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The first trimester of pregnancy is a time filled with excitement and celebration. But it can also be a period of difficult changes, both physical and emotional. From morning sickness to mood swings, the first trimester is unlike any other, and we at Pregnancy Stories want to hear about it! Keep us informed about your first pregnancy experiences, especially those pregnancy symptoms, fetal development, and, of course, your baby's first ultrasound! We can't wait to hear from you!

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Baby fever?

I really need to get this off my chest. My husband is very tired of hearing abou it.

I want a baby. I want to have a child very badly.

11 of my friends are pregnant or just had their baby, now i don't want to get pregnant because all my friends are doing it. I wanted to hve a child right after I got married, at 18,1 month after i graduated high school, but my husband convinced me to wait. Which ultimetally I think was a good idea. I am now in college and desperaetally wanting a baby. I have 3 more semesters to go untill i graduate, and i dont want to wait.

I understand that waiting till i graudate will be better and easier for me but i really dont want to. for the longest time i was very concerned with what my family will think of that. ultimetally i can to realize that i am 20 years old my husband is 24 and if we want to have a baby it is only our opinions that matter, that i shouldn't be worried about hwat any one else will think. that is we want a baby then we should have a baby.

Both my husband and i want kids, he wants 2 i want 3 but we will get to that desicion after we have 2. He wants to wait untill i am done with college, which is tough for me. as i wanted a child at 18 and i have foreced myself to wait, but i just dont want to wait anymore.

Any advice on how to put these feelings of baby fever on hold.

I know that it would be best to wait till i graduate. I don't plan on doing anything with my degree i am only getting it becuase my family excepts it of me. I am getting a bachalor of science in business and economics. This degree will not secure me a better paying job. I like the job that i have now and would like to keep it, so the degree is not going to better me in any way, i hate going to college, i feel like it has put my life on hold. But it would be nice to get it done and over with.

I was just hoping to get some advice on how to not focus on this so much. Everytime i see one of my firends with their children or pregnant i feel like i am going to cry and in many cases i have to excuse myself and go up to my room or into the closest bathroom and cry a few tears before pulling myself back togeather.

My husband really doesn't want to talk about it any more becuase i just get upset. im not sure who to talk to about this anymore becuase no one wants to talk with me about it anymore.



excited and ready! i hope!

i'm 26 my husband is 30 we've been together for 5 years, in this last year theres been a lot of talk about having kids, he's teacher, i'm a personal trainer we just bought a house and have a huge debt... in the last 3 months my husband has really wanted to start trying but i keep putting it off cause i want it to be at the right time, finacially..etc (it's never the right time is it?) at the same time i want to be a young mum, i spend hours looking at anything to do with pregnancy online and i find myself checking out pregnant women and guessing how far along they might be!... i've set a date for when we'll start trying cause i live overseas from my mum and family and would want them to be able to visit for the birth.... i took a bit of advice from a story on here ... i'm not going to worry too much about the ovulation calculations !(thanks for the eye opener) i could see myself getting too wrapped up in that rather than the moment it's meant to be ...theres also the worry of it not happening at all...guess only time will tell ...
so maybe i've given everything too much thought!... we are very excited about the idea of pregnancy!! (he's even been renting all the clucky movies... Juno, knocked up)!!


The Little Pink Line

I'm seventeen years old, and have been dating my boyfriend for going on 7 months. We've had unprotected sex for the first time about 3 days from my period's due date and again on it. I'm usually extremely accurate with the timing of my period but... somethings strange. I'm feeling no cramps as of yet, and it is now a day overdue. Frequent urination has me concerned as well along with not often but certain moments of tenderness in my breasts. It had possibly been late but I took a pregnancy test as a quick reaction.

I didn't really look up the best timing to take a home test so it ended up one pink line which would be expected. I feel a little excited LOL but scared, as a teen. I'm confident in me and my boyfriend because no matter our age, and what anyone says I love him more than anything in the world and I can't wait to start a family with him... But the wait is just so much... Looking at the little line makes me wonder if a week from now will my period come at all... or will that little pink line suddenly sit next to another one.

Sometimes when I hold up the used test and see the little line... I know it's silly but I imagine myself as that one little line. Wondering when that other little pink line, my baby will come and join it's seat next to me :) haha... I'll keep you guys updated... How anxious are you guys before the news??

- Alizé <3


To Bex

Bex: I was on the pill for 2 yrs prior to that I was on the shot for 18 months. I went back to school and with so much work I forgot to take some of my pills, I was so scared because I didnt had my period for 2 months! I would take a pregnancy test every two weeks, until I spoke to my gyn, he told me that I might still have the effects of the pill, and since I had gotten off I might take a while for my hormones to get back to normal. So hopefully this is what's going on with you! I will recommend you talking to your gyn about this, I did got my period after 2 months of not having it, and then I decided to get back on the shot! GOOD LUCK!



am I???

Well....hi I guess you can say im a little nervous because im in college and I have a good job and a lot going for me and my boyfriend and I are always on and off.....and a few weeks ago I started feeling sick. I got morning sickness and at work, a crazy head ache as well as hot flashes, and my pants omg they're so tight and im a skinny gal. Im totally scared to take a test. Im not on birth control because it gives me bad side effects. So....I don't know what do you think...I mean my boobs even hurt! But it could all be in my head to, ya know. Im 19 too so idk. Thanks ppl!


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