Even though infertility affects at least 10% of the population, most couples feel as though they are the only ones struggling through it. Help give some reassurance to those encountering fertility problems by talking about your experience. Did you turn to in vitro fertilization or some other form of infertility treatment? Were alternative or natural fertility treatments useful for you? We want to hear your encouraging anecdotes about infertility and fertility treatments.

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I Pray...I Wish Upon A Star, But Still Nothing

They say NEVER say NEVER but.... me and my boyfriend have been trying to conceive for six years...We are engaged to be married soon and It's heartbreaking knowing that I may never have a family of my own... We have thought about seeing a fertility doctor..but it's just too expensive!

My gynecologist only adds to my frustrations.....or maybe because I don't have the proper Insurance, she just doesn't care. She told me I may have PCOS..a medical condition that causes infertility, but I Just don't want to accept that..It really breaks my heart.

I am hoping and praying that GOD will bless me with such a precious gift..without medical intervention. I believe in HIM and I silently pray everyday...that one day he will answer my prayer.


Dear Elizabeth Thank you

Hi mrs elizabeth thank you so much for sharing that bit of information i know what you mean im telling you these doctors ,i dont know why they do or say some of the things they do. Its very costly for wanting a child. Today i just cried and said im giving up at times my faith gets weak.

Elizabeth i wish you and your spouse the best of wishes in having a baby and i hope and ill pray for you that you will be able to concieve no matter what you try to do. I can sence that your a beautiful person keep it that way and again thanks for the heads up.

P.S i hope that the iui works for you and your spouse

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Dear Hannah

Dear Hannah,
Before you get the loan for the IVF, be aware that it costs more like 16 thousand if you pay up front & 20 thousand if you don't. The doctor told you the same thing that he told us--ten thousand! But that is only his cost, that doesn't include lab cost & hospital cost which is extremely exspensive. They don't admit it until you go down to the lad (which we did) .

A friend of mine did it for 16 thousand which was a discount because she paid it up front. I. We were going to do it if it cost 10 thousand but couldn't afford more than that. I hope you get this message.

These doctors don't tell you all the facts because they want to make the big bucks. My doctor didn't even tell me that I could do IUI, I never even heard of it until later! I hope that you can afford it anyways.

God Bless Elizabeth



Please dont say you lost all hope please dont hun. Continue to build on your faith in GOD it is not the doctors who get you pregnant its GOD the almighty himself. It is him who speaks and works thru the doctors to get you pregnant not the doctors. Most times they have no clue as to what to do and then they waste your time and a whole bunch a different things not to forget money.

I too was losing hope and giving up at times my faith is still very weak even now as we speake but please don'tt give in and up just let go and let god and you will see in due time you and your husband will have a beautiful bundle of a blessing awaiting in nine months. I feel at times well most times that all hope is gone and lost but i just have to see where god takes our situation.

I too dont know or understand how life is but just roll with it and please pray dont give up on god he can fix these problems we have been trying for 5 years and nothing but i know well im hoping that theres still a lil bit of hope left that god will help us if you want i can pray with and for you. Its okay to feel the way you do because i also feel that way almost everyday.

Put your trust and faith in GOD and not man because it is him who works thru man and only him.


Have to be patient and just leave it to GOD

I have learned this week that i have to be patient and have faith, Why because i have been worrying about it for the last 5 years of me trying to get pregnant and it has been controlling my life and my marriage also my relationship with god.

Our last resort they say is IVF but well see how it all goes down. I have to put and leave everything to GOD and i cant let my situation even though its bad conditions control my life. If it all works out and is meant to be then well get the loan and do ivf.

in the mean time we do other stuff and pray and hope god sees that we need his help but also leave it to him so i have decided to stop focusing on all my friends and families having kids and people on tv all the celebs co-workers i have to leave it all be and let go and let god.

Good luck ladies and continue to pray and have faith.


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