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The first trimester of pregnancy is a time filled with excitement and celebration. But it can also be a period of difficult changes, both physical and emotional. From morning sickness to mood swings, the first trimester is unlike any other, and we at Pregnancy Stories want to hear about it! Keep us informed about your first pregnancy experiences, especially those pregnancy symptoms, fetal development, and, of course, your baby's first ultrasound! We can't wait to hear from you!

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Suprise, suprise.

This story is a funny story about how I found out I was pregnant with my son, Bryan.

I was on active duty in the Army and was stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC. A friend of mine was pregnant (which is sad because she eventually lost it due to a growth on her ovary crushing the fetus). We were talking one day about pregnancy. I told everyone that I couldn't get pregnant. I had only been married 3 months and I have very irregular periods (I can go sometimes 6 months without having one). I didn't show any signs of it or anything. My friends laughed and joked around saying that I was. So, in an effort to show them that I wasn't and prove them wrong (which is my personality to "always be right") I bought a pregnancy test. I decided to take a long bath, since that day was particularly stressful. So, I peed on the stick, sat it on the rim of the tub, and proceeded to start the water and get ready. When I was ready to jump in I took a glance at the test which I was ultimately sure it would say negative. Guess what. It was positive. I was in shock. I just climbed in the bath and yelled for my husband (now ex). He was very happy. Now I have a wonderful, happy, beautiful 4 yr old boy. I'm very glad that I was wrong that day.



Hi! I am 42, and my fiance and I have been trying to conceive for about 6 months. I have been tracking my ovulation by using both a Basal Body Temp method and also an LH Hormone surge kit. Almost 2 weeks ago we realized that my BBT was higher than usual and made love.

It is not quite time for my period yet but my breasts have been tender for over a week, I had nausea yesterday and today, and also today noticed some breakthrough bleeding on my panties, so without taking a test yet or getting my period, I am convinced are are expecting!

This is my 3rd pregnancy. I will follow up when i have confirmed it!

Best wishes to all you ladies TTC (trying to conceive) out there! Have faith - it WILL happen!
~ Gleason



I have read these stories, a few at a time, over the past 7 months wondering when I'll get a chance to write myself! So here I am writing that I am pregnant (just over 4 weeks now, but I am at least cautiously optimistic ;-)). I titled this story "Success!" because I wanted to share some tips which might have helped us conceive this month.

We decided at first to take the romantic route and just do it a lot ;-) After a few months of that I realized it would be better to use my wits! I bought a fertility monitor (I used ClearBlue's) in December '07 (today is March 21 '08) and have used it for two cycles now. It is not directly the reason for our success because my husband and I are living apart (due to work) currently and so have not been together at the 'perfect' times (the "peak" days according to the monitor)... but still I am pregnant! So let me tell you how I think it happened:

First, the symptoms and how I knew I was likely pregnant this month: The monitor has eased my worries a great deal--especially during the last two weeks of the cycle when I wonder nearly constantly whether or not it's worked. Though my ovulation date varies by 3 days, the length of my luteal phase (those last approximately two weeks of the cycle) is constant: 15 days exactly from my second "peak" day. This way I knew every month exactly when I was due. This month I knew exactly the day I would test (saved $ on the tests too this way ;-)). I noticed this month, though, that instead of losing the tenderness in my breasts two days before my period was due, they only got more tender (hmm), though not at all severely sore.

Now the method ;-) I decided to take Mucinex (if you try this, Google the heck out of it before going ahead with it to make sure you've got the dosage and type correct) and grapefruit juice (lots of it - two large containers over the period of two weeks) to increase the quality of my cervical mucus. My husband and I could only be together this month during my "low" days (according to the monitor), and as expected, I sensed the familiar ovulation aches exactly on the 2nd "peak" day (3 days after my husband had left again) according to the monitor.

And that's it! No other symptoms, no excess worry! Phew... now I have to figure out how I'm going to chill out about the risk of miscarriage :-/

I wish you all luck and wisdom as well - keep educating yourself and the worry will subside I hope :-) Oh, and the romance amidst all this calculating? It has been splendid regardless! (actually it's been even better than when we were trying constantly :-p too much of a good thing? ;-p) As long as you and your partner are "on the same page" just the lack of stress, and the peace will be worth the calculating!


Symtoms I felt

When I got pregnant, I had symptoms even before I missed my period. My breasts were much more tender just days after conception and I had started to feel very tired.

I was moving at the time and couldn't understand why I could not get anything packed. I was supposed to be out by May 1st, but I called the landlords to get an extension, and on the 3rd I got a positive pregnancy test. After that, I got morning sickness terribly, and had to get medication it was so bad, but I discovered at 11 weeks pregnant that I was carrying twins!

My morning sickness lasted for 3 months! I shocked the nurse by telling her I was having twins before I had an ultrasound, I had guessed that I was having twins because I had every pregnancy symptom there was and it was so severe, the fatigue had me down literally and the sickness was so horrible that the doctors almost had to intravenously hydrate me because I could not even keep water down, however, I opted to just eat a whole lot of watermelon and stay on the couch and it helped my hydration return.

I was even able to feel fetal movement very early on, like about 10 weeks! But it was a while after that that I felt them more regularly. And the most important symptom I had was the "mood swings". Oh man, all my friends were either agreeing with me or saying they had to leave!


Artifical insemination

Me and my partner sarah are a happy engaged lesbian couple, who have been planning for a baby for over 5 months, but have had no luck trying to find a sperm donor. after all the effort, time and money we put in we have now found a donor and have opted for ivi (intravaginal insemination) which is basically the same as home artifical insemination. We have all the equipment we need and we have planned it for this weekend (15/3/08). We are very excited, but we know the chances of getting pregnant arent too high but we're trying to stay positive though! We have a lovely home, and good income. a lot of people wouldnt agree with what were doing, 1 because we are lesbians, and 2 because we're quite young, but its the right decision for us and we know we have a lot to offer the baby, so were going ahead!!

We decided together that i (anna) will carry our first child, no particular reason. when the baby is born were both be equal parents anyway!
We have a journal that were going to write in regulary to record the pregnancy and our thoughts!

If everything goes to plan and we get a positive result, i will post it up here!! hehe

From Anna and Sarah

Anna and sarah

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