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The first trimester of pregnancy is a time filled with excitement and celebration. But it can also be a period of difficult changes, both physical and emotional. From morning sickness to mood swings, the first trimester is unlike any other, and we at Pregnancy Stories want to hear about it! Keep us informed about your first pregnancy experiences, especially those pregnancy symptoms, fetal development, and, of course, your baby's first ultrasound! We can't wait to hear from you!

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My husband and I planned to start trying for a baby soon after we were married, as I am 33 and didn't want to leave it too late. I was so disappointed when I didn't get pregnant right away. I cried every month that we didn't get pregnant then I would try to be positive during the rest of the month.

After 7 months of trying, I am pregnant!!! There were times I thought it would never happen because I wanted it so much.

I think it is important to stay positive when trying to get pregnant. If you finding it difficult to relax try meditation, yoga or positive self talk. Don't let those defeating thoughts fill your head. Very excited!!!


Who knows???

I was at the oral surgeon office and I was having a consultation to have my wisdom teeth taken out. There was a questionnaire I suppose to fill out and I did so, marking do you have asthma, do you have any cancer in you family, etc. I came across one that read, "Are you pregnant?",

I check both boxes and and wrote a little note to the side that read: WHO KNOWS???

The doctor came in and examined my teeth and he asked about that question. He told me that I definitely needed to find out considering I would be put to sleep and that could affect the fetus.

I went home with my mom and took a pregnancy test. I've been married since October 28, 2006 and now it's July 30, 2007. The pregnancy test read negative my brother wanted me take it so bad he couldn't stand it, after he looked in my purse for a stick of gum that's what he found. So normally a big brother screams and says JENNY'S PREGNANT! Well I didn't know but it read negative I threw it at him and the whole family was relieved.

I had stuck that pregnancy test in my purse so I could throw it away later, that night I showed my husband, and what'd ya know!!!!!

IT TURNED ((((((((((((((POSITIVE))))))))))))))

My husband began laughing and I was so upset. I said that thing has sat there in my purse and now it's giving a false a reading.... So we went to Target and both 3 more different ranging from the Best on the market to the lowest grade HPT, well what do you know they all showed up POSITIVE!

I called my brother and cried, he's about to get married August 18, 2007, and I told him I didn't want to take the spot light away from him and his fiancée so Right now it's hush hush, until August 10, 2007 at 10:30am when I have my first visit with the GYOBN I will scream it the whole world, IT'S OUR FIRST BABY.

Yeah I wish I would have waited just a little bit more and gave it time, I'm 20 yrs old, and drank heavily, smoked, and just did whatever a teenager did. But if marriage didn't straighten me out, our baby will.

I'll be writing more! I LOVE THIS SITE! And I love your stories!

Jenny H.

Purpose of Life

Oh wow... Where to begin... I found out I was pregnant Sept. 15, 2006. I was the happiest woman on the earth at that moment. Due to illnesses from my teen years, I feared I would not be able to conceive. And by the graces of God, I conceived.

During the time of conception, I had a girlfriend of mine staying at our house for a week who had just found out she was pregnant. I have a strong suspicion that due to her rising hormones in our house, (call me silly), had something to do with my conceiving. (Sort of like how girls in college dorms all tend to menstruate at the same time... fun fun!)

Anyway... Just a few weeks later, maybe 2, I started peeing all the time - but I'm a small bladder kind of woman anyway, so I thought nothing of it. But then my breast hurt to the touch, even just to walk around (with the bounce) hurt. And my nipples hurt so bad that they stung - sort of like "stonecold". I can't remember if I had extra discharge at the time, but the breasts thing got me suspicious, and when my period was 6 days late, after being quite a regular woman, I took a test, (actually 2 in disbelief), and it was positive. I was 5 weeks pregnant at the time, and went in to an ultrasound and saw the kidney bean baby in the belly. Shortly after that, I started feeling very flush - mild nausea, loose bowl movements, and I had hot and cold sweats constantly. That seemed to go away after the first month or so, and then I had a good month of no bad symptoms.

Going into my second trimester, I started getting HORRIBLE migraines. I mean to the point that they made me so nauseas I didn't want to eat, and the not eating made my head hurt worse. I survived on the Ensure "For Mom" Shakes. I was given Tylenol #3 to help with the headaches, which I was assured was safe for my baby. I was also lucky when it came to feeling Anna move for the first time - it was 17 weeks to the day. I was lying in my bed watching TV when all of a sudden it felt like I farted through my stomach - ha-ha, sorry - more like one popcorn going off inside of me. You could actually see a tiny little ripple of my belly whenever she kicked. She was a very active little baby - 9pm was her time to roll. It was like clockwork – every time I sat down at night, after a long day, and had some warm milk and honey, she would start kicking away. To this day, she is a night owl - stays up until 10ish - and that's not because we let her, there is simply no getting her down. The child does not want to miss a thing.

My second trimester was absolutely the hardest one for me... especially because you're so close and yet so far away from due date. My migraines stopped in my third trimester... I was quite large - I have a short torso, so Anna was way out there and I had to pee more often than someone with a long torso - (lucky ladies). I started feeling Braxton hick’s contractions about a month and a half before Anna was born. Joe and I would take walks all the time and I would be stopping everything couple of minutes with contractions. They didn't hurt like horrible cramp contraction (actual labor), they just tightened the muscles around my uterus that I have no choice but to stop moving and just breathe it out. I kind of liked them though because it trained me for real labor. I was so huge and uncomfortable, and Anna was so healthy, that my OB stripped my membranes for me 3 whole times just to get my water to break. (I will tell you that lots of intercourse helps out with labor to start earlier than later - for all you 2 weeks after due date woman, I'm sorry.)

The morning after I had my membranes stripped for the 3rd time, I woke up at 6 am to a popping/breaking feeling in my vagina. I didn't know if it was a good thing or a bad thing when a little liquid came out. I quickly rushed to the bathroom because I didn't know if I was peeing uncontrollably, or if it was my water breaking. Sure enough - a burst of fluid came out and I ran around like a crazy lady with a towel between my legs, packing last minute things into a bag. And the fluid continues to leak throughout your labor - so I had to hold the towel between my legs in the car, and in the hospital checking in. My labor was hard and strong and fast in the beginning. I was already 3 cm dilated before I was even in labor.

I had been walking around at 2-3 for about a month before. My contractions were AWFUL and right on top of the other. Everything other minute I was having a contraction. And it hurts so bad you don't know if you need to poop or puke. (For me anyway.) I did the ball, I did the swaying...I did the naked embarrassing thing in the tub... I tried different positions, but my contractions were so intense that I actually started to pass out from the pain. I didn't have any resting/breathing time. So I ordered an epidural after 4 hours of hell... After the epidural, I finally felt like I could rest. Remember, it doesn't take away ALL the pain. I still had hard contractions even after exceeding the number of beeps I got on my epi dripper. I proceeded with a cm a minute, and finally, at about 7:45, I was 10 cm. I felt a lot of pressure, but it wasn't like, "AAAH I HAVE TO PUSH."

My doctor came in, and checked me, and he calmly said, "okay, let's try a push." After one push, I felt Anna like RIGHT FREAKING THERE... I was having contractions right on top of the other, so I pushed her out in 45 minutes. (Ladies, don't be alarmed if a little BM slips out - and ignore it, because everyone else does. It doesn't make you GROSS!! You're pushing an 8 lb basketball out of your stomach things are bound to follow!)

Anna was born 5 days before her due date, on Mother's Day. The happiest day of my life... After she was out, they stitched me up, but I couldn't feel any pain or anything. I almost wanted to do it all over again because you forget all the pain and stuff after you have your baby in your arms. I respect women who can go without an epidural... but I want to assure women that you don't have to be a hero... Do what you can do... Your body will tell you what you need. I know mine did. Baked me a beautiful baby girl!! Ha-ha... happy baking preggo ladies, and the best of luck to you...


Update: This is Taking Forever

Well, I took a cheap pregnancy test that came w/ the Pre-Seed that I bought, and it was a BFP!!! I never thought that I would actually be able to post this. I don't really have any pregnancy symptoms, but last month I had every one in the book, at least I thought I did, and I wasn't pregnant.

What I did this month was I bought Pre-Seed, which is absolutely wonderful, and we used it during the time of ovulation. I propped my hips up by using a pillow and I would orgasm after his sperm was already inside me, I heard that the contractions help the sperm move where it needs to be. And this is my third cycle of Clomid 50mg.Thats all. I guess it worked and we are so very excited and are very blessed. I can't wait to hold this little person in my arms. My due date is March 31, 2008.

Remember, that I was in your place for 19 months. I know exactly what you are going through. Just pray about it and go to church and I'm not gonna tell you to relax because it's impossible, I never relaxed. Maybe this month I did just a little though, but I still thought about it constantly I just didn't let it stress me out. Have faith it will happen when God feels that it is the right time.

Good luck to you all. And BABY DUST to all you TTC'ers.


Crossing my Fingers

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for four years now. We went to a FS and there's nothing wrong with me, but my husband has a high number of abnormal sperm. Last month we tried using traditional herbs and my period was suppose to come on the 24th (2 days ago).

I haven't told my husband yet, I'm just praying that I might be preg. Took a preg test this morning and came back negative. I feel bloated, my breast are very big and sore, I'm constantly tired, very sleepy when I wake up I feel nausea and I must eat, one minute I'm full, the next I'm hungry.

I pray to God that my dream has come true.

Please cross your fingers for me.


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