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The first trimester of pregnancy is a time filled with excitement and celebration. But it can also be a period of difficult changes, both physical and emotional. From morning sickness to mood swings, the first trimester is unlike any other, and we at Pregnancy Stories want to hear about it! Keep us informed about your first pregnancy experiences, especially those pregnancy symptoms, fetal development, and, of course, your baby's first ultrasound! We can't wait to hear from you!

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When I was 19 I was in a steady relationship with my boyfriend. We started having sexual relations within 3 weeks of meeting each other. So far we had dated 4 months. Secretly I wanted a baby, but didn`t tell my boyfriend because I didnt know how he felt about children. We never took any precautions.

Anyway, when we had been dating about 4 months, I started feeling sick to my stomach. Of course, then, I missed my period. i knew that I was probably pregnant. I took a home pregnancy test which came up positive. I told my boyfriend and he was actually happy.

2 weeks later we went to the fist doctor appointment where I had an ultrasound. We got to see our baby which looked like a small flickering blob. It was very amazing to see that our child was so healthy. Two weeks later my boyfriend proposed to me. I accepted, deciding to give our child to parents who were in a very stable relationship.

We eloped 1 week later. My pregnancy went on without complication. At almost 2 weeks overdue I gave birth to my son, Erick. 8 months later I discovered I was pregnant again. This time I had a daughter who I named Savannah.

14 months later, I found out that I was pregnant yet again, this time with twins! The twins were born at 38 weeks without complication. I named them Jake and Hannah. 8 months later we wanted yet another child to expand our already big family (we were obviously financially stable). I became pregnant immediately, however, I miscarried at 8 weeks.

4 months later I discovered that I was pregnant again. I gave birth to a baby boy named Kade. Unbelievably 20 months later I discovered I was pregnant again. I gave birth to a baby girl named Harlow. Now I have my 6 kids and Im very happy.


14 and Pregnant

Wen i woz 14 i fell had over heels in love with this lad, Spenca! He was 22 and was always kind and considerate to me untill e had a really big argument. My So Called best-m8 had old me that she and Spenca had slept together and that he had told her he wanted herand not me!! Iignored Spenca's calls and ignored him wen he called 4 me. It woz hard but i couldn't accept wothad bin sed.

Anyway Spenca had bin tkin 2 Hanna and he had go her tell me the truth so wen she came roun and told meit was all lies i woz devastated and furious wiv her!! She had recked my relationship thru Jealousy and i wasn't ready 2 4give her either.

About a week afta she had told me the truth i went round 2 Spenca's House and told him evryfin that Hanna had sed 2 me and sed i woz so sorry that i hadn't hard his side, but i hoped we could put it behind us. He was Silent for ages and i thought he woz gonna kick me out but then he slowly started 2 strip right in the middle of his living room!! He told me that the only way we could put this behind us woz 2 prove our love 2 each other!!

I woz nervious and didn't really no if i wanted 2 have sex wiv him at 14 but i thought i loved him and wanted 2 make things ryt agen! Stupid mistake!! About 6 weeks afta i realised i woz pregnant and woz so scared i didn't no wot 2 do!! I took a pregnancy test just 2 be certain and it came back positive!! I woz devastated i had just thru my life away. i'd never rally thought abou using protection or asked him if he woz going 2 use a condom or not!

Anyway about 3 week after finding out i met up wivhim n told him that i woz pregnant. The first thing he sed 2 me woz 'It's not mine' I woz shocked an anry because it definitleywoz his. I told him this and hejust sed that he dint want nufin 2 do wiv the kid and that i wo just sum little school kid who he'd enjoyed 'having'! It made me feel so sick and i went storming off crying!

I told my best friend and she sed that she'd come 2 the abortion clinic with me if i wanted!! I dint tell my parents my dad would haveripped Spenca's head off then totally not speack 2 me at all!! 3 weeks l8r i had the abortion! It woz embarrasing but not really that painful! My m8 must have told Spenca because 3 dys after the abortion he rang me up and sed he was sorry and that he woz wondering if i couldmeet him at his house with 'something sexy on'!!!!! I felt disgusted wiv him and told him that he woz a arrogant pig and that i wanted nothing 2 do wiv him agen!! He nearly ruined my life and i wasn't going 2 let it happen a second time!!

Myadvice 2 al youn girls out there is to wait till ya ready to have sex! Don't just do it 2 make things right if he loves ya he'll not be that angry with ya and will soon forgive ya!!

I'm 15 now and am in a steady relationship wiv Andy who is 17. He knows what happend and has promised me he'll wait till i'm ready! I don't regret my decision and can't wait 2 be a mum to a child i no i'll lov and e able 2 take care off!!

Thanx xx

Suga n Spice

My Teenage Pregnancy

I had been going out for Dan for about two years already and when we decided to have sex it happened. We used condoms of course but when we finished the condom had already broken. I told him there was a one in a million chance that I'd get pregnant but it happened.

When I got to school about 3 months later I started feeling lower cramps and I had missed my period. I HAD to get a pregnancy test and I knew it. It came back positive. I couldn't tell my parents about it so I told the two people I could trust, my boy friend and his mom.

I showed them the test and I decided to take another test. Just like the first time it came back positive. Dan's mom took me to the doctor and I was PREGNANT. I had to wait to tell my parents but Dan told them instead.

They are supporting me and I am due on Febuary 22, 2008! I can't wait!


My Little Angel

I was almost 18 and was dating a great guy. He was a bit older than me but was so sweet. It wasn't expected, but one day I started getting sick. thinking nothing of it. I continued on as expected. Then soreness of the breasts came and food cravings. Something was wrong.

So I decided to take a test just in case. First test! Positive. That couldn't be right. So I took another. Positive as well. I was pregnant. I was scared, but I knew it wasn't a mistake. I was happy. And when I told her father he agreed.

We moved in together, and even though I had a hard pregnancy, in the end everything turned out good. We just bought a new house. And painted her room. We decided on the name Cassity Lyn.

Having her was the greatest thing I ever did. I was young but mature enough to handle. I love my daughter and there could be no greater love in my life.


Make the right desicion

I first fell pregnant at 14, I was naive and very young, I had missed a period and suspected i was pregnant, i told my boyfriend at the time and he dumped me the day before i took the test. He completely abandoned me and soon he said his cousins were in prison and would hurt me if i kept the baby, his friends started to threaten me and soon all my so called friends bitched about me, this resulted to me moving to a new school and area.

I didnt have to tell my parents, my mum already knew somehow, I loved this baby that was growing inside me, but my parents were very upset, in they end they persuaded me to have an abortion. Before the abortion i met a lovely guy and im still with him now, he has been so supportive. After the abortion i suffered serious depression.

I am now 17 nearly 18 and have been with my boyfriend for nearly 3 years, I am pregnant again and him and my family have been very supportive, I am just about to move out and plan to keep the baby.

I still think about my aborted baby and how life would be now if i had kept it, it will be a decision that will haunt for the rest of my life, I would just like to say to all the young girls out there please protect yourselfs not just from pregnancy STI's too.

I am happy now but things dont always turn out that way. Please thinks about what you are doing.
Thanks for listening xxx


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