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The first trimester of pregnancy is a time filled with excitement and celebration. But it can also be a period of difficult changes, both physical and emotional. From morning sickness to mood swings, the first trimester is unlike any other, and we at Pregnancy Stories want to hear about it! Keep us informed about your first pregnancy experiences, especially those pregnancy symptoms, fetal development, and, of course, your baby's first ultrasound! We can't wait to hear from you!

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My Brother's Best Friend.

I'm fourteen years old and my birthday is in a week. I met my brother's friend Christan when I was in seventh grade and he was a freshman. I thought he was extremely cute but I knew he wouldn't like a "little" girl like me. Anyway, we grew up and started to get to know eachother and with each passing moment I liked him more and more. It wasn't until the fourth of July party between my eighth grade and freshman year when he told me he wanted to kiss me. He left before we could and the subject never came up again. At the beginning of freshman year, would give eachother notes and he would tell me how beautiful I was even though he had a girlfriend in my grade. Then this pasr New Years, he spent the night and my parents left to go out and eat. He later came into my room when my brother was on the phone with his girlfriend Maggie. He then asked me if we could kiss and I happily agreed. He kissed five times on my bed in my room and it would've led to more if my little sister Loren didn't barge in. That was five months ago; Christan has a new girlfriend, my friend Autumn and theyve even had sex already. I dated a sophomore named Matt twice, then I broke up vwith him, yet we made out and he put bis hands in my pants. This past Friday, I wore a sexy blue sweator dress and a bunch of boys whistled at me and some tried to look up my dress!! Then I went to the gym where I saw my best friend Christan playin basketball. When the bell rang, he came over to hug me and he said I looked amazngly beatiful and that I was very attractive. I ate his words up, yet I didn't think of them much because he always said that. But when we were climbing up the staires he said my butt looked "really really" good and he grabbed it with both hands. I was so shocked and he smiled at me like he was overjoyed. Later that day after school, we walked to the gym locker rooms so I could change for my softball game when he told me I was "incredibly sexy" and when we hugged two times I felt his boner on my thigh. I thought nothing of it because he had a gf and we were really good friends. Then he grabbed my butt again, but harder and he said it looked amazing. Later that night, he called me to ask me how I felt about what he did and he told me he wanted to kiss me. I told hm I wanted to too and before we hung up, he said he didn't want to kiss me but he wanted to makeout with me really badly. He called me later that night, about at midnight, and he admitted to me that he wanted to have sex with me and that he's thought about it alot before. He said that he would buy condoms and that he's wanted to have sex with me for a very long time; he said he proubaly would have had sex with me that night when we first kissed. I told hm that I would have sex with. Him but not now because I didn't want to get pregnant or get a STD. I've never been pressured into having sex, especially with a junor who has a grlfrend and who is my best friend. I never have received attention like this before and I'm terriffed at what the future holds. Hopefully, these stories of teen pregnancy will motivate me even more to wait until I'm ready.



my boy

i was 15, it was the night of my birthday and me and my boyfriend, (npt saying his name) decided it was time, and we did it, but what we didnt realise, the condom must have split, and two months past, no sign of my period, so we got the test sat there me and him, and waited for the results, it was positive, so we did another just to make sure, and it was positive, so he went home and explained to his parents what happened, and so did i, and they were confused, upset, and disappointed, but we went with it, through the pregnancy with the support of everyone, and i was due on the 7th of feb 2012, and the day finally came, 3am in the morning on the 8th of feb one day late, i went to get up and my waters broke, my dad drove me and my boyfriend to hospital, 15 hours of labour, gas and air, and i gave birth to
James Ryan, 7lb 5oz, what a amazing day that was, now my boy is 3 months and 4 days old, and me and my boyfriend are still strong, just proves that not all teen mums are bad <3
Lily-Rae !


What to do!!

I'm Chelsea and I'm in CPS. The place I'm at is near my BF's house so what did I do? I run away and slept with him..not the smartest thing! When the cops found me they brought me bacc to my placement were I am at with my two wonderful sisters... Thats not the problem..I think I'm pregnant!!! I have no idea what to do. If I am they will kick me out of here and I can't be with my sisters! Someone give me advice! I'm only 15 and have no way to take a pregnancy test without my caseworker knowing!HELP!!!


Planning my family!

I've been married for over 2 years now and we have just decided to try and start a family. While I am only 24, my husband turns 29 this year and he says he doesn't want to be too old to play with our children. This suits me fine, as I'm so clucky I have been looking up "pregnancy games" online.
I have to wait three months before I can start trying because of pre-pregnancy vaccinations (the wait is killing me!).
In the mean time, I have been simultaneously struggling to contain my excitement, and freaking out. At first I thought maybe my panic meant that I wasn't ready. I kept going over everything in my head, debating and reasoning with myself. But really, you should do that. The decision to start a family should not be taken lightly, and I think my panic comes with an understanding of the magnitude of this decision. My life and relationships will change forever, and that's ok. At least I'm aware and ready for it. I won't be the "perfect" mother, and that's fine.
To all you beautiful women who have decided to undertake this journey, I want to congratulate you!!

And now I begin the longest 12 weeks of my life...


A mommy-to-be

I am a regular reader of this website and I can say with confidence that I have read almost all of your stories. While the news of pregnancy should always be an exciting time in any parent's life, sometimes it upsets me to see that girls as young as 13-14 are getting pregnant irresponsibly. I personally am 24 y/o, married, graduated from a prestigious university and currently working. I found out that I was pregnant at 3-4 weeks. Both my husband and I were very happy. I shared the news with my family who also became very excited. So far everything has gone well. I am postponing the baby shopping because I want to wait for the gender first and for the risk of miscarriage to lower. To all pregnant women out there, I wish you all luck with your pregnancies. And I won't be able to finish this story without a message to all young, teenage girls who think that forming a family is like playing house. Please grow up, gain some maturity, finish school, obtain a career and find a loving, responsible husband before you decide to bring a child into the world. Being sixteen, without a job, trusting your lust for a partner who may easily leave and doubt you tomorrow are all foolish and irresponsible reasons for wanting a child. I can promise you this: once that pregnancy is over and the child is born, that baby will be the one to suffer the consequences more than anyone else, more than you, your dear ("mature"!) boyfriend, your parents or your friends who are in the same boat. Please do not be selfish and think twice before you decide to be a teen mom. Thanks for reading. Take care!


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