Even though infertility affects at least 10% of the population, most couples feel as though they are the only ones struggling through it. Help give some reassurance to those encountering fertility problems by talking about your experience. Did you turn to in vitro fertilization or some other form of infertility treatment? Were alternative or natural fertility treatments useful for you? We want to hear your encouraging anecdotes about infertility and fertility treatments.

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IVF Success

My husband and I were told we could never have children because I had my fallopian tubes removed when I was 20 years old with no hope of having my own. We tried the first time with IVF in 2006 and our beautiful Sophie Alexandra Grace Gannon was born on June 14, 2007 on my husband's 40th birthday.

We are trying again for our second child through frozen embryo transfer which occured on February 14, 2008, Valentine' Day. I have my pregnancy test on 2/28/2008 and hope it is successful. We had 3 frozen embryos transferred and I am praying it was successful. Don't have any symptoms of being preganant thus far but much too soon to feel much different.

I pray for all who have not had success, keep on trying, it will work. I didn't think it would work for me either but it did.

Patricia Gannon

Patricia Gannon

Trying Again

Hello. My prayers are with all of you out there. It is so hard. My husband and I tried for almost two years to get pregnant. Then we found out that I had endometriosis. I ended up having surgery and then a round of chlomid.

We got pregnant the first month. We now have a beautiful 2-year old girl. We love her so much, but would really like another child. We both have siblings. We have been trying for almost a year now. I am on my third round of chlomid. We are keeping our fingers crossed. I may have to have surgery again and see if that will work.

I just wanted to let you all know that there is hope. We had almost given up before we had our daughter. I wouldn't trade anything for her. All the stress and worry was worth it.

Hang in there! Your stories break my heart. I also understand what you are going through.

Patricia Gannon


This is my story; I went off of the pill in august and suddenly started getting really intense HOT FLASHES...After my gyn was of no help I switched doctors and was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure...I was 27 and learned I may never have any children. My wonderful husband of three years is very loving and supportive.

We tried Intrauterine insemination 10 days ago and we will find out on valenine's day if we are pregnant. We had a Chemical Pregnnacy in december and are aware that this is the last chance for us. We are not candidates fo IVF.

Our doctor is very kind and basically told us that our only remaining option if the IUI didn't work is adoption, that we cannot afford.

I just hope and pray everyday that we will have our family.

My prayers are with all of you



Leaving it in the hands of my heavenly father

Well here is my story. I have been trying for about 5 years now and my story goes back and forth about everything it was and has been a long and hard sorrowful journey for me to find out my only hope is ivf. I have been depressed and and sick sad and angry i have gone thru all the emotions of being barren. But like hannah, she prayed her way thru a miracle and i want to be like that as well. I have to just leave everything in the hands of my father.

I find myself being a yo-yo at times. i am happy with him and then im angry but it's not his fault i can not blame him he loves me too much for me to treat him like that I love GOD so much my heart loves him and the devil has put so much in my mind well im tired of being sick and im tired of being angry and depressed about my situation and my whole family and friends giving birth and not me.

Im on my last clomid cycle i have been on it for 12 months sort of from last year to this year and nothing has work. This is my last clomid cycle and my doctor told me because of my situation ivf is my only hope the cloimd and nothing else will work for me. the ivf procedure will cost us around $8-10.000.

We are looking into getting a loan i went to my gyna yesterday and that's what he told me and i came home telling my husband that he said that and i believed him. I now feel so stupid and dumb so hurt to believe that this was going to be our only option i beg to differ.

God is my only and last hope my last chance i should have just trusted and believed in him all along from the get. but i let the devil get a hold of my feelings and emotions. i let the devil control things in my life my marriage everything i put god on the back burner and i feel so bad that i did that.

I don't know why i did that to GOD you know how precious he is and how he can give a child a miracle. Ladies please i know im not one to talk but please trust in GOD. please know that whatever you choose to do, whatever procedure you do, put GOD first. run to him, cry out to him. he there even when you feel your husband is not, when your friends and family arent, when no one knows about your infertilty, god knows this song says he will supply he will take all your pain away

I'm just praying that he will take our pain away. keep praying, keep believeing and i to will keep the faith. i want to be an example for my husband and others. i WILL share my story of struggle with infertilty and how it brought me out just when i was about to give up and try another fertility method. this will be my miracle month my victory.

GOD bless you ladies i hope this was helpful i will continue to encourage all of you.


Losing Hope

Hello All, I just posted here a couple of days ago. My story line was Need a Miracle Just #1.

Well sad to say I just got back my results from the fertility nurse, she said that I did not ovulate again with the clomid 100mg. She informed me that I will have to try for the 3rd time clomid again but this time it will be 150mg. When I recieved her message today I was so nervous to find out if I had ovulated. I closed my eyes and prayed for that instant that the nurse would say I did ovulate but, I closed my eyes and heard what I did not want to hear which was that I did not ovulate. You can imagine how I felt.

I just hung up the phone and tears were falling out from my eyes without even blinking, just imagining that I failed once more. I have prayed so many times day and night and night and day for about 4yrs. I ask myself why has god not heard my prayers? What did I do to deserve this? I just feel that I have no strength to believe anymore and I feel that my life is not complete if I can't become a mother.

What I am feeling right now is so unexplainable. I feel anger, sadness, stress, and feel like crying till I can't cry anymore.I feel like screaming and hitting myself for being useless. I sometimes feel I need to drink to forget about all the pain I am going through. What I am feeling I don't wish this feeling to anyone.

My husband has been by my side everytime. He supports me 100% He says I promise you that you will get pregnant you'll see. He is very positive that I will become pregnant. He has always had a positive mind. He told me today, "Don't worry baby will keep trying again and again and if that does not work will try anything else even if that means I have to work extra to pay the medication" He has always said to me that he loves me for who I am and that if we can't have children he will still love me forever but, I know deep down inside that when he sees children, the look in his eyes is full of happiness hoping that he had one. I wish there was something to make me stop hurting inside.

I just can't imagine my life without kids. My husband is the most wonderful man I have ever met and he deserves for me to give him a child. It's so hard for me to keep a smile for my family because I don't want them to now how much becoming a mother has affected me. I have to hide my depression and anger from them and act like I'm okay with this.

If there is someone with a similar story like mine, please let me know what your story is like. that way I know that I'm not alone. I will post again after I have taken my 3rd 150mg clomid. If there is anyone with hope left, please I'm begging you to pray for me because I don't seem to have any hope left in me.....


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