Even though infertility affects at least 10% of the population, most couples feel as though they are the only ones struggling through it. Help give some reassurance to those encountering fertility problems by talking about your experience. Did you turn to in vitro fertilization or some other form of infertility treatment? Were alternative or natural fertility treatments useful for you? We want to hear your encouraging anecdotes about infertility and fertility treatments.

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Hopefully 3rd times a charm

I am 30 years old and have been married to my loving husband for 6 years. We have been together for 13 years and knew we always wanted children.

Last year I told my doctor I was having difficulty getting pregnant so he prescribed clomid without a full exam. I decided to change doctors. I found out I had a cyst the size of a grapefruit (nope, didn't even feel it). It was removed and it was discovered I had severe endometriosis (nope, didn't have symptoms of that either).

My doctor removed the endometriosis as well and I was put on Depo Lupron for six months to suppress the Endometriosis (Insurance did not cover this very expensive drug). In November I started IUI treatment which was not successful. I had to take a month off because I ended up with another cyst. I did the second round and that did not work either--found out today.

Third round starts next week. We are hoping this time it will work. If not, I guess we will have to get a loan to do the IVF. We are extremely angry with the PA laws when it comes to insurance co. and what they do/ do not cover for infertility treatments. My husband and I are hard working and are able to support a child. It angers us that we basically have to pay for the childrearing of parents who don't work and use government money to live off of.

I have NEVER been this cynical or harsh when talking about other people and I have actually completely lost my faith in God--my husband went to Catholic school his entire life (even college) and I was a regular at church. That has completely changed--I guess I will have to put my faith in the doctors.

By time my husband and I are done paying for all the fertility treatments, we may just need government assistance to eat :) We will not adopt so we are hoping this IUI will work. If not I guess IVF.

I wish everyone the best in your journey of becoming parents.


feel like at my last resort

well ladies my journey is like this iève been sick since i can remember i am 23 years old soon to be 24 this year in june, iève been married for 1 year now and with my husband for 7 years prior weève been trying for 5 out of the 7 years and still nothig iève been told its pcos my ovaries i got sick i was told my tubes are damaged and a fertility specialist told us that we have damaged tubes, cysts on my ovaries and damaged tubes. I was heart broken and devasted.

He told us our last and only hope is IVF but that cost 10 000 dollars alot yes i know. So we have decided to get a loan anything to start our family and we mean anything. I am a strong believer in god the almighty and that only success can come from him. I pray he knows he is are only and last resort but i feel like giving up like maybe it just wasnèt meant for me and my husband to be parents that maybe we just did that one thing each that we just screwed up our chances of adding to our family. I just dont know. i am really trying to hold on but i feel like im hanaging theres lots more complications to my situation the loan we have to wait until may and then even then we dont know if well get it the first loan turned us down and then i dont know just too much i preayed and prayed and prayed till i dont know what to pray about.

GOD knows but i just dont know rather to keep on moving, quit and just realize that god just doesnt think were fit good luck to all you women who were struggling and now are pregnant it was meant to be good luck with everything and please enjoy what some of us might not be able too. To those that are still in my boat the best of wishes to you and your familiy and what ever you choose to do and for me im just going to stay lost lke i am and just do nothing i think i just kinda fell i guess this is it i just have no more tears and no more feelings about this anymore. if anything special happens ill fill you in and let you all know.


Finally adding to our family...

Just wanted to drop a note of inspiration to all of you.

Through 2 1/2yrs of hope, faith, heartache & loss we will FINALLY be adding to our family this summer!!! I have been there through the testing, pregnancies, miscarriages & despair. I want to tell you all not to give up, that it will happen if you only persist in heart, mind & body!!

Many of you may not be familiar with my journey, but we had 4 miscarriages along the way...with no real explanation or medical rhyme or reason. We were simply told, it happens. We were beginning to think that children weren't what God had intended for us. We were willing to try again. We had miscarried for the fourth time & were trying again, without the aid of drugs & hormones, waiting to discuss with our RE our options. After our appointment we had decided to try another cycle of Clomid, but to add Progesterone after ovulation. We would have to wait another month for that cycle since I had already started my period. So we figure, there is no harm in trying on our own in the mean time.

My physicians wanted to draw HCG level in November after my positive pregnancy test. It was 29, my perinatologist didn't think this pregnancy was going to survive due to my initial low levels...the next HCG was 59 to his suprise!! The next HCG was 200!! So we would have to wait it out & wait to have an ultrasound. The first ultrasound confirmed it was in the uterus, the second ultrasound there was a heartbeat!!! We were so excited & scared to become too attached. The next ultrasound there was appropriate growth & a remaining heartbeat...the next ultrasound showed more growth.

I am now 4mths pregnant, and although it hasn't been an ideal pregnancy with my various ailments...I know we are blessed!! Please know that you are not alone!! There are so many women out there who share your emotions. Keep trying even when it's hard! Keep trying even when your heart is going to explode! Keep trying even after you've taken a break! Keep trying!!!

Good luck to you all & I know if it could happen to me, it could happen for you!!!


i know how you feel

i have been married for 9 years in april. we have been trying for 8.

i have done all the clomid and docters and even the old wise tales. i have finally just stop because i was so desperate i was running us broke. i really dont know what to do anymore and i am soo tired of people telling me it will come when i least expect it.

i have 2 best friends that get pregnant when they want to. down to the month they want to conceive to the date they conceived. i am always so happy for them but it still hurts!!

anyone out there know what i mean?


5th cycle on Chlomid

I am a healthy 34year old (35 in one month) who put off having babies until I felt absolutely sure that I was ready to be a mother. Well I just started my 5th and last cycle of chlomid. Every month my progesterone levels just keeping going up and up.

My BF had a semen analysis and he's good to go. But even with all that----still no baby. To say that I'm extremely frustrated is putting it mildly. For the past 5 months, I feel like I've been on a non-stop roller coaster. I try to stay positive and stress free but it is very, very hard.

If this last cycle of Chlomid doesn't get me PG than I'm off to a fertility specialist. Already have my appointment for March 18th. Hoping that IUI works for us because my insurance doesn't cover IVF. Cross your fingers.

It was very nice to come across this website and to read that I'm not alone with my fertility problems.

Maria Silva

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