Even though infertility affects at least 10% of the population, most couples feel as though they are the only ones struggling through it. Help give some reassurance to those encountering fertility problems by talking about your experience. Did you turn to in vitro fertilization or some other form of infertility treatment? Were alternative or natural fertility treatments useful for you? We want to hear your encouraging anecdotes about infertility and fertility treatments.

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my husband and I have been trying to have another baby after the loss of our son when he was 3wks old. I have to take provera to have a cycle and take clomid I started at 50mg now Im takeing 150mg but I 2monts ago i ovulated at 3 now this time I tested it went to 0.7 what am I to do Pray for me and my husband that this round works..


Looking onto IFV

HI every body my Name is Rebekah and im 24 my husband and I have been trying for over 1 year now with no luck. I went to see my Doc he sent me to do a ultrsound that come back saying i have Polycystic ovarys wich is hard to beleve as i do ovulate i thought you don't if you have that....Then he sent me to a specialist he done a laparoscopy that come up i have sever endometriosis then to top it off my hubby has slow swimmers.
i dont know what to do i am realy scared to do IVF as i heard it is painful. If any one has any ideas i would love to hear them.

I get so depressed and emotional all my friends are Prego We have been married for 3 years now you could imagin what its like everyone is always asking me any news yet??
I am looking for a good IVF specialist in Melbourne if any one can help THANKYOU!!

Thankyou for reading my story i would love to hear all of yours
My Heart and Best wishes are with you guys



Waiting for God to Bless us!

Where to start right? Well my husband and I have been trying to concieve for about a year now and still no luck. I am 22 so you would think that I would have no problem getting pregnant but that is just not the case. My periods have always been irregular and I was a late bloomer starting my period at age 15. I was on the depo shot for a year or so and after getting off of that my periods have been crazy! My cycle is 48 days sometimes at 28 days other times. I just went to my doctor and I am supposed to start taking Clomid on day two of my cycle (if that day ever comes) and on day 7 I am supposed to go in and get an xray to make sure that my tubes are not blocked. Anyway, that's part of my story... any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and God Bless!


Our rollercoaster

I am 42 years old. My tubal ligation was performed in my twenties because my husband and I had two beautiful children and believed we would never want more. However, here I am, twelve years later, my husband divorced me for another woman and I am finding myself starting life over with awonderful new man. Problem is, he is 17 years younger than me and has no children of his own.

After much consideration we (my new husband and I) decided to have my tubal reversed. I'm very healthy and appear much younger than my chronilogical age, so we thought our chances would be good. We had a VERY successful surgery with over 7cm of tube left on each side. We have used Letrozole for 4 months, but still not pregnant. Each month we ride the roller coaster of hope, then disappointment. We know my age is a foctor, but believe we were meant to share parenthood together. It is one of the most complex emotional experiences I've ever known.

Tomorrow we are going to undergo intrauterine insemenation. The HSG test showed two open tubes with great length, and the semen analysis was EXCELLENT. We are very hopeful that we will have a baby together. Once again we are traveling the "upward hill" that is hope.

I offer my heartfelt prayers to all those women out there who are riding this rollercoaster of infertility wtih me. May God Bless Us ALL with the desires of our hearts.

Wanna B Mom

cant get pregnant

I am 34 years old and my husband just turned 40. We have been very happily married for 8 years. I have 2 kids by previous relationships and he has 3 kids by his first wife. He had a second wife whom he tried for 5 yrs to get pregnant and it never happened. We have been trying for 7 yrs. and not been successful. Now my husbands 16 yr. old daughter is pregnant and it is very hard for me to be around her and it is causing a big strain on me and him if I hear about her or see her and he thinks I should just be happy but now it is really bothering me. We have tried artificial insemination 2 times and nothing. We have both been to doctors and I have had laproscopy to make sure nothing is wrong and everything is good with both of us. No doctor can tell us the problem.


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