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The first trimester of pregnancy is a time filled with excitement and celebration. But it can also be a period of difficult changes, both physical and emotional. From morning sickness to mood swings, the first trimester is unlike any other, and we at Pregnancy Stories want to hear about it! Keep us informed about your first pregnancy experiences, especially those pregnancy symptoms, fetal development, and, of course, your baby's first ultrasound! We can't wait to hear from you!

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15 and Pregnant

I never believed it could happen to me....but it did. Everything happens for a reason, but I know I'm not ready for this experience. Yes, I am only 15 years old and I've had a boyfriend for 9 months. He was my first real boyfriend I've ever had, and about 7 months of us dating we started getting serious and expressing our love towards each other. Some say young love isn't real, but I know it is. Anyways, I started feeling sick about two weeks after I had sex so I told my mom about it... I didn't think it could have anything to do with being pregnant, but that next week I was still nauseous, and throwing up so I took a pregnancy test, just to see... The result surprised me, I didn't think it could be true so I bought two more, and it was true... I went to the doctor after explaining to my mom, which wasn't easy at ALL! The doctors even tested me, and I was pregnant, for sure. I am only about 8 weeks pregnant right now, and my due date is October 8, 2012. I get terrible cramps every day, and I throw up at random times during the day and night. I wake up around three o'clock every morning to pee, and I find myself peeing a lot more than usual. It's weird thinking of something being inside of my stomach living, but I know God blessed me with a precious baby for a reason. I have very supporting parents on both my side and my boyfriend's side, which I appreciate very much. Being in Highschool is very difficult because I get rude comments from people about being pregnant, but luckily I have many supporting friends that I know will always be here for me. As for the symptoms of the first trimester, I've already mentioned cramps, and throwing up, and nausea, but I also get very light headed and dizzy, I'm more tired than usual, and my jeans are more tighter than usual, which I didn't know would happen so soon. It's a scary process, and I'm not even halfway through it. I hope I can do this.

Paige Hopkins

My Cousin

Hey, my name is Deja and i have a cousin named Tyani. She is only 6 months pregnant. It's very hard to deal with or execpt becuase the sad part is that she is only "14" YEARS OLD. She is due in April. She was 13 when she got Pregnant. I didnt find out until 2 weeks ago iam so hurt because i love her lik an older sister i look up to her but i wish her and her baby the best of luck.

Deja Swaby

pre pregnaacy signs

Hi my name is Sophie before i new I was pregnanti had a lot of morning sickness and stomach cramps it was not till my mother in law started to fell sick to and she. New I was before I did I done a pregnancy test and it was possitive I still had sickness the hole way through but had no other symptoms .


Not knowing what to do

3 weeks ago today i had sex with a guy i barely know, we've hooked up before and his girlfriend is the girl i was bestfriends with in 6th grade, I didn't know they were dating though. I'm 15 now and ill be 16 in august, i'm expecting a baby on September 17th. I texted him earlier in the week and told him i thought that i was pregnant he told me their was no way i could no for a few more weeks almost as if he doubted me, My stomach constantly hurts, i have heart burn and im constantly hungry. Cody was acting rude about it right off rip so i just told him i didnt need him to do this and I wouldnt bother him anymore. I have a boyfriend named justin who is 22, hes incarcerated and he has no idea on whats going on. Its going to completely ruin our relationship. I've been thinking about abortion and honestly i already love this baby. I dont know what i will do but i know all i have is a few friends to help me with it. If you're a girl my age i would hope that you dont have sex and if you do make sure its the person you love. I love Justin with all of my heart i've know him my entire life but i made one little mistake and im going to have to deal with it for the next 8 months and 1 week if i decide to have the baby. So, if you're reading this as a girl my age, i'm not going to say don't have sex. But make sure you do it with someone you really love for the first time and use a condom and be on birth control or you will have to suffer the consequences im about too.



I'm 16 and pregnant and in 10 9rade , me and my baby's daddy Dakota started dating when i was in 9 grade he was my first love he said all the right things and still try's to say the right things but he messed up alot. We always had unprotected sex and one day Dakota cape telling me get a test and i had my friend buy me one when i took it i was like i can't be so i wasn't really scared , but i took it and left it in the bath room and waited in my room for an hour thinking im not and i went to the bath room and it had a + sign on it and i was crying so bad and i had to hide it so my mom or sister wouldn't see it. The next day I saw Dakota and told him i was pregnant and he was happy about it but i wasn't I was scared i told him im only 16 and it will be hard to be a mom , i wanted 3 weeks and one day at home i was writting my mom a note telling her i was pregnant and how sorry i am. And she said Cadie why you crying and i said nothing and she was like there's something wrong and i cape saying your gonna hate me and she said no i wont what is it and I said i was pregnant and she's like no you cant be and she didn't say anything for a couple weeks until dakota broke into my house and pushed a whole in my wall and she gave me 2 tests and they both said + than she maid me go to the hospital and take a blood test and it said i was. My mom and my family thought abortion was the best for me but i couldn't NEVER do that but she cape saying it but dakota and his family wanted me to keep it. One day me and Dakota ran away from school , and i didnt come home tell late that night. than my mom said im done with you and dakota making bad chocies than she maid me move to Indiana with my step dad Darin , and i was only there for ah couple of weeks but i missed Dakota so much and i couldn't satnd being away from him so i got on facebook and emailed my best friend amanda tellling her how much stressed out i am and how much i missed Dakota and she told dakota and dakota statred talking to me and said do you want me to come get you and i said no it's 2 hours away and i don't wanna get in anymore trouble and he got to my mind and the next day he came and got me and we went to a hotel and hide there and his mom toke me home to my mom's and my mom was so mad and i was scared but then like a 2 months later she was happy that was pregnant and now there here for me and Dakota is still in my life but were not together because of court and my mom. But im 5 moths and so many weeks and Im having a girl and her name Is Ella Rose Hamilton , I just can't wait tell shes here <33333


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