Even though infertility affects at least 10% of the population, most couples feel as though they are the only ones struggling through it. Help give some reassurance to those encountering fertility problems by talking about your experience. Did you turn to in vitro fertilization or some other form of infertility treatment? Were alternative or natural fertility treatments useful for you? We want to hear your encouraging anecdotes about infertility and fertility treatments.

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im tired of trying

hello everyone ...i just wannna thank gabby for her words of encouragement for this painful road im goin thru..i guess im finally @ ease with all those wonderful and inspiring stories about women trying to conceive,eventhough i still cry my eyes out everyday...
..sometimes i feel like im worthless as a woman....cos i couldnt conceive,,..
i really love to hear stories and emails from other women ....thank you and may god bless each and everyone whose suffering right now.....

with love


Don't Give Up

Dear Hailey,
I read your story and I was truly touched. I started crying because every word you wrote explained the exact person who I am. I am going through the exact same thing you are and I compare myself to you. I am also married but only for 5yrs. I am 25 yrs old and have been trying since I was 17. I also don't know why god has not heard my prayers. I have cried my eyes out and praying like never before to please become pregnant. My hubby loves kids as well. I feel so useless as a woman because I cannot give him the family he wants. My family used to ask me when I will have a baby and I would tell them were trying. But what saddened me was that they don't ask me that anymore because they know I can't conceive. So what hurts me the most is that now they ask my lil sister when she will have kids. I feel I'm not important anymore because they already saw I can't conceive. So they got tired of asking me. I feel not important anymore. My friends all have kids. The first question when I saw them at first was " Where's the babies at? " It's like I felt the question already coming to me. Like I read there minds before they spoke. But my answer has always been the same " Were trying ". The reason I am writing to you Hailey is because I compare myself to you with our stories. I want to let you know not to give up. I know it's been a difficult journey but don't loose hope. One thing we both should be blessed for is our Husbands. If they did not love us they would not be by our side. We have to realize that. There have been times as well that I wanted to leave my hubby because I couldn't give him the family we wanted. His answer was to me " I married you because I love you" He said " I married you because of the person you are" He told me he would love kids but if god did not bless us that would not be a reason for him to leave me. I do feel even though I don't know you Hailey that your hubby feels the same way. Don't give up. I'm not saying let's go spend alot of money on all these medications that alot of times don't work. But leave it in the hands of god. I have.... I don't worry about it as much anymore because I was letting my marriage slip away by crying all the time in the bathroom. Being alone in the dark, not wanting people to see me, hurting myself,hitting myself. There were times Hailey that my hubby would find me in the bathroom on the ground crying and bleeding because I would wanna die. Being a mother has affected me tremendously. Thank god I am doing alot better. I don't know what I would of done without my husband's help. I am strong because of him and myself. We had a very long talk and are willing to support each other through this tough journey. We still pray to become parents but we don't get stressed like before and I dont cry like before. We are leaving it in the hands of god. We are enjoying our marriage like the first day we met. We go out dancing,shopping,go out on trips you know we are enjoying life at it's best. Everyone says that when you least expect it you will become pregnant. All the stress and crying does not help you conceive. I have been happy and enjoying my marriage. Hopefully god blesses us when we least expect it but for now my baby is my husband and it's the best gift of all. I really do hope Hailey that my story will give you encouragement to enjoy life and your marriage because when you least expect it you will not even know when where what day how it happened that you became a mother...... God bless you Hailey and all the women out there. God is GREAT! God will not leave us.... Remember we don't create miracles he does!!!!!


im tired of trying

ive been married for 8rs and goin thru the 9th year this august,and everytime i pray i thank god for the wonderful man hes provided me with,but deep down in my heart i knew something was missing,a baby...weve been trying for as long as i can rememeber to conceive but nothing seems to be right,i often wonder and ask god why bad things happen to good people or y is it so hard for someone to bear a child without the intervention of medication,all my friends have babaies of their own,and it makes me sick to my stomach,i cried almost every night wandering what is the problem,my in-laws hated me and they love to embarrase me saying i will never have kids,people laugh @ me and kept asking me when will i have children,and sometimes i even answer them with a smile and walk away,every month is like a torture 2 me and,i dont know if god listens to my prayers ,but im tired of trying and trying every month with nothing but ache and pain,sometimes i even go to the extent of leaving my hubby cos im 2 embarrased to walk with him since he love and adore kids,@ this very moment i couldnt help my self but cry my eyes out cos ive done everything i can and still theres nothing...but the only thing that scares me is not being able to have kids,i only pray that god will richly bless all those who have a hard time conceiving....

may god bless u all


Am I pregnant

I have PCOS, I dont get my periods and I dont ovulate. My doctor gave me medicine (first month) but nothing improved, I must continue with the medicine for 4 months. I am unsure, my breasts are very sore and are almost twice as big as normally. Can I be pregnant or what is the reason for this?


8 years of trying

My husband and I have tried to get pregnant for 8 years now. We are a very average couple living day to day with new curve balls thrown in our way each day we have bills and small debt as most all people do these days. We have had 6 miscarriages 1 of which was with twins. We took infertility medication and still no luck. I have endimetriosis and Polly cystic ovarian syndrome. I have undergone 3 operations for the endimetriosis and cysts. and adhesion. I am just asking if anyone knows what I could try next. We have talked about trying IVF but it cost so much and we have talked about adoption but we have also had to failed adoptions. The birth mother changed her mind 1 week before it was final after they had been in our home for 5mo and 3 weeks. We are just wanting to be parents and have been through enough that I think we really deserve it. Everything is just so costly that is breaks you before you ever even get started.


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