Even though infertility affects at least 10% of the population, most couples feel as though they are the only ones struggling through it. Help give some reassurance to those encountering fertility problems by talking about your experience. Did you turn to in vitro fertilization or some other form of infertility treatment? Were alternative or natural fertility treatments useful for you? We want to hear your encouraging anecdotes about infertility and fertility treatments.

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Well, it's nothing new: I'm just amazed that everyone around seems to be popping ou babies like candies- everyone except me. And now Angelina and her twins' story attacks me all the time, as she was chatting and laughing during the C-section- it seems like that was all easy and funny, and no effort at all.... And why oh why all the stars must have twins? What happened to having just one "regular" baby? It's so unfair. I'm not jealous. Unfortunately, I'm beyond that and I'm simply resigned. If you try for many years and nothing is happening, I guess you reach that point of being just tired of the whole baby-making business...



Hello ladies, well today i found out that my husbands little brother(19 his girlfriend 17) are expecting there first child and i was not happy to be honest i went to the bathroom and bawled like a baby and asked god some questions then i came back out like nothing happened i tried to hide it from my husband but then kater confessed to him that i am sad about the situation. Right now i dont know what to do i really do i try i give up i try i give up bow i just feel like trying again and just letting go letting god take over and do whatever he wants. There are many people out there in worse situaions then me getting pregnant but thats god i know he has or im hoping he has something good in store for me and my husband. im just leaving everything this is going to be 6-7 years of trying on and off and lots of emotions and breakdowns. but again im just leaving it to god i cannot do anything myself anymore its all GOD NOW. i will pray for all of you ladies out there and wish and hope for the best.

just pray and leave it to god im not giving up or in im just letting go now i dont know what can will or is going to happen now. god bless you all and good luck itll happenen just PRAY and thank god in the good and bad times of your journey in life.


Fertility Issues with Lots of Hope and Faith in Go

I have just spent a little time tonight reading over some of the stories on this website and I hear myself in each one of you. I have been to the point of giving up, not wanting to be around anyone, being mad at myself and my husband and whoever comes in my way. It sucks and it is a constant struggle. I am working on my 3rd fertility doctor who has just diagnosed me with endometriosis and I will have my laparascopy procedure done in a few weeks. I'm very nervous and worried about this but at the same time completely anxious to get it over with and move on to having children with my husband. We have been thru a 4 year struggle. Its so mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially draining. I pray for each of you and hope that you never give up hope and faith because that is truly the only thing that can keep you going. If you give up, you give in and that's not what anyone wants. Good luck!!!!


Not alone

I am 22 and my husband and I been pregnant twice but each resulted in an ectopic which also resulted in both of my tubes to be removed. We are willing to try IVF but at this time we are not able to afford it. If anyone is able to have insurance coverage lucky you. I have been reading everyone stories and I see that I am not the only one who has a fertility problem and just wishes it would go away. I will pray for each and everyone of you. Best wishes to those who are having treatments as well as those who are going to do it in the future.


broken heart

Hi ladies, well i just wanna say that i am not going to be writing anymore unless one day i find out that i am pregnant then i can share my story on here and help others keep the faith.

But i have in some way just given up, i dont see what help im getting bye writing its just like nothing helps ,you know i wish all you ladies the best and good luck keep strong if you are pray if do, keep doing what you do but im just not that happy anymore im too saddened bye it all i just feel maybe its not meant to be or god doesnt see me or us fit or maybe itll never be i try to be and stay positive but i just turned 24 yesterday and i realize that my situation is more serious then it is you may think im young but im very mature been on my own since i was 17 married at 22 and been with my husband for 7 years in total.

my mom died 10 months ago and my grandma last week they will never get to see me with a child ever i just hate being positive each cycle to be disappointed each time i just dont want to go thru that anymore so im just letting go a lil bit. I pray everyday and ask god why or why not me im tired of hearing everyone ask me where is our children i hate it all i just want to be left alone i dont want to deal with it anymore i cant anymore i really just want to hide from everyone and evrything i tired of the roller coaster nothing will change what or how i feel unless god decides to bless me with a miracle then i will make it my duty to keep lifting all broken souls and pray with them and do what i have too, to push everyone to keep strong but until then i dunno im not BAD OERSON JUST HAVE ALOT OF BAD LUCK.

but good luck to all you ladies


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