Even though infertility affects at least 10% of the population, most couples feel as though they are the only ones struggling through it. Help give some reassurance to those encountering fertility problems by talking about your experience. Did you turn to in vitro fertilization or some other form of infertility treatment? Were alternative or natural fertility treatments useful for you? We want to hear your encouraging anecdotes about infertility and fertility treatments.

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Believe in GOD

Wow! Freddy. Your comment really inspired me. The part where you say to read the Bible about Samuel and Hannah. That is one true miracle. I do believe in GOD and I do believe he gave Hannah a miracle. I know he can do the same to all of us if we just open our hearts to him and really let him know how much we want to become a mother. Honestly Freddy I have cried and prayed to GOD several times to help me become a mother but after I read your comment about the bible with Hannah I feel inside of me that I need to pray more to GOD. I need to really talk to him and really open my heart out to him. I feel I have not done that. That is why he has not heard my prayers. Thank you for reminding me and all the other women here how GOD really can make miracles happen. As you can read I still have not had any luck yet on becoming pregnant. Hopefully this year is full of miracles for all us women here in this site. I don't know but I have a feeling that there will be alot of miracles for all of us pretty soon. When I write in this site I feel comforted and I feel that I'm not alone in this. I read everyone's stories and I feel that were all together in this holding hands and finding the support within us that we can't find elsewhere. I feel I know everyone in this site. I'ts like I have alot of friends supporting each other through this toufgh journey. Well ladies remember your not alone. We have each other to comfort us. Even if it's through a computer and we can't see each other, we can see each other by the way we write, by the way we read things, how we express ourselves emotionally. This site was made for us to give each other support. With the help of GOD and our prayer's and strength let's really believe and really pray like never before so god can hear us all and stop our sufferings. If you feel lonely, WRITE. If you feel like crying, WRITE. If you feel like there is no hope, WRITE. We are all suffering and our best medicine is each other. If I had one wish to make, I would wish for all us women to stop suffering. Ladies take care and remember we are all united as ONE!


losing hope

well, today i'm depressed and needed someone to talk to but everyone is sick of hearing about me not being able to have another baby by now or at least i think they are.... its been almost 4 years since we've had a vasectomy reversal everything went great sperm is present motility is at 6 anything under 6 is considered low.. i have had surgery to remove cysts off my ovaries in october and now were told there is no reason why we can't become pregnant and the doctor says the next 3 months are the highest in conceiving well 2 months are all ready gone bye and i'm discouraged already and thinking this is never gonna happen ...i keep telling myself that i need to start accepting that this may never happen...i'm not i can bring myself to accept that..its been putting strain on my marriage because its all i think about please help me someone


the next step

Hello ladies, I came acroos this board while seeking answers and inspiration....
My partner and I have a beautiful although at times times strange 14yr old duaghter named Ciara, we've been together 4 8 yrs. We've been ttc 4 about 5 we first started with just clomid and a donor (AI) of course but the first round didn't work so the next year we tried again with a differenty donor still no luck.
I am 33 now and she is 53. We want desperately to share the experience and pregnancy and child/children birth so we started our clomid regimine on Dec17th 50mg 4 5 days then I had a trigger (2000iui) pregnyl on the 23rd aroung 730 that morining my opks were - until about 130 I started seeing 2 lines we hooked up and made planes immediately with out donor and inseminated around 730 that evening.. All this done @ home we got an insemination kit from nw cryobank clomid(fertomid) from and pregnyl from The timing couldn't have been more perfect... we are aware of the risk of mutiples even high order multiples. But we say the creator will not put nore on us than we can bare.. Bring on the babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love this board I wish every1 love peace happines and babies in the year to come.. So let it... Ashé


God keeps His promises

we are now married for 8 years and we are still so much in love as ever! we fell pregnant after a year of being married but sadly at 2 months I had a misscarriage! it was devestating!
we haven't been able to fall pregnant yet since then but the reason why I am posting this is because we want to encourage other with the same situation. i went for lots of tests and they discovered that my tubes are blocked from infection due to the misscarraige. we had 2 oppurtunities to go for IVF but both times we decided not to go as we are trusting God for His perfect timing. and believe me! Gods timing is always perfect!i am not saying that this is easy or has been easy till now but having God in your heart really gets us through it! we have learnt that God never takes you TO Something but He takes you THROUGH it!
it is certainly NOT easy when everyone around you is getting pregnant and having babies but we now that when our time comes it will be perfect.we give God ALL the glory and we put our lives in His capable hands.
i thank u for your time

may u be inspired.
mail me if anyone wants to comment.

God bless




dont give up

piper i know how you feel what you feel the anger confusion its okay its normal i go thru he same feelings and emotions not knowing when or why for us maybe why not.

its okay were human maybe this is all for a reason to make us learn from this so we can help other people struggle i read your story at work and almost broke down because its like you voiced how i feel sometimes i wont lie even though im on a new journey to being positive about my situation when my periods comes i rebell and hate the world cant bare to see pregnant women or babies. but thats not the way to go we should be happy. i want to encourage you we will get pregnant i have been with my husband for 7 years and married for 2 i am 24 and has been trying since i was 18 and still nothing people getting married after be getting pregnant before me i can tell you so much stories about it all. i have found serenity in god i have let go and let god i have told him my problems i have broke down to him and just let go i cant take it anymore i dont want to continue on anymore.

piper i dont know if you believe in god the almighty and im not here to pressure yo but im telling you talking to him in the night crying tohim when no one is around helps me so much i love him so much just try it pray to him let him now how yor feeling hes there you will see and start to feel him i know me and my husband will get pregnant i know we will be a successs story 7 years 2009 is a new year and im not letting ti pass me bye im taking all the measures to get pregnant and become parents. go to the doctors encouraged go to the doctors with god in your heart holding your hand telling you its going to be alright that soon you will be holding the baby that god is craddling for us just waiting to give it to us.

i dont kow why this has or is happening for us more like not happening for us but in the mean time i want to serve and praise jesus the almighty piper he is a god of miracles read the chapter of samuel in the bible and his mother hannah wo was tormented by other women who was depressed and had a sorrowful heart because god has shut up her womb but one night she went into the chapel to pray and a prohphet came to her and told her god heard you hannah and he is now going to bless you she never gave up she never gave in she kept praying and god heard her and she had many more children after and she gave her first son to god she asked god for a son and he gave her just that isnt that a miracle.

pray for your husband pray for yourself and pray for your situation its going to be alright we will be in the 1st trimester forum all the way to the third and come back in here encouraging other women to be strong. i still go thru my days where i hate myself but then god sees me thru. I hope this has helped you but again were in this all together i wa stold i cant have children on my own but god says something different. good luck no god be with you in faith to the future.


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