnancy experiences, especially those pregnancy symptoms, fetal development, and, of course, your baby's first ultrasound! We can't wait to hear from you!

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Pregnant again.... I Think?!

Well I planned my first pregnancy when I was 15 years old with my high school sweetheart, (I wasn't one of them crazy teenagers from the Maury show.) and ended up getting pregnant within 2 months of trying to concieve. My pregnancy was great with no morning sickness, no extra weight gain, took prenatal vitamins every day like I was supposed to, perfectly healthy pregnancy. I ended up giving birth a month early to a beautiful 5 lb 19in little boy named Jeremiah, at 16 years old. I've always been a great mother, and ended up growing up faster than normal girls my age, he is my savior. I made it to the 12th grade but because I was over crowded by immature teenagers I ended up dropping out the first week of school. I did get my GED and I'm about to start college, in a few days. I left his father about 2 years ago. Now I'm planning my wedding with my new boyfriend of a little more than a year. I've been trying to get pregnant for 3 months now and no luck. Now is the 4th month and I keep thinking I'm pregnant but I keep getting my hopes up. My period is late by a few days, naseaous feeling (wasn't naseaous last time though), discharge with no color or odor, tired constantly, and eating like crazy. Last time I was pregnant the first symptom I noticed was my breast were soar and if I am this time then they aren't soar yet. If I am pregnant hopefully, I'd say I'm about 2 weeks, I couldn't tell until I was a month last time. I want to know whether I'm pregnant or not so I don't get my hopes up this time. any advice. sorry i made this so long.


teenage pregnanycy

I am now 24 years old and have 2 beautiful children. I got pregnant with my first child when I was 17 years old, he was born when I turned 18. during my time being pregnant thoughts of abortion had come to my mind, but after doing research I suddenly changed my mind. although like always the father seems to not want anything to do with the expecting mother or unborn baby. after being teased in high school, getting treatining calls at home I decided to quit school. when my son was born a light came on, I need to get my education, I need to be something for my son, so I returned to school and graduated in 2003! during my last year in high school I met someone who is now my husband, he accepted my son as his own. a year later we had our baby girl! although times were rough, we still managed to get by. after three years in college I graduated and lucked inot a job in my field! Today I am married,have two amazing children, and a very well paided job! remember when times are rough just think about you child(ren) they always seem to put smiles on my Face!


steph, mark, kaylib

I was 15 and Mark was 20. He was gorgeous he had a beauiful smile and the nicest eyes ever. He was my big cousin's(John) friend. I alway's go to John's house for New Years and Mark was there. Everyone went out for fireworks bu after a while I went in and Mark followed me. One thing led to another but I was so in love. Me and Mark kept it a secret from my family until my sixeenth but a week beore my sixteenth I realised my period was late so I took a test. I wasn't worried because we always used protection but the test came up positive. My world fell apart. Pregnant. I had just got my results for my standards I had passed them all but this. I kept it secre for a month but then one night I told Mark he was really upset and scared but he said he loved me and stuck by me. He was there when I told my mum. My mum kicked me out I fet so torn but I went to go live with Mark and his mum. His mum was suer supportive she took my to the doctors it turned out I was 3 and a half month pregnant!! My pregnancy went by ok. Marc was there the whole time and my mum had started to talk to me again. Then on the 4th of June I gave birth to the most beautful boy in the world wieghing 6lbs 10oz. I ha always said if I had a boy I would name him Kaylib. So me and Mark decided to name our beautiful boy Kaylib Marco Hennon. Marco is Mark's real name. Now I'm 17 and just finished my highers and me and MArc love our baby. The love I feel for my son is unbelievable. We have our own apartment and Kaylib is his daddy's double.I am the luckiest girl alive

Stephanie Golden

So Confused

Hi Everyone,

Well I never thought I would be writing something like this, but I am going absolutely crazy and do not know what to do. My last normal period ended on November 17th. I was on a trip that weekend and did not go to the pharmacy to get my new pack of BC until monday. I took two pills monday evening, and that night, woke up from throwing up. I called my doctor and she said with the time, I should be okay, but just to be safe, my boyfriend and I always always use condoms (correctly, and they did not break). The last time we had sex was November 25. On November 27, I woke up with sore boobs. On November 28th, I woke up peeing all the time and this did not stop for awhile. I became slighly paranoid and while I was pretty sure it wouldn't do anything, i took the morning after pill just in case. Then that Monday my I started feeling sick to my stomach (the exact kind of quesy that occured when I took the double dose of BC). All week these symptoms continued. Then on December 6th, the Friday before my period was due, I started having spotting and light brown bleeding that lasted until the next Friday. I had a little bit of normal blood and clotting, but nothing like a normal period.

I saw my doctor and have now done 7 quantiative blood tests, all negative (last one was less than one). My blood pressure was realy high due the anxiety I was having because of this and she told me I had to stop taking BC all together until it went back down. I said that was fine as my boyfriend and are not having sex until all this is figured out and I can go on a form of BC that I will be more responsible about. It is now 4 weeks since my period was supposed to come, and I am still doing home pregnancy tests and they are still negative. I am still having all my symptoms though, the quesiness is just getting worse and I am getting cramps and weird spasms in my abdomen and uterus area. I have also noticed my hands and legs are incredibly veiny and I have a the dark line going up from my pelvis to my belly button(which I know is weird as this does not come on until later in pregnancy).

I have a serious boyfriend who I love to death and we would be totally fine having a child. I am 25 and he is 27 and we both have great jobs and great supportive families. The not knowing is driving me absolutely insane though. Four doctors, all my friends, and my family tell me there is no possible way I could be pregnant and experiencing all these symtoms with no HCG in my system, but my body has never felt so strange. I am trying to be patient, but the end does not seem to be in site to knowing or not. Has anyone else been through something like this or have any words of wisdom?


Hoping for a perfect Christmas Gift!!

My Husband and I have been married for 3 months...we have been dating for 7 years!! We are both more then ready to have a baby and started on the Honeymoon. Every month getting the let down is very upsetting, especially when all your friends around you are getting pregnant and they call you and ask you if you are and each time its a no. I know 3 months isnt a long time, but the days seem very long in a month waiting and waiting and getting let down. I am due this week, and actually haven't been feeling well all week...nausea, sore thoat, chills, aches and flu like symptoms. However did take a take test because I was afraid to take advil if I'm pregnant and once again not pregnant! Only strange thing is I normally have very sore boobs a few days before my due period and nothing this month. I am praying, just praying that the test was able to pick it up yet and I will get great news, will be the BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT ever to my husband and I! Fr all the woman trying along with me, I will pray for you too and for all the woman who are already pregnant god bless you and your baby! Just remember that baby is a miracle from GOD!!


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